Welcome to RealArts@Penn

Doing art in the realm of practice

Often it's true that a university's arts curriculum is good and beautiful and sufficient unto itself. But perhaps just as often, learning the arts - truly coming to know the importance, value, and potential impact of creative work and ideas - will depend on whatever connections a university can help students make to the world beyond the university, where people work in the realm of practice, where business is relevant, and where businesspeople don't always know how to talk to "the creative people" and vice versa.

RealArts@Penn is a project designed to help some of Penn's most creative students make those connections.

Why this project?

We created RealArts@Penn in part to integrate art-world practice into the intellectual life of the university. We want RealArts interns to come back to Penn with new ideas for projects and coursework. Thus we will give preference to applicants who are juniors and sophomores. We will accept other candidates, but we very much want our interns to return to campus for at least a year after their RealArts@Penn summer.

Summer internships

The RealArts@Penn internships aren't your typical arrangement. We are not talking about passing Penn students off to impersonal, group-selection and mass-orientation processes. Nor do RealArts@Penn internships turn out to be jobs as gophers. These are unique, special arrangements with the hosting entities. Once a student has been chosen to be a RealArts@Penn intern, he or she is it.

We will help you get situated and started. We will introduce you to the people with whom you'll be working. And we will pay you a stipend of $4000.

RealArts@Penn Internship Prize

This year, for the first time, RealArts@Penn is offering an internship prize specifically designed to help with costs associated with unpaid internships.

This prize is intended specifically for students who have been offered an internship in a creative or arts related field.

Undergraduates from any school and all grade levels are eligible for a RealArts@Penn Internship Prize.

One of these prizes is reserved specifically for a rising sophomore.

Thank you

RealArts@Penn summer internships are made possible by generous gifts from Armyan and Christine Bernstein, Dirk Wittenborn and the Cape Branch Foundation.

- RealArts@Penn - Al Filreis, Kelly Professor & Director of Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing
- Dennis DeTurck, Dean of the College
- Anthony DeCurtis, RealArts@Penn Faculty Director
- Mingo Reynolds, RealArts@Penn Director
- R.J. Bernocco, RealArts@Penn Associate Director