MTV Networks Creative Services

MTV Networks Creative Services is an award-winning, full-service advertising, marketing and branding studio. This department of MTV "provides strategic creative solutions from start to finish to serve the needs of MTV Networks' corporate divisions as well as Viacom" -- touching almost every major company initiative.

Please note-- to be eligible for this internship you must be a current junior or senior.

Creative Services provides copy, design, video, multimedia, mechanical and print production on a diverse range of projects including: trade and consumer advertising; pro-social campaigns (ads, journals, invites); Web sites; booth-creation, displays and installations; posters; merchandise (from T-shirts and bags to specialty promotional items); marketing kits; taglines; strategic marketing; branding and identity development; logos; invitations; holiday cards; scripting for shows and events, and more.

CS partners closely with departments throughout the company (including Content Distribution and Marketing; Human Resources; Ad Sales; Special Events; MTV Networks International, and many more) to ensure that all work is true to the cutting-edge tone and ethos that defines MTV Networks, while also driving home the business objectives of the company. "Ever on the pulse," the hosts of this RealArts internship have told us, "Creative Services helps to promote the one-of-a-kind culture that values and fosters talent, supports diversity and works continuously to merge innovation, technology and entertainment to be a worldwide leader."

This 10 week long internship is not a journalism position. However, those interested in journalism are welcome to apply as long as they are interested in learning about/potentially pursuing a career in creative marketing, advertising and/or branding.

what you can expect

what else can you expect

Our MTV friends add that you can also expect: "a creative Wonderama; finger puppets; a mystical monkey paw; deep discussions about David Hasselhoff, space diapers, sports injuries, the engine of commerce, reclusive writers, palatable business messages, bizarro-selves, bad rock 'n' roll, bad rock 'n' roll hair, tangible intangibles, dogs on wheels, and whatever you can bring to the conversation."


The folks at Creative Services immerse their RealArts intern in every phase of what they do at MTV -- "from the creation of advertising to branding to strategic partnering to the day-to-day functioning of a corporate workplace -- with the mission of allowing interns unique opportunities to accrue valuable experience, to have fun, to express themselves, and to hone the skill sets that will benefit them in the real world."


Ideal candidate(s) will be:


"I loved that I was given the opportunity to learn about projects that the writers were working on. Being given the chance to brainstorm concepts and copy was wonderful! It was exactly what I wanted to be exposed to. Also, attending the monthly writers' meeting was informative and entertaining. It was fun to see how close-knit and relaxed the writers seemed to be. It gave me a glimpse into possible future scenarios as a copywriter for MTVN."

-- Marri M., Creative Services Intern, Spring '07

"I've learned several things since I first started my internship...I realize in this business that listening to the client's vision is the best way to convey a message effectively and appropriately...I learned to open up my mind and realize that I have a lot to learn about the business world and I have to take all the advice and experience I can get from those willing to give it...The more events I volunteered for, the more fun I had learning about the business and making new connections."

--Ashley C., Creative Services Intern, Fall '06