David Stern and Stuart Gibbs, writers for film, TV, books, theater and other media

Know this: Times are changing in the entertainment business. And while it’s getting harder and harder to sell a screenplay (not that it was ever easy), new and exciting avenues for writing are always opening up. Nowadays, there are dozens of cable stations looking for TV shows (and yes, even reality shows are scripted), while video games and internet media are also seeking writers. Together, David and Stuart have written for film, TV, radio, books and theater – but have potential opportunities to work in video games, graphic novels and other media in the near future.

Because these writers' schedules are always in flux they can not predict exactly what they will be working on next summer, but the following are things an intern can expect to work on:

Ultimately, this internship will give a budding writer a unique look at how things work on the writing end and an opportunity to receive constructive criticism on their own work to help them get a head start in this business.

Possible projects that the screenwriters will be working on next summer:

About the Screenwriters

Stuart Gibbs has written scripts for every studio in Hollywood, including the movies See Spot Run, Repli-Kate, and the upcoming Pool Boys and Parental Guidance. He has also developed television shows for Fox, ABC, the WB, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon (and is currently at work on Shelf Life for ABC). His first novel, Belly Up, was released last May. His second, The Last Musketeer, will be released in September and his next three are scheduled for release in 2012.

David I. Stern began his career working on the Broadway productions of Miss Saigon, Nick & Nora, and Big. He was soon infected with the desire to put pen to paper and wrote the plays Dreams & Stuff and Finders of Lost Luggage. After a small detour into directing with the New York revival of Starting Here, Starting Now (nominated for a MAC Award) and a stint with The American Project at Circle in the Square, he transitioned into radio by writing for NPR's The 1990's Radio Hour and a Half. Following the particularly cold winter of 1996, David migrated west to write numerous movies including: Geppetto (nominated for four Emmy Awards), Open Season 2 ( nominated for an Annie Award), Open Season 3 (which he also executive produced) as well as the upcoming animated features Henry and Me, The Hotel Transylvania, Punk farm and Turkeys (which he is also producing). He is currently putting the finishing touches on the stage musicals Snapshots and My Son Pinocchio (a stage adaptation of Geppetto) with longtime collaborator and renowned songwriter Stephen Schwartz.