Philadelphia Magazine

the basics:

Philadelphia Magazine is dedicated to providing their interns a rich, jam-packed-with-all-sorts-of-valuable-and-fun-things learning experience. Interns are an invaluable part of the team, which means they’re included in full staff meetings, section meetings, story idea meetings, editorial events, and brainstorming sessions. Their interns are hardly “gofers”: Philadelphia Magazine will provide challenging tasks, key opportunities to learn about the magazine industry, and (super-friendly, we think!) supervision to monitor an intern’s progress and ensure that their experience is as positive and enriching as possible. Editorial interns have daily interaction with the editorial staff and the many facets of the publishing industry, from inspiring idea meetings to hectic (but always awesome) photo shoots. The internship provides students passionate about magazines with a daily perspective behind an award-winning city regional magazine.

While Philly Mag interns have the option of working in five different subject areas, meaning they team with editors in their particular area of interest. Students have the option to intern with:

When applying for your internship, please indicate which of these fields is most interesting to you.

They’ll set weekly and monthly goals for you. You’ll have to pitch fabulous ideas to editors (we already can’t wait to hear them), interview sources, write for the web and/or the print publication, et cetera. These goals are set in order create structure within the program and to foster a vibrant educational experience. In short: The staff want you to get as much out of the experience as possible. The more you learn there, the better equipped you will be to go out and make the magazine industry bigger and better than ever.

what to expect

Responsibilities of a Philadelphia Magazine editorial intern include, but are not limited to: