Disney Television Animation

The RealArts@Penn internship with Disney Television Animation is designed to help launch a professional animation career. With unparalleled training and exposure to award winning content, the RealArts intern will gain invaluable skills to carry with them not only as they transition from student to professional, but throughout their career. We are excited to share our standard of excellence that has defined the Disney brand for over 90 years. We know that the RealArts@Penn intern will take this standard, along with their experiences, back to their schools to inspire their classmates and diverse communities. This internship opportunity is located in sunny Glendale, California.

The Intern Group Project

The RealArts@Penn internship at Disney Television Animation is part of the larger Disney Television Animation internship program. The intern will participate in a group project of creating and producing an original short. This project will entail the lifecycle of the animation process, starting with story and character development, then production, and finally delivery and presentation to our diverse studio community. Each intern will be paired with a mentor, who will provide feedback and coaching on a weekly and as-needed basis.

Learning & Development

In order to arm our Interns with both hard technical skills and soft leadership skills, throughout the summer, our interns will meet with some of the animation industry’s most innovative leaders and most talented production staff.