Viacom Catalyst: Creative + Strategy (formerly Viacom Creative Services) is Viacom's award winning in-house advertising, marketing and branding studio.

We provide strategic creative solutions from start to finish, with all of our departments (brand strategy, copy, design, digital, account services, production and more) partnering on a diverse range of projects including:

Catalyst partners closely with departments throughout Viacom to ensure that all work is true to the cutting-edge tone and ethos that defines the company and its divisions, while also driving its business objectives. Ever on the pulse, Catalyst helps to promote the one-of-a-kind culture that values and fosters talent, supports diversity and works continuously to merge innovation, technology and entertainment to be a worldwide leader.


Note: This is not a journalism position. However, those interested in journalism are welcome to apply as long as they are interested in learning about/potentially pursuing a career in creative marketing, advertising and/or branding.



We look to immerse candidates in every phase of what we do –– from the creation of advertising to branding to strategic partnering to the day-to-day functioning of a corporate workplace –– with the mission of allowing interns unique opportunities to accrue valuable experience, to have fun, to express themselves, and to hone the skill sets that will benefit them in the real world.


Ideal candidate(s) will be:


“I could not have had a better summer working at Viacom. It was an unparalleled opportunity. I thought working at such a large company might be overwhelming, but on the contrary, this internship gave me a voice and let me have an impact. I loved the work that I did–whether it was collaborating with other interns on various independent projects, hashing out copy for brand campaigns, or bouncing ideas off of the other copywriters. What I valued most about the Catalyst internship was the independence I had. I was put on so many projects with different copywriters in the department and through that, I got so much exposure to the company’s products and people. I learned what Viacom is really all about. Anyone looking to spend their summer working with incredibly driven, hilarious individuals in a creative, innovative environment should apply to this internship. I will always feel lucky to have had this experience.

– Rachel Bass, 2015 Penn RealArts Intern

"What I loved about working at Viacom Catalyst was the creative atmosphere. My colleagues discussed summer reality television passionately, and brainstorming sessions were held in the “breakout area,” a nook filled with comfy couches, funky lamps, and a beautiful view of the Hudson River. Our amazing department head often celebrated the team's hard work with bagel breakfasts and ice cream parties. Never before had I worked in an environment that catered so much to creativity, and I found myself becoming interested and engaged with different things each day. As the RealArts intern, I was exposed to an entirely new skillset: copy writing. I quickly learned that Viacom has a distinct, unique voice, and our work had to reflect that voice. You can’t just rattle off a pun and pass it off as a good tagline. Sometimes, it can take you hours just to find the right adjective.It really made me realize the power and the value of words. For a writer/pop culture aficionado like me, there was no better place to work than Viacom Catalyst. Anybody who values intense literary debates, writing catchy slogans, free t-shirts, creative colleagues and thesaurus.com should apply to this internship."

– Julia Liebergal, 2014 Penn RealArts Intern

"Interning at Viacom was an incredibly enriching experience. From day one, the team included me on meaningful projects that both excited and challenged me as a writer. I learned what goes into crafting a successful branding campaign and how great writing plays an integral role. I became a better writer—but I also gained confidence in everything from idea generation and design thinking to client presentations. I was lucky enough to work closely with the design and production teams, collaborating on shoots, mock-ups, marketing proposals and so much more. But what really made my internship experience were the people. The office is the perfect environment to have fun and try out new ideas. Our brainstorming meetings were the highlight of every project; I loved sitting at a table of people trying to come up with the next best idea, or the one that would make us laugh the most. In those moments of synergy, I gained a better understanding of the overarching creative process. The fact that my ideas and copy were often used in our final products was extremely rewarding. Looking at something and saying, 'I helped to make this' is the coolest feeling in the world."

– Frida Garza, 2013 Penn RealArts Intern

"I could not have asked for a more engaging, stimulating and all-around rewarding internship than the one I had with Viacom. From being tasked with individual writing assignments to collaborating with others members of the department on larger projects, the experience allowed me to strengthen my skills as a writer and provided me with valuable knowledge of a corporate workplace. Perhaps most valued of all was the friendly, bright and fun-loving staff, all of whom make the department such a comfortable and exciting place to work."

- Jake Spinowitz, 2012 Penn RealArts Intern

"My internship was incredibly rewarding. It not only made me a much better writer – it got me to rethink how I approach the creative process and idea-generation more broadly. None of this could happen without a very open, fun workplace, though: be prepared for table tennis on desks, intense debates about movies you've never heard of, meetings that are solely devoted to looking at cool stuff and so much more."

– Jared McDonald, 2011 Penn RealArts Intern

"I loved getting the opportunity to work collaboratively in brainstorm sessions, not only with other writers but with the other creative departments (Design, Video, Multimedia) as well. The laid-back atmosphere and the importance of sense of humor made it really easy for me to feel included, while at the same time providing me with a major learning experience. It was great to get feedback on the work that I did, so I never felt like I was scrambling in the dark on a project, plus it helped me to improve over the course of the summer. While the writing projects were fun and challenging, the best part was actually getting my ideas chosen for things, or getting to see my copy incorporated in a poster or an ad, which was a huge validation. I felt like my ideas were respected and valued, like I was actually helping and not just getting in the way, which is something that interns at many places cannot say."

– Hannah McDonnell, 2010 Penn RealArts Intern