RealArts@Penn internship with Management 360

About Management 360

Management 360 is a talent and literary management company with a client roster that includes top tier actors, writers, and directors. Through the Entertainment 360 production arm, the company produces film, television, and theater. Our most recent producing credits include the Emmy Award winning series GAME OF THRONES and the film, STEVE JOBS, directed by Danny Boyle for Universal.

The Management 360 internship offers the rare opportunity to learn both the representation and production sides of the industry. The internship experience at 360 is immersive, individualized, and hands-on. Interns are carefully selected and highly valued as an integral part of the 360 team.

Tasks you will encounter:


Internship Goal:

Critical thinking and the ability to discuss and provide feedback on creative material is a highly valued skill, and your experience at 360 will refine your expertise in this area. Your exposure to the representation and production sides of the company will allow you to understand how these aspects of the industry differ as well as how they work in tandem. At the conclusion of your RealArts internship with Management 360, you will have developed a solid foundational knowledge of the inner workings of the entertainment industry—and hopefully have a more targeted idea of what professional goals you’d like to pursue upon your graduation.