RealArts@Penn internship with Shore Fire Media

Shore Fire Media combines classic, credible PR expertise with 21st-century digital know-how for a diverse roster of musicians in every genre, films, authors, comedians, venues, apps, charities, trade associations and health and lifestyle brands.

Shore Fire champions newcomers and start-ups, helping them craft storylines that rise above the chatter. We are skilled advocates for established stars and thought leaders whose messages set trends in art and commerce.

Trusted PR vets known for their integrity collaborate with new-media experts to gain visibility from coveted print and broadcast placements as well as blogs, playlists and social media feeds. Our Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Nashville staffs' team approach guarantees those we represent an unparalleled array of experience, insights and strategies.


Shore Fire's award-winning campaigns span the worlds of music, books, comedy, events, film, style and more. Every campaign is planned by an expert team with careful attention to individual needs, and media targets are tailored to meet the goals of each campaign. We create interesting written materials that get journalists' attention, and time our releases so they reach the people who can use it exactly when they need it. And we make sure to cover every angle to ensure that each campaign is a complete triumph.

Digital Media Services

Many we represent find it effective to include their social media maintenance with their campaign. Shore Fire Media's Digital Media Services offer a wide array of strategic services across all social networking sites for a broad range of artists, projects and genres. Shore Fire can help create and maximize your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and more. We will generate a comprehensive online campaign, engage existing and casual fans while reaching out to new ones, and ultimately drive interest and recognition to convert fans into customers. Working with you and your team, we provide the same high quality of individualized attention for our Digital Media Services, as well as expertise from rock to pop to jazz to folk, that our partners have come to expect from Shore Fire Media.

What to expect

Shore Fire is agile, ahead of the curve, and moving in many directions at once. The Real Arts intern should be a music fan, interested in music promotions and connecting fans and musicians.