I warmly welcome you to the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (CPCW). Do please explore these pages. But better: come visit our "writing neighborhood" in the heart of Penn's campus, the 1895 Victorian twin at 3808 Walnut Street and, just behind it to the south, the 1851 Tudor-style cottage at 3805 Locust Walk. Or send us an email message (writing@writing.upenn.edu) or give us a call (215-573-CPCW) and we'll be happy to meet you at the Center and show you around. These two beautiful spaces are CPCW's homes -- and yours, also, if you are a Penn writer, student of writing, teacher of writing, supporter of the writing arts; if you have an unexplored passion for writing, feel the need to improve the clarity and force of your prose, or want our help with a writing project.

For the first time in Penn's history, the university's writing programs have been brought together: the Critical Writing Program, the Creative Writing Program, and the Kelly Writers House.

Why bring these entities together? To make it simple and convenient for you to find the right writing course, workshop, seminar, reading circle, manuscript exchange group, tutor or writing advisor, online discussion, editorial apprenticeship, creative mentor, or outlet for performing your writing that precisely suits your needs.

No need for you to decipher on your own which of many campus offices to visit, which web sites to explore, which of a myriad services to choose. If you are a novice, emerging or established writer, and if you want help with your writing or seek association with a lively, intrepid community of writers, email, call or visit CPCW.

And welcome, once again, to our writing neighborhood.

Very sincerely,

Al Filreis
Kelly Professor of English
Faculty Director, the Kelly Writers House
Director, the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing