Sherman Labovitz author of Being Red in Philadelphia: A Memoir of the McCarthy Era at the Kelly Writers House

a professor of social work...alumnus of Penn...radical political activist...talented memoirist...speaks about...

Monday, January 18, 1999 7 P.M. part of the Writers House Alumni Writers Series introduced by Ira Schwartz, Dean of Penn's Social of Social Work

Back in 1953, Sherman Labovitz was a world war II vet living in a modest Strawberry Mansion rowhouse with his wife and two kids, holding down a low-paying job with a small newspaper. But there was nothing typical about his job as Philadelphia circulation manager for the communist Daily Worker or his political ideas.

So when he was awakened by pounding on his front door on a muggy summer night in 1953, Labovitz told his wife, "This is it." The FBI had arrived to haul him off in handcuffs.

Sherman Labovitz...

Philadelphia communists picket to demand the release of W.E.B. DuBois, 1951 (source: Temple University Urban Archives)