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Hear a message about upcoming special events from Faculty Director Al Filreis.

feminist journalists

We were thrilled in February to welcome ANNA HOLMES back to the Writers House for our annual APPLEBAUM PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS SERIES. Holmes, who founded the iconic feminist website Jezebel and now serves as editor of digital voices at Fusion, will be joined by Penn English professor SALAMISHAH TILLET, along with Penn student journalists TAYLOR HOSKING and REBECCA TAN. Moderated by Creative Writing Program director JULIA BLOCH, our group of writers discussed the current state of doing feminist, anti-racist, intersectional journalism, including the new sorts of challenges journalists face around parity, opportunity, and integrity in the current political and social landscape. For more information about the event, and links to audio and video recordings, click HERE.

Tyler Burke on TV's homes

Click HERE to watch a video clip from our recent annual "Writing about TV" event. This year the theme was home. Watch Tyler Burke talking about the imaginary homes TV makes.

Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin at the Writers House on February 16, 2017. He was a KWH mainstay for some ten years—in many ways shaped our recording and digitizing protocols and added mightily to the commitment of our community to edgy edges of the avant-garde past and contemporary and really can be said—along with Chris Mustazza, Nick Montfort and Aaron Levy—to have been among our first true digital humanists. This time he was back to meet with the PennSound team as they began to plan for the future of PennSound. Welcome home, Steve!

poet friends

Ron Silliman and Rachel Blau DuPlessis, eminent poets and dear friends of the Writers House—at a recent reading. (Check out Ron's visit as a Kelly Writers House Fellow in 2011: HERE. And watch or listen to a recording of Rachel's major reading in 2011 in celebration of her long poem, Drafts: HERE.)

Our Maya Arthur

Our amazing Maya Arthur is featured in this article: http://bit.ly/2iQ2Zs5 .

PoemTalk on Tracie Morris

We have released episode #108 of the PoemTalk podcast series—a discussion of a performance piece/poem by Tracie Morris (“Slave Sho to Video aka Black but Beautiful”) with Camara Brown, Edwin Torres, and Brooke O’Harra: https://jacket2.org/podcasts/too-beautiful-poemtalk-108

online book group on performance poetry

Join Kelly Writers House online book discussion groups. We've been hosting these since 1999! Thousands of people, from around the world, have participated in these discussions. Go HERE to see the list of current groups. One of these will be hosted by Lauren Yates on "The Use of Persona in Performance Poetry." It will run from February 1 through the 10th. If you want to join this or any group. write to


To see the archives of all our previous groups, go HERE. We're pleased to thank David Roberts for an annual grant that makes KWH Book Groups possible.

join our free online open 10-week course on poetry

Kelly Writers House hosts "ModPo," a free and open online course that will run for a fifth year this fall—starting on September 10 and ending on November 21. It really is free. Join us. You will encounter poets and poems that are supposedly "difficulty" to understand but really are completely readable and enjoyable, especially the way we do it in ModPo—collaboratively. ModPo and KWH host weekly live interactive webcasts. Enroll here. Watch a 20-minute introductory video here. Watch here as ModPo'ers from around the world praise the course.

help KWH celebrate 20 years!

The Writers House is 20 years old this year. Hashtag #KWH20 and all that. We've been talking about it all year but now we're getting ready to celebrate. Join us for a party on Friday May 13th starting at 5 PM. And then again the next day, Penn's Alumni Day, for an open house from about 1 PM to 3 PM and then for our 20th Anniversary Program, from 3-5 PM. Call 215-746-POEM or email wh@writing.upenn.edu to make a reservation.

16 PennSound poems about spring

Spring comes to the home of PennSound & Kelly Writers House, and in honor of the vernal feeling the PennSound staffers have put together an anthology of poems from that vast archive about the return of warmth and green and, well, of love (ah, poetry). This selection is posted on the front page of Jacket2 magazine currently. Click here and scroll down until you see the PennSound box in the right column. To get you started, here's Paul Blackburn reading "It might as well be spring" and here's Writers House Fellow Eileen Myles performing her "April 5." The photo at right was taken by KWH Faculty Director Al Filreis on one of his springtime walks, just a block or so from 3805 Locust.