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Hear a message about upcoming special events from Faculty Director Al Filreis.

with Bernstein at the ICA

Charles Bernstein and his Penn undergraduate Creative Writing seminar at the ICA convening around a send-up of Duchamp's "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even" that was part of the Kara Walker show there. The Walker show runs through August 17, 2014, and is called "Roughneck Constructivists."

sex journalism - new podcast

New Kelly Writers House podcast. Listen to a 21-minute excerpt from our February '14 panel on sex in journalism, moderated by KWH student Arielle Pardes. The event was sponsored by the Feminisms series at KWH. Click HERE to listen!

Our Greg Djanikian

Gregory Djanikian, longtime director of our Creative Writing Program, has published a new book called Dear Gravity. On May 17, 2014, at KWH (Penn's Alumni Day), we hosted a reading by Greg and one of his mentees and former students, Matt Chylak. Above you see Greg during this reading, and, at right, the cover of his new book. KWH Faculty Director Al Filreis gave an introduction to Greg's reading, a retrospective of his poems beginning with The Man in the Middle of 1984. Here is a link to that introduction.

Chasing the empty (listen)

Janelle McDermoth and Sarah Lindstedt sing a duet, "Chasing the Empty." They co-wrote the song and, as you will hear, sing it together marvelously. Click here to hear them sing the song; and be sure to right-click the link and download the file if you want to add this music to your iPod. For links to the video and audio recordings of Sarah's hour-long performance, which took place at the Kelly Writers House on April 30, click here.

what is the "hub"?

From the time of its founding in 1995-1996, the Kelly Writers House has been run more or less collectively by members of its community. Our original team of intrepid founders—the group of students, faculty, alumni, and staff who wanted to create an independent haven for writers and supporters of contemporary writing in any genre—took for themselves the name "the hub." "Hub" was the generic term given by Penn's Provost, President, and other planners who hoped that something very innovative would be done at 3805 Locust Walk to prove the viability of the idea that students, working with others, could create an extracurricular learning community around common intellectual and creative passions. To this day, the Writers House Planning Committee refers to itself as "the hub"—the core of engaged faculty, student, staff, and alumni volunteers from whom the House's creative energy and vitality radiates

the hashtag

Madeleine Wattenbarger on the hashtag at the Kelly Writers House, "Seven-Up on Pound" (video): http://writing.upenn.edu/wh/multimedia/tv/reruns/watch/165063.

TC Boyle, KWH Fellow

TC Boyle with four members of the Writers House Fellows seminar at the March 31 dinner honoring Boyle during his two-day visit.

15 minutes with Buzz

A brand new Kelly Writers House podcast - number 40 if our ongoing series - features a 15-minute excerpt from the recent conversation we had with Buzz Bissinger during his February 17-18 visit as a Writers House Fellow. Click here to listen to the podcast, introduced by Allison Harris. 

Arielle Brousse wins fellowship

Kelly Writers House's own Arielle Brousse has been named a Fellow at this institute: Social Impact House. Well deserved and hooray!

Francie Shaw in new podcast

A new Kelly Writers House podcast is now out (#36 in our ongoing series). In this podcast, we hear an excerpt from an artist's talk by Francie Shaw, whose show was exhibited in our Brodsky Gallery in the late autumn of 2013. For more about the event, click here. To listen to the podcast, introduced by Allison Harris, click here. For a video recording of the full event, click here.