How do we know what we know?

Through her illness, she gains an ability to view all and see truth. The language makes it seem beautiful. You can have last summer in words, memory, song – narrated in the present. Absence creates language. A rose can ameliorate genocide. The kiss is always there, ever present. The hours will tick on no matter what choices you make. There is a difference between the book I thought I was writing and the book I ended up writing. Fated and random behaviors are different, but both call into question the notion of A to Z. What are we doing here? Would you please repeat the first question, I was wondering whether I was really gay. I don’t know what meeting me is like. When you multiply that by Paris you get a completely different universe. I would like to see Elmo as the sheriff. I’m everywhere. Indescribable hurt—the failure of language. Anyone interested in literature should read everything. I am who I am because of anger. We are a country that likes to cry and be sentimental, but we don’t laugh enough.

Rachel Suntheimer