Condensation at the speakeasy

and she reads the same poem again
Victoria is in high school
I hope amy doesn’t want to go to yale
aaron starts reading and
PAM! PAM! PAM! PAM! screams her phone
I’m sorry, I don’t have change
I don’t even have pockets
hackey sack? you have got to be kidding me
who says I’m manic?
the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory said that I’m domestic
but likely to be in jail within the next three years
I don’t want a cat. damn it.
to not be able to stop having sex
while pam’s reading, tom escapes for a hackey smack and a light
Victoria thinks loneliness is cold
I think it’s hot. like tonight,
I wink at pam when tom starts singing, and I hit her ass
ciao bella
shake hands
please pardon my condensation, it wasn’t on purpose
yes loneliness is angry
you’d be angry too.

Adrienne D. Mishkin