Love Triangle

I want to be wanted by books the way I want them.
I have thus far been the man in this courtship, and I’m through and wish to be pursued.
Is there any greater compliment?
these books have requested your presence.
Author me! Read me!
predict me
rush your hands through me
memorize and repeat and ravage me
Oh, books, request my presence; buy me dinner, page through me.
Be kept awake all night by thoughts of me.
This man has stolen your love; you want him, not me.
Two book gentlemen, two rows apart, more suit-like and dignified than our usual crowd, each with a left arm over an empty neighboring chair, smile just so
and Geoffrey refers to the check-out hotel or a luxury neon check-out or perhaps a neon hotel.
He's taking the books there for a quickie
books, agents now
I never knew you could choose, and now that you can
I'm jealous.

Adrienne D. Mishkin