On a visit to Writers House, Philadelphia Poet Sparrow encouraged a group of Hubbers to choose colors from their surroundings and to reflect on their choice – an activity dubbed “Color Thinking.” Here are some of the products:

“Color Thinking”

Amber dipping sauce for
rolls –
it was really cheap
and easy to make but
frankly, I’m amazed at
all the nice comments
on the food. I have been
known to screw things
up. Horribly. I’m just talking
about in the kitchen

Maria T Sciarrino

My high school sweatshirt
It was also white
People wore it to football games
We lost football games
I did not own one
I was not an athlete
I had no school pride
It had a ghost on it
That was our mascot

Matt Rosenbaum

Kelly Green --> Leprechaun

My father is too proud of his Irish heritage. Every year when I was little, he would dress me up for Saint Patrick’s Day. One year we even had a party with green beer. Even after I stopped believing in Santa, he sustained my belief in leprechauns far more than the Lucky Charms commercials did. I’m not sure that was a fair thing to do to an eight-year-old.

Jill Ivey

Ill Purple

Cheeks and veins
huffing and popping
out of a woolen sweater

Around the corner,
where there are lots of sweaters
(for sale)
There are also lots of people huffing and popping
because of an illness.

Maybe they smoke cigarettes.
When did they start to get ill?

Richard Lawrence