Mind of Winter 2002 celebration at the Kelly Writers House

a gathering of readings around the fireplace, and hot food, to ward off and to celebrate our wintriness, 5:30 PM, Thursday, January 31, in the fire-lit Arts Cafe of the Kelly Writers House

We asked some members of the Writers House community each to read or perform a wintry piece, something along the whited-out lines of Wallace Stevens's "The Snow Man" ("One must have a mind of winter... / And have been cold a long time..."). Several wrote new pieces for the occasion.

We served warmed crocks of hearty soups (available in vegan kosher and meaty), served up with fresh-baked bread. The Writers House oven will produce pumpkin cake and chocolate-chip cookies. There will be hot cider, nourishing finger food, and more.

Many thanks to Adrienne Mishkin, An Lam, Pamela Zinn, and Tahneer Oksman for their help defrosting the wintry atmosphere.


January 31, 2002

we wish you
vegan brownies
we wish you
vegan brownies

season of

Ariel, wait--

we wish you

let's enjoy the darkness
hole up underneath blankets

light more candles
touch radiance

is that it, right there?
you are my / source of light

READINGS BY: Greg Djanikian
Allie D'Augustine
Bob Perelman
An Lam
Kathy Lou Schultz
Pamela Zinn (on piano)
Blake Martin
Andrew Zitcer
& featuring:
Heather Starr, live from Taos
Mike Magee, live from Providence