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K. Silem Mohammad
Orientalist Ska Pastiche

the Turkess belligerent in her robes,
a victory honk for photorealism
pads a motherly decibel near the gazette

an exceptional furnisher of genres,
true boudoir cordovan nailed to the flask
to experience true crispiness

a defense attorney's trick turned French tickler-
cavorting for the doors of the saloon
and immaculate dynasties to the marshall

with twin stars tied to a bum steer
when what to my wondering eyes should
appear, but the workaholic trace of vanitas

you and I are scar tissue brought at rice time,
Edgar Rice Burroughs in trim Kahuna wreaths,
Selectric turned Range Rover kissing the pieties

twisted muscles committed to the prose bull
and the shell games and the Circadian relics
the neurosis that will build as it fills all dialogue

you and I implant the dead signals,
take our chances in immense jackboot resemblances
in the hoot 'n' holler at the twelve o'clock

you nipped me, you named the feats
I knew that cryogenics and decrepit guys
would follow the social production tally-ho

although you may as well have crept,
the hideaways deserted in their splendor-
to you Vaudevillian I am correct in goofing

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