T A L K I N G    F I L M    

Screenwriters are writers, too -- which is why we've started a screenwriting workshop and accompanying visitors series for anyone interested in writing for film.  The leader of this workshop is screenwriter Ernie Vecchione, the 19 96 winner of the "Set in Philadelphia" screenwriting contest, now writing a film for Mirimax.

Other events include screenings and talks by American independent filmmakers, including Michael O'Reilly, Jim Stark, Alex Sichel and others.

This series is coordinated by Eugene Kwack and Caitlin Roper, with help from Kerry Sherin, Nate Chinen, Nora Barry, Craig Saper, Grace Pai, Jordan Rockwell, Teresa Leo, David Haas, Chris Cook, Jeff Rush, Jeremy Braddock, Laura Spagnoli, Denise Snead, Heather Starr, Chip Blaustein, Kalyani Fernando, Allen Smithee, and a cast of thousands.

The Talking Film Calendar

Tuesday, 9/9 -- 7:00PM informational meeting, followed by a screening of Hal Hartley's The Unbelievable Truth, in the High Rise East 10th Floor Lounge. For more information or to RSVP, contact Writers House.

Wednesday, 9/24 -- 7:00PM.  Ernie Vecchione, 1996 winner of the "Set in Philadelphia" screenwriting contest. Tonight's workshop, "Your Vision / All About Structure" will be followed by a screening of Striptease or Feeling Minnesota. Van Pelt College House Seminar Room, 3909 Spruce Street.

Friday, 9/26 -- 6:00PM: Talking Film screens contemporary American independent films, with talks by the writers and directors who made them. Tonight's guest is Michael O'Reilly, who will present his award-winning film, Glass Jaw, filmed entirely in pixel vision. Van Pelt College House seminar room, 3909 Spruce Street. To RSVP--and to get a copy of O'Reilly's script for the film--contact Writers House. This event is co-sponsored by Specters of Legitimacy, a conference on the films of Allen Smithee to be held on September 27th.

Tuesday, 10/7 -- 7:00PM:  Ernie Vecchione. Tonight's workshop, "The Well-Made Script" will be followed by a screening of the film Barcelona or The Apartment. Location to be announced.

Thursday, 10/16 -- 4:30-10PM:  Jim Stark, will lead a workshop from 4:30-6PM in Williams Hall 27, followed by dinner. The screening of his film, Cold Fever will begin at 7:30PM in DRL A7, ending with a Q & A session. To RSVP for these events and for more information contact the Writers House.

Tuesday, 10/21 -- 7:00PM:  Ernie Vecchione. Tonight's workshop, "The Writing Process / Rewriting" will be followed by a screening of the film Paris When it Sizzles. Location to be announced.

Tuesday, 11/4 -- 7:00PM:  Ernie Vecchione. Tonight's workshop, "A Reading / Writing for Actors will be followed by a screening of the film "Nothing Sacred".

Tuesday, 11/11 -- 4:30-10PM:  Tonight's guest is Alex Sichel, who will lead a roundtable discussion from 4:30PM  followed by dinner at 6PM. The screening of her film, All Over Me will begin at 7:30PM at International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, ending with a Q & A session. To RSVP for these events and for more information contact the Writers House.

Tuesday, 11/18 -- 7:00PM:  Ernie Vecchione. The workshop will be followed by a screening of the film Point Blank.

Sunday, 11/23 -- Noon to 6PM: All day screenwriting workshop with Penn alumnus Andy Wolk. Wolk has written scripts for United Artists, MGM, Miramax, HBO and PBS. He received a Writers Guild Award and in 1996 was the artistic director for the Sundance Institute.

Wednesday, 11/19 -- 5:00-7:00PM: Film screening of John M. Coetzee: Passages, presented by Rita Barnard, English Professor at Penn. Screening will be followed by brief paper presentations by undergraduates at Penn who have studied the novels of South African writer J. M. Coetzee.

Tuesday, 12/2 -- 7:00PM: Ernie Vecchione. Tonight's workshop, "Now What?" will be followed by a screening of the film I'll Do Anything.

Tuesday, 12/16 -- 4:30PM: Talking film welcomes Josh Olson, a Temple film graduate for an informal discussion on the varying aspects of filmmaking. Olson recently had his script made into a feature length movie to be released next year called On the Border. Josh Olson describes the film as a modern noir, and as his first "big break."

Thursday, 2/12 -- 6:30-8:00PM: Talking film and the African American Studies Dept. welcome John Henry Redwood, playwright and an actor. His plays are Mark VIII, A Sunbeam, Acted Within Proper Departmental Procedure, and The Old Settler, which received critical acclaim and is currently being produced around the country. He has acted in many plays and can be seen in many films, including In and Out, Mr. Holland's Opus, Passion Fish, Big and others.

Tuesday, 2/17 -- 4:30PM: Visit by filmmaker Caroline Leaf. While a student at Harvard University, Leaf developed "a technique of creating animated movement with images of fine beach sand spread onto a piece of underlit white glass and manipulated directly under the camera." Harvard awarded her with a Loeb fellowship in 1970; two years later, she moved to Montreal to join the National Film Board of Canada. Her films include The Owl Who Married a Goose (1974), The Street (nominated for an Academy Award in 1977), The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa (an adaptation of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, winner of the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Short Films Cracow), Interview (Grand Prix at Melbourne, 1979) and Two Sisters (Grand Prix at both the 4th Los Angeles International Animation Celebration and the Ottawa International Animation Festival, 1990). In 1996 she received a Life Achievement Award from Zagreb International Animation Festival.

Thursday, 2/19 -- The African-American Studies Dept., the Kelly Writers House and the Talking Film Screenwriting Workshop welcome playwright Charles Fuller. Fuller is a Philadelphia native who won a Pulitzer Prize for his play A Soldier's Story in 1982, which was made into a film. He has also written for television and is the author of many plays, Zooman and the Sig Sign, The Village: A Party, the Brownsville Raid, among others. He is also the playwright of a series of five plays that explore what life was like for Blacks just before and after the Emancipation of slaves in America (1863-1900). Death is his most recent play.

Tuesday, 3/3 -- 7:00-9:00PM: Screening of All About Eve (1950). Workshop leader Ernie Vecchione writes, "Is it a play on film or a film that apes plays? Either way, it's all talk talk talk, the big boo boo modern audienc es HATE today. It's still riveting stuff, using anecdotes to tell a complete story, an approach rarely done today." The screening will be followed by a discussion.

Tuesday, 3/17 -- 7:00-9:00PM: Screening of Hard Eight (1997), followed by a discussion. Workshop leader Ernie Vecchione describes the film: "Largely ignored first film by the writer-director of Boogie Nights. This is what a character study should be: it establishes its pace and tone from the main character. It's really three separate stories involving its main character that adds to a unique whole. It answers little, but rivets aplenty."

Monday, 3/23 -- 4:00-6:00PM: Talking Film and Bisexual Gay Lesbian Transgender Awareness Days (B-GLAD) present a workshop with experimental videomaker Terri Dewhirst. Dewhirst teaches video production at Marymount College in Manhattan. During her workshop at the Writers House, she'll show her short video Endoscope, which sifts through media and medical representations of hermaphrodites and questions the very notion of gender. A question & answer session will follow.

Tuesday, 3/31 -- 7:00PM: Sitdown reading from But I Know Jack, a spec script by workshop leader Ernie Vecchione.

Tuesday, 4/7 -- 7:00PM: Talking Film welcomes scriptwriter & film producer Harry Birckmayer. Birckmayer is the producer & co-writer of the cult classic Party Girl, starring Parker Posey.

Tuesday, 4/21 -- Talking Film celebrates its one-year anniversary with a workshop and screening featuring producer/co-founder Brandon Rosser and other members of the Shooting Gallery, producers of Slingblade, illtown and Niagara, Niagara.