Minutes of Writers House meeting, 11/6

Purpose of meeting: to see how, and if, we fit within the broader outlines of the "21st Century Project" which is aimed at reforming or augmenting undergraduate education at Penn. Imagining programs, projects and ideas for this house. Deciding how big we want this to be. See the house at about 2:15.

Collegiate Planning Board (CPB), a main operating committee acting for the 21st Century Project. CPB thinking about four pilot projects. We have all along been a site without an idea (different from other pilot projects, which are residential--Civic College House, Peter Conn, credit-bearing community service projects, on a floor of existing building; CAUSE, research house, Will Harris, also on a floor of existing buildings; STWing in KC/EH will be expanded programmatically). Bob Lucid and Satya Patel are full members of the Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD). Our project has already been approved by CUD. Has excitement of president and provost.

Need to deliver by Sept. 96! Small pot of money for renovations will be a bit bigger if we come up with some fantastic ideas, identify costs, be specific and gregarious.

Whom do we serve? Includes Staff, faculty. Wharton and Engineering students who do writing apart from their curricular activities. Students who produce weekly or monthly journals affiliated with classes or residences. Some electronic.

Non-school, non-credit bearing locus of activity--the Hub (Writers House). Have an announcement by end of year. Next meeting, early dinner or "tea," at the Writers House on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 3:30 p.m. We need full participation from the members of this group. Absolutely everything you do for this group should be sent to the listserv, hub@english. [Al: make sure listserv has an archive! {It does now.AF}] All listserv discussions should be confidential.

Repeat: Next meeting, dinner or "tea," at the Writers House on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 3:30 p.m.

House has on the first floor a living room facing front with a fireplace, another living room with a bay window, a dining room that could be made into one room with the living room (both bigger than 200 HH conference room), "funny walk-through kitchen," pantry, grotty work-room with stone floor and chiseled table. Second floor--large bedrooms on either end of the building, that could hold tables each seating 15, good windows and sun. In between are three smaller rooms, "not bad-szied," lots of storage space--closets, shelves. Third floor has low ceilings, three rooms of various sizes, someone could live there, thin stairs going up part of the way. Bathrooms on all floors. Basement as well. Big stone porch in the front, shielded by big pines. Off the cafe or reading room downstairs, you get a door and a half that opens up on to a gorgeous garden with fences. Center for Study of Black Lit and Culture, and President's House are behind.

-------------------IDEAS FOR WRITERS HOUSE---------------------------

[These were brainstormed ideas, not necessarily agreed-upon and not in any priority order.]


Who should be affiliated with the Writers House? Should this be limited in any way?


------------------------TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE-------------------

-------------------------SUBGROUPS OF US------------------------------


At 2:15 we went to visit the House, and were amazed. Discussed use of each space and renovations. We adjourned in the rain at 3:05 PM.