Emily Dickinson Listserv

> I'd like you to know about a new mailing list for Emily Dickinson.
> You can subscribe to the list by sending e-mail to
> 	majordomo@lal.cs.byu.edu
> The subject doesn't matter.  The message should contain the line
> 	subscribe emweb
> The BYU EMWEB mailing list is for discussion of the lexical play 
> of words in Emily Dickinson's poems, as a resource for the 
> *Emily Dickinson Lexicon* to be published by the Greenwood Publishing 
> Group.  We are especially interested in documenting connections 
> between Dickinson's poems and entries in Webster's 1844 (or 1828) 
> dictionary.  We are also interested in documenting unique 
> definitions, sense play, puns, word chains, synonyms, and etmologies 
> in Dickinson's intricate semantic networks.  Subscribers can also ask 
> and receive information about the Emily Dickinson International 
> Bibliography.
> All mail sent to this list is archived at
>   http://lal.cs.byu.edu/mlists/emweb/emweb.html
> There is also an Emily Dickinson WWW page at
>   http://lal.cs.byu.edu/people/black/dickinson.html