Virtual Reality performance event

concept: Joseph Connelly, Ethan Hoerneman, Danial Bogstad performer: Danial Bogstad

Beginning Tuesday, January 17, 1995 @ 6:00pm (CST) Ending Thursday, January 19, 1995 @12:00am (CST)

Reception to follow performance: Thursday @ 12:01am (CST)

Location: Dan's bathroom, in his apartment:
699 W. Mifflin St., Suite 209
Madison, WI

Email to:
Phone @: (608) 257 - 2326


Tues., Jan.17 6pm - 10pm Telephone 10pm - 11:59pm Internet

Wed., Jan.18 12am - 6am Internet 6am - 12pm Telephone 12pm - 5pm Internet 5pm - 8pm Telephone 8pm - 11:59pm Internet

On January 17th, 1995, beginning at 6pm (CST), I will stay in my sealed bathroom without physically interacting outside of the bathroom space for 30 hours. I will immerse my body in a constructed and virtual environment consisting of the physical space of my bathroom, my human body, commercial radio transmissions, cable television transmissions, telephone communication, a home computer/modem connection to the internet and a closed-circuit audio/video link from the bathroom to my living room.

I will experience cable television and commerical radio transmissions I will send and receive information via the telephone and the Internet. I will communicate to family, friends and colleagues. I will conduct personal business: communicating with my financial institutions, my landlord, my state and local governments and with the university which I attend.

My performance will demonstrate the reduced need for physical action and presence in our technological society. The necessity for physical presence is eclipsed by the efficiency of informational networks. I will converse with loved ones and friends without physical interaction - I will communicate information, ideas, love and emotion as information.

Anyone's communication to/with me will become part of the performance and will be included in the documentation. I encourage people to email, phone or journey to my apartment in order to participate, and I will attempt to interact with any interested parties.

I would like to thank the NEW MEDIA RESEARCH COLLABORTIVE, a new group organized by UW-Madison students, for their help and support.

I would like to thank Professor Edward Pope for inspiration and guidance.

This performance is also made possible by a grant from the UW-Madison School of Education's Senior Honors Research Fellowship program.