Malka (English 88 student, fall 2008) tries her hand at one of the suggested experiments on Charles Bernstein's list

Here's my poem--things I'd never say to my friends, family, best friend, lover, roommate, boss, etc.

Your marriage was a mistake.
You're too fat to be wearing that.
I hate it when you touch me.
YEverything you own smells awful.
No one thinks you're smart.
I would be at peace if you were dead.
Your boyfriend doesn't look at you.
You've wasted your life.
Go on a diet.
Your baby is ugly.
Everyone knows you're anorexic.
You're a poser and you suck at life.
Your writing is shit.
Your nose-job is a disaster.
You're unattractively hairy, even for a man.
You're selfish and self-centered.
You constantly rewrite history.
People hate being around you.