Rachel Blau DuPlessis, five sections from Renga (1998)

Note: these five short sections appear in sequence near the middle of this book-length poem.

Opening the yod that goes with this space
the book is awake

enters a tiny point.
of the-The

The-the. A-the.
What a book!
Presenting streaks in light
of celestial smoke
by folding black A's inside white the's.


Black ABC's code inside
this white fold that little slip

frill and sweet honey ruffle
multiple registers that travel
to the serif of one letter.


The serif of one letter or

one red dot
dripping a flower-fashioned fractal
over the peony core.
Then at edges, everything's midrash.


Right at the edge, midrash piled on midrash, Pelion on Ossa, to

highlite the vitreous floaters with comment and interp. And there's

	the "yesterday I"

				had a diaristic impulse but

		it didn't work out, now, did it?


or Did it? Can't tell? Blame

the unwritable oddities of journey-- "the daily";

blame the persistent bad manners of the dark horse

mashing the other one in the yoke,

bumping sideways into-- o that horse!-- the gloss.