Discussion of Goddard Rooms

Feb 18, 1995

Dear Members of the Classroom Facilities Review Committee:

At our meeting (Feb 17)--with Lee Peachey present (though he's on
leave)--we discussed the idea of bringing Goddard Rooms 100, 101 and 102
into the central pool of classrooms. 102 has already been converted into a
seminar room.  Goddard 100 currently has 35 fixed chairs--and the hope is
to convert that into the same sort of seminar room as 102.  Goddard 101 is
very attractive to us, since it seas 120 (currently fixed seats; and the
room has bad acoustics).  We informally discussed what sort of options (a
deal, in short) we had: one was to work with SAS to share resources during
some sort of phased-in renovation. Obviously we made no decision.  But we

	- that Chuck Bronk would talk with SAS folks about
		a partnership with us in financing the

	- that Lee would look further into the NSF grant currently
		being written by Eric Weinberg and Sally Zigmond,
		a grant that may well include funding for
		renovation of these spaces;

	- that everyone on the committee should walk over
		to Goddard and have a look around before
		our next meeting.

Al Filreis