Introductory Information

Alan Filreis, Chair, Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee

NOTE: This was the form used for the 1995-96 round of tech grants sponsored by this committee.

The Classroom Facilities Review Committee has been charged by the Provost to make dramatic improvements in central-pool classrooms. (The Central Pool of Classrooms consists of those rooms managed by the central administration and not by individuals schools or departments.) The Committee's multi-year project primarily entails major "integrated" renovations--typically involving seating, lighting, ceilings, floors, podiums, blackboards, ventilation, doors and doorways, safety facilities, along with the installation of the newest teaching technologies, such as computers and projection hardware. These large, integrated projects have been prioritized by the committee and are being scheduled well in advance.

A separate budget has been set up for installing new teaching technology in central-pool classrooms when such technology--and not other significant renovation--is what is primarily needed. A subgroup of the Classroom Committee will review all applications for use of this budget to purchase and install classroom technology. Before applying, please consider that:

Please see the "Provost Classroom Committee Technology Request Form."