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Number of survivors today (as of 1996)

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:23:54 CDT
Sender: H-Net History of the Holocaust List
From: John Lemberger
Subject: Number of survivors

Although I cannot provide information on concentration camp survivors I can say that approximately 300,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel today. This is according to statistics compiled by the Brookdale Institute of Gerontology. Of these about 200,000 are aged 65+, and 100,000 were children during the war, making them 55-65 today. Taking these Israeli figures, and considering that approximately 2/3 of survivors came to Israel after the war, this would mean approximately 150,000 are scattered all over the world. The latest registry of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors (together with the USHMM) lists 105,000 survivors, but it is possible that many of them are spouses and/or children.

John Lemberger,
Executive Director, AMCHA
National Israeli Center for Psyhcosocial
Support of Survivors of the Holocaust
and the Second Generation