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Bob Uris

Bob Uris, the old man of the Penn&Pencil Club, is retired from a long career in the management of academic medical centers (most recently as vice president for research administration of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). He has always been interested in writing and, before entering healthcare administration, was a reporter for Newsday, which he believes taught him to write too quickly and to have a sharp eye for bullshit. Bob’s primary writing interest is in short stories. Now, if he can just slow down, he might wind up with something decent.


Rebecca Anewalt
Mark Bangela
Kelly Batstone
Ellen Clay
Luellen Fletcher
Patricia Green
Tomas Isakowitz
Margy Lindem
Eileen McCann
Andrew McGhie
John Shea
Susan A. Staggs
Michelle Traverse
Bob Uris
Wendy Washburn
Ann Watts
Linda White
Sam Smith

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