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Patricia Green

Archetypal Memories | Careworn Caregiver | One Night Stand

Staff Researcher, Veterinary Hospital

Background: M.S. in Psychobiology; M.S. in Library and Information Science.

I have been at Penn since 1985, and recently resumed creative writing after a long hiatus. I enjoy writing poetry and short fiction. My literary interests include Southern literature, contemporary fiction/poetry, Oulipo, "found" poetry, and beat writers. I am known as the Penn & Pencil Club's eternal optimist!

Current Project: I am putting together a collection of found poetry made up of words taken from a fairly obscure 19th century novel. These are 3 of my found poems:

Rebecca Anewalt
Mark Bangela
Kelly Batstone
Ellen Clay
Luellen Fletcher
Patricia Green
Tomas Isakowitz
Margy Lindem
Eileen McCann
Andrew McGhie
John Shea
Susan A. Staggs
Michelle Traverse
Bob Uris
Wendy Washburn
Ann Watts
Linda White
Sam Smith

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