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Susan Howe's Seminar

Robert Creeley & the Afterlife of the Poetics Program

I plan to start the seminar by responding to questions and comments from the participants on Creeley, the Poetics Program, or related topics of interest, rather than reading a paper. To make this possible, it would be helpful if everyone attending would read my short recent essay on Creeley, "Hero of the Local." We can take off from there ...

"Hero of the Local" for The Brooklyn Rail (May 2005), rev. for Golden Handcuffs

Recommended reading and listening:

A selection of Creeley poems

LINEbreak radio interview and reading

Oh No / A Tally / Words, 1950s (2:57)
(texts via selection)

"The Language" -- audio and text

Note: Creeley's poems (volume one anyway) are available on LION-on-line (via library e-resources)

My other Creeley essays:
"Creeley's Eye and the Fiction of Self" ; listen to Creeley read the poem -- " I is the Grandson" (1:37) 10/22/75 & find full text in selection
"Hearing ‘Here’:Robert Creeley’s Poetics of Duration" in Content's Dream (not available electronically)

Further Listening:
We have recently made available on PennSound a complete UB seminar with Creeley, from fifteen years ago, and just after Susan Howe and I arrived in Buffalo. It's linked at PennSound, but here is the info:

Creeley talks to Charles Bernstein's Poetics Seminar; the focus is on gender issues. SUNY-Buffalo, Feb. 28, 1991
Part One (46:58)                Part Two (46:50)
Part Three (47:00)             Part Four (33:59)

Further Resources:
Robert Creeley EPC author page
My author page at EPC
My web log

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