Pauline Baniqued, Damien Bright, Julie Charbonnier, Heather Gorn, Matthew Landis, Jonathan Liebembuk, Nicholas Mayer, Damon Reaves, Adam Tabor, & Sarah Yeung


I almost shaved my head
It was so cold
What did you say?
I changed my mind
The road twirls
A table without chairs

I nearly shaved off all my hair
It was much like it is today
Crossing (the GWB)
What was it you said?
Nothing (was it the mescaline?)
I don't think the same way anymore
The cars
The twisted road
A drop
A table full of no-bodies
Lost in translation
The trees are dying

It was like one
Mushrooms from the Amazon
Reorganized my synapses
The cells
To some twisted rogue
Waiting to cop
A table of no content
Will you worry?
No. B-ill M-urray.

I think he was Spanish
Tales from the west
Changed me forever
Had me all bothered
Ready to pop
A table top moment
Don't, don't hurry.
Yes. Sunny side up.

Along the Pyrenees Mountains
or greener
No sound ever.
Goddamn it!
the president's dreams
Change me never
spilled milk to a four year old
confetti ready
I despise stains on the table
No really, take the seconds.
A greasy Peter Pan.

Cold sky fly high,
a choice of green.
destroyed by resistance.
Don't change the world
in my happy imagination.
Toss up up up
Ideas fly, state song the fable.
Pressure pressure pressure
Reluctant resistance to a decaying childhood.

Green day-glo handprints
on the Upper Paleolithic walls
of the monkey mind.
 From branch -
to branch -
to branch -
Touch and release.
Try to remember
terra firma
Try to grab it -
quick quick!

Now the ground supports only crooked feet.

Waking up already irredescent
with own confusion, hands groping

hieroglyphs on the wall, a reminder of
untold untouched immediacy
of sacrifice of blood spilled of a
sacrifice of blood spilled of a
dram of blood spilled of a
spilled moment of time of
movement of

static, of the inert, of
amnesia, of a memory that travels nowhere
baseless, without process or center
there is no
method of communication, method of
of movement, method of
of sacrifice; fleeting.
there is no method. the
heuristic of imposed ignorance
of not asking the question that should be asked
no wonder we walk unsteadily, when there is a
trip waiting at the end of every fall

he fidgets indecency.
Wisps of tinted, fingering

Paleolithic scars, left by
Of ritual ills, odes on
Silking skins, the tragedies
So this once, so this tragedy
So-so's tragedy, once
Tragedy so

Scarves, necks flirt,
Mnemonics wrapped around
Adam's apples, confessing to
Buttons on
mountainous coats, shoulders
Of coats, on woolen brown , up
Wire hangers; fleecing.
There is a parka. Two
Arms, one pocket
Four holes, whole bodies masked
No one. Medium size slips,
Cuff links at every mall.

Hey, kid, get in the tree!
Linger not, whisk often.
Pale Fire left a scar?
Calculators can't graph bliss?
Offer these ills no ritual

Trajectory from the Silk Road:
Soda, soda, soda,
So da, so dada, so dadada.

Scarves flirt with neckties
When wrapped around Eden's tree
Scarf: "Adam, confess to Eve"
Adam: "But-"
Necktie: "No, mount ten goats"
Adam shudders, then sighs
"Of course, but who'll crown Eve?"
"Dang her, please me:
There are two parking meters,
One for whores, one for assholes
No more.  Small coins will do.

Greetings youth, climb high
into the arms of aged plants
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to?
Do you have to?
Eternal pockmark of insipid conflagration?
Meters of happiness waiting to be counted?
Pestilence proposes no sacramental wine at this service

I course of action was derived from the Karakoram highway
Coke first, then Sprite, Pepsi next
Sexual tryst amongst the cloths
of Adam and eve remember what
God's tree forgot
Lilith taunts Eve "your weren't the first."
Adam: Ass
Chock hold of silken lengths on Ten thousand Satyrs
Lilith's cold, breath visible
breath every exhale

There's a lack of parking
Prostitutes line the right side
Donkeys dance on the left
Enough of this,
we don't accept bills over fifty

Greetings Vietcong from Wounded Knee
nto the aged Ajax plant
Do you have to let it singe?
Do you have to?
Do you have to?
A pox upon the aggregation
Resounded enlistment of contiguous blocks
But there is a pestilence in every meal at the mess hall

I c

There's a lack of parking
Prostitutes line the right right left side
Donkeys dance on the left left right
Enough of that, comma

Heya fellow victim!
Hear you feel the urge to Herbal
Wanna feel my hair?
Wanna feel my hair?
I know you do.
Screw these professionals
The uncanny shiny vinyl metal row
There's a strand clung to everyone's back


Yours too.
the space between
They line up and do the conga
like animals.
How much do we have to tip?

with thanks to Leslie Chen

Chain II (2/8/07)

A kahkoon of the written word around the samegroup trying to
Leave or commute back
Between written and oral
Eat both sides of the mushroom
But don’t add oil, too much cooking ruins their freshness.
Cooking mushrooms, I assure you, is no simple task.
A life’s labour lost.
Robin hood knew nothing of mice traps or witch’s dens or caves where paintings of lizards and goats
And oats breading portabello with
coffee sipping and untypable types
behind blinking black and
snakey red
gardens, one third, ears? Tears? Tis’ Repunzel
sreeeeeeeeeeeve me
ugh’ tis’ ugh
let down your long hair I see cut-out apples
Kublah Khan never wrote a poem
Hypnotic mushrooms, thyme with my baby bellas
To find the true relationship
Between words; phonemes staring in blank
Nothing; “flourish in thy Woe”,
Amid the bitter plumage, love lost,
Communion of sweat and illusion.
But what of connections? Transitions? Bridges?
Letters to words, words to phrases
All with context and hidden meaning
Even hair can make ladders when towers are scaled
See, Keats still lives in 6-word phrases
Connective phrasing slashed by aleatoric construction
Burroughs liked to cut things up
Pages of dead authors – give me the scissors!
Mon Blanc, did I hear that right?
Did I type that right? I wish I knew French, or had a dictionary
But hearing him say it saaayyyy it was nice enough
Rat a too ee
Maublanc, that precious little man who thought he could commune with the Commune, WB certainly put him in his place.
Avery lon converatio
At he zenith ofcivilization
A pieceof half string cheese half
Hareta lalaaaa!
Able toe over tall buildings
Whout a wedgie
Bathroom humor and comestibles abound above
They find refuge in the fine fish sandwich we make
And the urinal that follows
Yes, urinal.
Where was rosy-fingered dawn?
Homer loved her
Mercy mercy
If love is measured in yesterdays
I was always fon of Book XI
Of the Illiad. All the blood sacrifice.
Has anyone else noticed that the first letter of
Each word on a new line is automatically capalized.
Anyway, set keel to breakers…
We go on tangents insisting on ourselves
Like struggling pressing down on this keyboard forcing my words
The rabbit gives a commentary
The rabbit? Autocorrected , genealogy of jesussss
A communist hummingbird table on bible, jesus
Rabbit ? humingbible if a bible hummed, st Louis?
Second Michigan, the great\lakes overpowered by lampreys
By humming rabbits communism and jesus lampreys
Penelope slut slut a rabbit communist slut
Display yours be
Four the break
Take books of fiction what follows from gotta
Love i
Party shuffle lyrics
Second element of chance
Instrumental title
Deformations, scrambled green eggs an ham I guess
Color unis and patches with qualities of intrinsic words
Q: “what does it mean to be read able?”
A: “to use plenty of polysyllabic adjectives and adverbs that can be read as thoroughly reflexive writing”
Q: “sod off.”
It means to be monosyllabic and <3
The smooth rounded syllables of
My voice
UHOH … im writing INSIDE the poem
And the bladder that waits, is the bladder that plaits
You understand my tone, love?
It means that I am always
In detached mourning.
La la dirge la la la
If you are going to divine
Use a diving rod
Writing in one unbroken stanza
Is symbolically uniting for the class
Life is always symbol,
Always metaphorical if you are paying
I meant Book XI of the Odyssey
Which is important whn talkin’
About divining. See the blood sacrifice
Was all about prophecy, about divining the will of
The gods
i.e., finding the right metaphor
telling yourself the correct (ha!)
Sister Aura: God does not will, He “allows”
What is correct, the good life never to find
Giraffes balloons a carnival in your head
While rabbits thump thump on your chest
I love rabbit I love rabbies. Enough about
The thing, going back to the theory of
Oddyzeus and langage enogh enough enough
Gawd god gone gawn ram rammed smitten shitten
Once in a summer I met it that hermaphrodite of a lancelet
Named jesus
Jesus wore dreadlocks
Chains for butt sex, chains for bondage, unchain for felching
Down the left side it says alienation
In body mint or Aegean
90oop 7ex 3at 2our 1onely
Si je t’ecris en francais (excuses… pas d’accents avec ce clavier), c’est parce que ca snne bien et ca va créer ue ruptur… ou quelque chose comme ca. En fait non, c’est juste histoire de raconter des conneries et de me faire comprendre principalement par Julie. D’ailleurs, salue Julie.
What ??
Ich habe einen Kopf and that’s what I say about that
But Yeah … Judith Butler too
I can’t escape what I’m hearing
I can escape what you’re hearing
But Marx seems to be cropping up here today
He’s kind of crucial, you know
He’s pretty cool
Blue he said
Crimson he answered
Where’s friendly
Whose working
“The masses have a world to win, and nothing
To lose but their chains.”
Julia nakalimutan mo bad daw
Baba, bababa ba?
Blue print
I wish it was in cursive
Loop di doop
Hooray for the circus freaks
Nobefore she had plastic surgery
And put my butt on my chest
I’m fascinated by everyone’s great responses and eager to hear what everyone has to say in class. It was extremely refreshing to read someone like Tsur who is out constructing poem experiments on the populace. (I did scratch my head and smile at page 81 [which shows that Jason read the WHOLE book] when he kind of gets frustrated with the erroneously bell-perceiving public.)
I think I see parallels between Fenellosa and Tsur; and I like the way that both allow words to work like chords – Tsur’s method, though, allows a greater and more complex chord to be struck. Fenellosa sees the ideogram’s visualities as all adding up in non-semantic ways to one kind of deeply…….
Didn fr
Or perhaps not
Oh my wait no not now
Stop I was so beautiful.
I’ve been labeled
For a second I thought that sounded like Mary Poppins
But I hear now it is not English.
It is difficult, quite difficult
I worried bout whathappens whn words change from sound and back again.
Lilith asked me to changed my mind
I tried but twins aren’t as forgiving.
The city is cold. Yesterday should change before I go further
Yesterday changes?
Well, that’s a nice thought.