Writing Center

Getting Ready for Your Online Appointment

  • Your online appointment will be a live 45-minute video chat.
  • Charge your laptop, have a good internet connection, in a quiet, nondistracting space. Wear headphones.
  • Log in at least 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • Have your writing project ready in two formats: 1) cut and paste into the text box and 2) saved and handy as a word doc or PDF to upload. You and your tutor may find it useful to use both formats at different points in the session.

What to expect

  • 45 minutes of individual consultation
  • Interactive: don't expect to drop off your paper, literally or mentally. Our sessions pivot upon your engagement with the work
  • A few questions to get started, such as:
    • Have you gotten any feedback from other readers?
    • When do you plan on submitting it?
    • How close to being finished do you consider it to be?
    • Do you have particular concerns or goals?


If you have trouble with audio/video, make sure you have selected "Yes" or "Allow" or "Share" so that your browser can share your webcam and microphone. If you are not sure, click on the video camera icon. If needed, briefly make sure the camera is turned on for your computer. Try reconnecting, or complete this particular meeting using the text chat.

If you have trouble connecting or using audio/video, please try a different browser. You can reconnect to your online meeting by closing the meeting, (reopening your appointment if you have been timed out), and clicking "Start or Join Online Consultation."