Small Press Traffic and Canessa Park present

Caroline Bergvall
Kevin Killian

Tuesday, October 14, 7:30 p.m.
708 Montgomery at Columbus

This is the first San Francisco appearance of the dynamic Caroline Bergvall, one of the United Kingdom's most interesting new writers. Ever since her appearance at last year's "Assembling Alternatives" conference in New Hampshire, where she made a huge hit, we have wanted to bring her here to the Bay Area. Now here she is, live, in person, at Canessa Park. She is the author of Eclat (Sound & Language, 1996) and teaches performance writing at Dartington College of the Arts in Devon (England).

"So, what is Performance Writing not? Is Performance Writing not writing? Is it writing which performs not writes? Is it not performance which writes? But then does writing not perform? And when does writing not perform? And what kind of not performance are we talking about? Is it not performance to write or is it not writing to not perform?" Don't miss this chance to see and meet La Bergvall, the woman everyone's talking about, for soon you will be too!