Kerrie Kohn


My grandmother was my best friend.

I feel blessed to have had her for so long but feel such loss and dread at the thought of life without her.

Everyone knows how important my grandma was in my life. Her grandchildren were everything to her.

She had a busy and exciting life –– but we always came first.

I was the first grandchild and therefore had my early years alone with Herman and Sherry. They would take care of me often. I have so many memories of outings with them and songs that they would sing to me. I probably remember because Grandma would remind me and we would reminisce.

Apparently, I was quite fussy as a baby. The two of them would dance around and sing to keep me happy.

When Herman passed away, Grandma and I were two peas in a pod. I would sleep over most weekends. She would serve me meals on a tray in bed. There was gingerale in champagne flutes and peppermint stick and heavenly hash ice cream. This was how our unique and devoted relationship began and continues throughout my teen years.

She was my confidant. I would tell her things that I would not tell anyone else. Often too much information for a girl to be telling her Grandma.

During that time she was going to the hottest clubs in New York. I would join her on weekends. When we arrived at the clubs they would part the crowds to let her through the velvet ropes. At 2AM she would say –– “Kerrie darling it is time to go.” I would beg, “No Grammy just a little longer.” I do not know how she did it as she was 70 at that time. I am 44 and exhausted at the thought.

She was with me for the birth of my daughters –– in the room, wearing leather pants, holding my hand.

This is when she became Gigi – great grandmother. Two years ago at my wedding she was my flower girl, dancing down the aisle throwing rose petals. She has been to every dance recital for Shelby and just this past April she danced with me at Sasha’s Bat Mitzvah.  

My Grammy made me who I am today. She will be in my heart forever.

Kerrie, Sasha, Shelby, Leslie, Sherry, Kyle