four fingers

                         the fingers expedited 
                                       1r, 3r and 4r
                           the thumb, the middle and pinkie
                                 right) and 7l and 9l
                                                  left). With aid of a scalpel

                                                          examine the rest

It was necessary to detach
the skin,

                                   the end of each digit

                                     their contour at the extremities
                      each digit of which and took the fingerprints

and these red clothes
on these red clothes


                                                       examines the dress
                                                                                         in the water
                                                                        sun faded the red
                                            dead, thought that it was to be brighter



very seriously decomposed


                                                disappeared and the animals
                                                wrenched into little pieces
                                                and that around the eyes and the ears
                                                of the water herself
                                                arms and the legs
                                                remained intact

some red dresses like this one?
some red dresses, some dresses green, some dresses
some dresses of all the colors


                                                      simply "of color"
                                                                    the action of the water
                                                   worn out the clothes in spots
                                       the rubbing against a stub or a
                                               rock has provoked a tear

                                                                     a somber stain



the dress


                                                                                            of nylon
                                                  cotton. Without sleeves, tailored
                                     one must slip it
                                                                               over the arms
                                                                                   and tie it up
                                                                       there was besides
                                                          destined to receive
                                                   but nobody found a belt

--One can tell a stain
but that changes nothing
      stains like that
      stains like that
  in order to say
      stains like that


                                                           a dress like that
                                                           like a robe
                                                           like a dress

                   a side on the other
             with a belt
                 loop of red thread


                                               in the water



       the time in the water



                                                                              post mortem
                                       equivalent to two weeks
                                                               the soil


                                     cause of death
                               the corpse             float-
ing in the fresh water

                                                          a robe like that?


very (a robe very blue)?
     so (a robe so blue)?
           (the most blue robe)



Section 3