at the site
           corpse has been deposited, one (somebody) remarks
     the corpse
the world today, in default
         has been retrieved
    and abandoned: worse!



     astonishingly vague
                              of a chemise
             coverlet blue
               "name: unknown"
                       unknown. Height:
             hair:         eyes:
                 first name, that she's called


field of stalks
                      sky and earth
maritime, mortal, circular, etc.



                                 to identify

          motive.    "after which all is possible." even
          the secret "nothing's lost"
                                       which goes bad
                             the dead
                  information which will come by us

resemble and remember
        more nothing to see
                                the more clear, the less clear
            is who? In order to know who
                   "nothing's lost"

                               nothing more to see
                                        is who? in order to know who

         and that around the eyes

                         of the water herself
                  of flesh
                      arms & legs

                     the rubbing against
                         has provoked a tear
          a stain
                                  faded the red
                  in the water
              that it was to be brighter




                              of her look
                 closed, then
                              charged with inventing how the child's eyes
               would look
                    open, have been


                                                             diffused (circulated)
                                                             primary care


                          at first to look for

                 dead, their reflex

                                        firstly the eyes

primary care
firstly to look for
and one also exposed

                               risk to let this corpse


            If somebody had wished to hide
                                     someone had buried it


                                      before conferring



                                      six types of different hair

trace of earing
in the pockets of the dress

                                      grains of quartz

              same color of hair,
              of eyebrows. detail
                              wrenched by the shooting

                                                                          the age
                                                           by her ossification

in a blue drape,
                          the face

                                                             and eight small holes

                                                             her look
                                                                                      equally disap-
                                                     pears) has made appear multiple
                                                                      fracture, and for certain


                                        and will be long                                  
                           and everyday nothing
                                                   reunite, disperse, etc.



Section 6