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Poetics Syllabi by Charles Bernstein

Graduate Seminars at SUNY-Buffalo:

Investigating Poetry: Topics in 20th Century Poetry & Poetics (Fall 1989) (first UB seminar as visiting professor)
The Peripheral: Reading Askance in Twentieth Century Poetry and Poetics (Fall 1990)
Close Encounters of the Poetic Kind (Fall 1991)
The Politics of Poetic Form: The Peripheral 2 (Spring 1991)
Core Poetics (Fall 1992)
The Dialects of Ideology (Fall 1993)
(or, S/he Do the Police in Voices, Not): Toward a Theory of Ideolect (with special reference to dialogue, the vernacular and the quest for the ordinary)
The Ordinary (Fall 1994)
Resisting Translation (Fall 1996)
Textual Conditions (Fall 1997)
Prose & Its Discontents (Spring 1998)
The Politics of Poetic Form (Fall 1998)
Material Poetics (Fall 1999)
Poetry, Music, Performance (Spring 2000)
Blank (syllabus intentionally left blank) (Fall 2000)
Modernisms (Spring 2001)
Second Wave Modernism (Fall 2001)
Textual Conditions 2002 (Fall 2002)
New American Poetries (Modernisms 3) (Spring 2003)

The Modernist Experiment in Context: 1910-1940 (Fall 1989)
Creative Reading Lab/CCNY M.A. Program (Spring 1998)
Undergraduate Class: Creative Wreading (Fall 1999)
Undergraduate Class: Postmodern American Poetry (Fall 2002)
Undergraduate Class: Close Encounters (Spring 2003)

Undergraduate and Graduate Seminars at the University of Pennylvania (Fall 2003 & after))

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