Dept. of English              1504 Sylvan Wynde

          Univ. of Louisville           Louisville, KY 40205

          Louisville, KY 40292   

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EDUCATION: 1975-80:  Ph. D. (Honors), University of Chicago; 1974-75:  M. A. (Honors), University of Chicago; 1971-74:  B. A., University of Exeter, Devon, England


TEACHING: Aug. 1987-    : University of Louisville (full professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in English since 1996); Aug. 1984-May 1987: Asst. prof. of English, University of Mississippi; July 1980-June 1984: Visiting lecturer, UCLA.


PUBLICATIONS (since 1995 only):


(1) Books:


From Outlaw to Classic: Canons in American Poetry (University of Wisconsin Press, 1995). Selected as a CHOICE magazine Outstanding Academic Book for 1996. Reprinted 1998.


(2) Articles/book chapters:


“‘Isn’t the avant-garde always pedagogical’: Experimental Poetics and/as Pedagogy,” The Iowa Review (forthcoming, 2001).


“Place, Space, and Syntax in George Oppen’s Seascape: Needle’s Eye. Sagetrieb (forthcoming).


“Authority, Marginality, England and Ireland in the Work of Susan Howe.” Something  They Have That We Don’t’: Anglo-American Poetic Relations Since WWII, ed. Steve Clark and Mark Ford (Cambridge University Press, under consideration).


"Recent American Poetry Anthologies and the Idea of the 'Mainstream.'" Poetry and Contemporary Culture: The Question of Value, ed. Andrew Michael Roberts and Jonathan Allison (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2001).


"'Drawings with words': Susan Howe's Visual Poetics." "We Who 'Love to Be  Astonished'": Experimental Feminist Poetics and Performance Art, ed. Laura Hinton and Cynthia Hogue (University of Alabama Press, forthcoming 2001).

"George Oppen's Serial Poems." The Objectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics, ed. Peter Quartermain and Rachel Blau DuPlessis (University of Alabama Press, 1999), 84-103. (Revision of previously published essay.)


"New, Newer, and Newest American Poetries." The Recovery of the Public World: Essays in Honour of Robin Blaser, His Poetry and Poetics, ed. Ted Byrne and Charles Watts (Talonbooks, 1999): 339-50. (Reprint of previously published essay.)


"Bruce Andrews' Poetics and the Limits of Genre," Aerial 9 (1999): 196-207.


"The New American Poetry, Revisited Again," Contemporary Literature 39 (1998): 180-211.


"New, Newer, and Newest American Poetries." Chicago Review 43.4 (1997): 7- 21.


(3) Work in Progress:


Avant-Gardes and Institutions: Essays on the New American Poetics and After. A gathering of published and unpublished work from recent years, with an emphasis on poetry anthologies and on the work of individual Language writers.


“Isn’t the avant-garde always pedagogical”: Experimental Poetics and/as Pedagogy. A study of the relations between experimental American poetics and notions of the didactic or the pedagogical in the twentieth century.


"Language Writing, Theory, and the Institutions of Poetry: The Example of Bob Perelman.” For West Coast Line “Poet’s Prose” issue.


"The Dial, The Little Review, and Modernist Canonicity." For essay collection on modernist little magazines, ed. Suzanne Churchill and Adam McKible.


“‘What about all this writing?’: Williams, Language Poetry, and Beyond.” For Marjorie Perloff festschrift issue of Sagetrieb.


Essays have also appeared in Sagetrieb, The Cafe Review, Melville Society Extracts, Arizona Quarterly, American Literary History, Modern Philology, Mid-American Review, Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association, Journal of Advanced Composition, Ironwood, Language and Style, and Poe Studies, and in collections from Gale Research, Greenwood, and the University Presses of Chicago, California, Kent State, Cambridge, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.


Professional service includes acting as general co-editor of the University of Wisconsin Press Series on Contemporary North American Poetry.