Paul Blackburn




Houses three stories high

or block homes of apartments

       both with steep Norman roofs


The fish swims in the river

and shares it with other fish

                    The cabbages have a garden

                     to share with the lettuce and radishes,

                                                      the tomatoes

The cow has a small pasture

and grazes it by herself


                                                       An old man lies on a sack on

                                                       a hillside in the sun

                                                       after lunch .

                                                       watches the train whip by


The dead lie in the cemetery near the tracks

share earth with the other dead

and do not look at anything


A barge on the river barges past, the wash flying

The fish swim in the river

                   They share it with the barge,

                             the fishermen .


                                                                                                            late Aug  /  1968