Robin Blaser
from The Holy Forest
(C) 2009 Estate of Robin Blaser. Used by permission.
from Pell Mell (1981-1988)    

often, I write on top of the
stove's hotplates—elements?—
and leave the notebook there

the question is: will it burn?
in the morning, it is cold
paper, coldly scribbled on

the next night I do the same
thing      trap of the child
and man      will you, won't

you turn on by yourself, do
you, don't you     say something
almost entirely

almost immortal, lost among
causes and first spoken
moments become

the last are unwritten in
a mazy motion above

what did I think language
did, as I grew up    well,
it pulled me into

and out-of, upwards-of
and downwards-of, the
side-by-side, serpentine friendship

I've known many but few
did more than repeat themselves
the others disappeared into language,

divided from wholeness, they
are, in their language,
desirous and sightful

awesome, sweet labourers
of something