Electronic Edition 1.0 copyright 1995 by Lee Ann Brown

		        LEE ANN BROWN
	 _ p o e m s   b y   L e e   A n n   B r o w n _ 

		pamphlet originally published 1993

	 		We Press
			P O B 1503
			Santa Cruz California

+								+

	Heavy Earthly Diadems

	Compact body heavy from falling
	asleep after work.
	Cute sun touches the
	tops of buildings, something falls.

	Magenta dropping blossoms blur,
	heat up, while sore Heather sleeps.

	A plunging comforter, stained, still comforts.
	Open or shut, his body of light.

	Our crick stuck duet hit us
	with 'don't worry,' soft.

+								+


	I sit too close
	to the couple talking

	This learning
	to be alone
	goes on & on
	like rain represented
	by straight black lines

+								+

					      for Steven Taylor


So I found an anatomy of aerial bodies:
			      Arms:  azure on a bend O.
The first day back we sleep like athletes as if
			       There's no end in the speech of bees

+								+


	sleep    pressed    disk
	     kiss   sac   curl
	lint   tendon   nag
	   gowned   do   oral
	lapidary      ypsilanti
	     ismaili   ike    ebb