Maxine Chernoff Publications

Some of Her Friends That Year: New & Selected Stories (Coffee House Press, 2002)

World: Poems 1991-2001 (Salt Publications, 2001)

A Boy in Winter:novel (Crown Publishing, 1999; Harper Flamingo Australia, 2000)

American Heaven: novel (Coffee House Press, 1996)

Signs of Devotion: stories (Simon & Schuster, 1993)

Plain Grief: novel (Summit, 1991; available as e-book from, 2001)

Leap Year Day: New & Selected Poems (Another Chicago Press, 1990; Jensen Daniels, 1999)

Japan: poetry (Avenue B Press, 1988)

Bop: stories (Coffee House Press, 1986; Vintage Contemporaries, 1987)

New Faces of 1952: poetry (Ithaca House, 1985)

Utopia TV Store: poetry (The Yellow Press, 1979)

A Vegetable Emergency: prose poems (Beyond Baroque Foundation, 1976)