Robert Creeley:
two sections from
"Histoire de Florida"
from the book Histoire de Florida (Santa Rosa: Ferriss Editions, 1996)

Remember German artist
(surely "conceptual" or
"happenings") ate himself,
cut bits from his body
on stage while audience
watched, it went well
for awhile. But then
he did something wrong
and bled to death.
The art is long
so learn, life short.

It must be anecdotal,
sudden sights along the so-called way,
Bunting's advice that David Jones
when he first met him had moved but once
in adult life and then only
when the building burned down
to a place across the street.
They were having tea
when abruptly Jones got up,
went to an easel at the far end of the room
whereon a sheet of drawing paper
with, in his immaculate script, a "t",
added an "h" to say,
"I'll have the 'e' by Monday!"
Affections flood me,
love lights light in like eyes …