I see the raped and beaten black body
I say I see the raped and beaten black body
I say I a white man see the raped and beaten black body,
for the next 39 lines you will hear Rodney beaten,
for they swingled him, they
buttfucked his eyes, they crosslabored him,
they kicked mocked and backed him, backed
him good, they sought to south him, to speedball
him north, they toed his cream, they stepped
balled him, they whitemen outvoted his groin,
then they went for his teeth, he tried to scream they
fucked him, they kickass arabed him--did they Baghdad
Did they 170,000 Iraqi children him?

Did they sewage water system him?

Did they Kurd and carpet bomb his retreat?

And in case you think I mixing oil with macadam,
they beat Rodney King as if he were wood
or cockroach, both cock and rock,
they beat him because he was black nearly dead man,
cause he was nigger,
now all you white students repeat   with   me
you who never will   you who have no moral will   Did
they beat him as your dad might've beat your mom?
Because women and blacks are the beatabilities,
kill this black white woman because heshe is,

kill this living black white pink and blue trunk

kill this human trunk that bulges and weeps.
Beat what I am,   beat what you are,
beat to the beat,   but no masturbation is strong enough
to rip out the white, to push it up, calcite,
huge chalk tunnels of your come in you,
to so dispossess us of the human that we must regard
   our birth channel
forever in challenge with us?  Aie, we are, in birth,
and we are beating our birth,   we are,   in birth
beat Rodney      beat the earth
and know now  beat the earth is no longer
    dance step or game title
but swerve to piles in the watcher's eyes
while the dead pile up under,
       the dead, the beavers and
    all those fleas we never wanted to name.

from Under World Arrest
Black Sparrow Press, 1994