by Raymond Federman

 between us
 it's all
 double or nothing
 with him
 it's horseplay
 always playing with words
 me it more real fictitious
 I mean
 here and nowhere
 cut in half
 him on the contrary
 full length
 me only the head
 half in darkness
 him the head titled to the side
 resting on one hand
 me looking blankly ahead
 him the light from above
 shadowing his obstinacy
 me dreamily caught
 between tears and laughter
 him looking into our eyes
 with compassion
 and a touch of cynicism
 me staring into the void to be filled
 him already receding
 into the final sentence
 me getting ready to leap
 into the precipice
 here we are
 stirring still
 double or nothing