Allen Fisher Bio Allen Fisher
Photo Credit: © 1996 by L. Glazier
New Hampshire, 1996

Allen Fisher, born 1944, has been writing poetry since 1962. A painter, printer, publisher and editor he has produced one hundred and fourteen chapbooks and books of poetry, graphics, art documentation and essays (see list of items 50-114) .

He currently edits Spanner - lives in Hereford, England - is Head of Academic Affairs at the Herefordshire College of Art & Design. He exhibits paintings in many shows and examples of his work are in the Tate Gallery collection, London and in the Living Museum in Iceland. His last one-man show was at the King's Manor Gallery, York in 1993 followed by a two-man show at the Ciy gallery in Hereford.

His main long sequences of work include

the PLACE project 1971-80
BLOOD BONE BRAIN 1970-1980 (performance and process work)
The Art of Flight (using Bach's The Art of the Fugue)
1970s and the sequence Gravity as a consequence of shape stated in the 1980s.
Among his books
Bavuska, 1969
Before Ideas, Ideas,1971
Place (various books 1974-81 including Truck Books(USA)
PLACE Book One, 1976
The Apocalyptic Sonnets, 1978
Poetry for Schools, 1980
Blood Bone Brain (microfiches of Fluxus and process art mattters) 1982
Unpolished Mirrors, 1985
Stepping Out, 1985.

The Gravity sequence published so far are books called:

Brixton Fractals,1985
Breadboard (1982-1986) 1994
Civic Crime (1987-1988) 1990
Dispossession and Cure (1988-1991) 1994
Fizz (1992-93) 1994
and Now's the time (form books) 1995.
SCRAM (a Spectacular Diseases book) selected from work 1971-1982
Future Exiles (Paladin poetry) selected from the 1980s.
The most recent chapbook was Pulling up Quasi Queen, 1996.
You can find out about what some others think of his work by looking at
80 Langton Street Residence Program 1982 edited by Renny Pritkin and Barrett Watten
New British Poetries - The scope of the possible edited by Robert Hampson and Peter Barry for Manchester University Press
Parataxis, modernism and modern writing issue 8/9, 1996 edited by Drew Milne, University of Sussex
or there's a chapter in the new Talus Book by Clive Bush to be published from King's College, University of London in December 1996.