Chris Funkhouser - Mint

        Mint                                     [ G F# E B (A) / Eb ]



              can't smell the team

               so strong
                            a light flickers
               off & on

                envision the worlds as islands
                  laid out   before us
                     will smell


                 the difference
                   (left, right)?
               catching the quill

             of what
                isn't real
                 what isn't
                which don't
             refusal of

                        takes its toll
                    after years
                       playing pool
                 forget to smell the hyacinth
             & the rocks still on the floor of the pickup

                        knowing brick before brick

                    flight from
                                              intense respect for it

                near piano
                                D into varieties of D

                                   2 ranges, ice
                                   one      shirt

Fire Song mold under fingernails (6) hair writhing like leaks (5) Big Bird runs crazzily (6) through the room (3) visual reality (7) hearing gloomy loony (7) machine of natural obliteration (10) cannot be stopped (4)
Question of input & output stretch "suspension" string flattened occilation ( vibration ) something to balance the string or ( theme ) to balance housepainting: still life / discrete image the irony of "end the song" industrial rhythm imagined behind pulsation song is autobiographical what large song is it within human song without much I reversing a romanticism of nature ("butterfly lice on a thistle") Didn't stop to think about to make wake up with those around studying original landformation where birds fear humans talk with them hear voices see flashes on the wet beach Bay sandbar smoother + defined couldn't draw it at footprints horse's peoples bird, dog There became a stain on the cover as much as on the leg of a pair of pants Perhaps a similar source? Bending birches - icicles from stones shattered by dynamite. Our various relations to the world: through eyes, spill: I Ear's Art, tho you can't batik onto video colors on the TV but like the blown up distortion for stimulation unexpected accompaniment of the rain Passenger Receipt food + conversation on the freeway - how many minutes Manhattan? nervously half over & that's not what matters neither after living simple counting the stops without a shirt worn before a world lived before certain smells won't take on (disjunction) to "get ready" talk about how to shape use that scrawl as always NIXON KISSINGER + NIXON SCREEN LIFE don't trip over legs. APE LA Yacht Club Mashpee near waves of wire on sloping snowy ground morning, piles of sticks out the window in a weird reversal of a century, Mrs. Averett Wampanoag decendant says not long ago in our cultural history "I just want my children to learn the English language and learn it as well as they can" by rake on property what were taverns where crossing paths where you'd pick up a stick spit on it and throw it in a heap to appease the spirits in the area? - Chris Funkhouser
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