Splintered by Peter Ganick SPLINTERED
Peter Ganick (1994)

part one

sit long,
to take in
time, the coincidence
bartered schizoid
or conceptual

various signatures in 
absence called coiled-
reverted-to-by-and-so that
natural incision defoliates-
removes-crawls through the
forest wall

no ache
no no, the
articulation reverts to
sentential intersection
upon decaying rumors

depth estranged
follows grief
the macular


the nameless name
an organ of deceptive reality
no tougher hammer
to forget in heat
the debilitating experience
a razor hell
to the dimension unsold
hastens to seek by
context's violent digitizing

buys a few moments
secreted and indemnified
from mutilation of oversell

finessed tonight
no appearance the decoy
  bridge causes
in form and sight


an elixir
mutandis mutandi
effulgent or homefree
concept's cadaver becomes
impossible as shifts embroil
the tunic of dementia
lost faces rise hideous

enter straightened hair
ensure to unfold
arbeit remaindered atop
at least one percent
defrocked peasants as
look-alike ruminations

taxes for music
imperative grey-blue attacks


content enters the restriction
  as coiled imperative
nowhere to frame parnassus'
  glad rescue
to adapt to momentum as full
of the lament of crossed lineate

one's person by difference
to reduce attraction
the hollow forensic

emboldened by emptiness
catch the person 
  who never remains
a black spot told to recruit 
  somewhere else
news of empowerment travels
  faster than light

to think of persons
the massively projected desire
namelessly to inform
the sacred space


in a cartwheel
the girl forms space
by definitive demonstration
of another consensus

the one lowered into
  that for her
by sameness of busy people
indecisive about the
found homeless on desk-top

the words often the world
masked for contention over
  serendipitous issues
sensitivity debated
in one long poisoned claw
waives purity of context
now a scam
indoctrinates all guillotines


where that used to be
a bit lonelier sample
  to describe tools

the origin stands fresh
though it can't recall
locked conference
where secretaries impart
what phraseology describes:

name and form already
  totalities that rope down
  the heavens
one circus for abstraction's
told rendered and sampled

incurably desired
no space-time assurances

the word
step one


nearness and acceleration
focal length
things like this
splay emphasis
through identity sorrow
  resumes delivery
on accuracy's description

attached by coded memories
listless as the concerted endgame
waives serial codependencies
before affected licenses
arouse inscriptions
for pre-recorded cassettes

neat sharp
precious near every code
each input maladjusted
no process per idiot


must be these states
  of conscious protection
whose core appeal is
nameless and formless
however descriptive is

properly sagacious
to see the point sharply
  rolled and focused

a needle exchequer's
totalitarian sanity
if ghosts arrive over
  blood's wall
nowhere is the site
for uncaused declarations

each litigant of nature
has a specialized arrow
nowhere to be found


where in this attachment
  is prevailed
a corner decal
for world listed
and / or transferred into
by compunction mortally fed?

no iced hat
a hat off from error
piles up on radio attempts
  to engrave on lamps
a human hurdle

not along and because
is how worlds (the decoy too
sedimentate through
unknowably processed tickets

wake up and call for music
brought a flower to send down
a banquet


witness receptive angles
the humulin almost supports
goers all there for tonight

nameless echoes sanity
alone to prime the wall
  of coded saviors
never in the one light
  an impossible recruit

somewhat there and not
  avoided imperiled
  or scorned
reminders pattern time
well-water bodies
no fluid architect
  whose rumors
  deflates skids

an echo of solitude
father to the decree:
more word than world
coming around late
for incorrect visitation


mood infected with jostling
a side in you to move
conduct music
versatile here writing here
sorts the energies
angels devour pastries

deft crosswind
nowhere the elsewhere
  could refine

how samples divert colossal
while time spans to safe half-
becomes news without time


reaction’s archi-motor
a label's synapse
fresh air
devout incident malleable
  plywood force

relaxations cleared as
  teeth offer bad mouths
don't invert possible favor
from devoured incarnations

leap-year trickery
folds innumerable doors
out to the provinces
a prompt coloration ensures
  to be the finest

on a salient repository
the air of demands
rescues folly of the standpoint


atomized incipience
on the dirt of hello 
the pardon tampers with
flood-lit reductions

melt has the cartoon
in certain video comics
they slide 
  to emphasize
retracting personnel
  on burnt funds

scene of copied dog-seats
on top a falling beast
the ugly artisan
  as cut-rate plasma
restricted and upstairs

telling straw holidays
  from answers' infancy
an idiot 
molasses in a syringe
the total recruit of dusk

and if impossible
no stated accompanist
drugged to instability
no focus from that gene
operant climbers defer 

frenzy appeals to lie down
tagging slot-filled documents
trivial till responsorial
effulgent fragrant and
opening to hookey between
till fear opens the

affected removed lauded
leveled replaced described
impressed upon

total foolish algorithm
soaps crises aware of themes


intervallic exercise
endospore topiaries
skilled feet-warmers
  open hearings on  food

armored in plastics
  therefore sudden trixie
  called vendor piracy

nouns share quiet
form forgets the
  printed letter blushes

her tongue fell on those
of an ordinary dyslexia

donor colic
preceding in that discretion
where one applies


a widget manacle
tyrone power scrambles
  for settlement

figured a plural commission
the short appeared list
used to inflate and meet
  that person
whose promised equilibrium
cogent as mozart
a stone's throw elevated

an error-naive eros
prompts her protested adoration
the vale of extension's 
  respect becomes resolute

cluster-proof iguanas
  climb fewer topiaries
the narrow narrating overflow
a lettered proscenium
the shaved elementations
as boundary for the exercise


turned up once or twice
felt the breath on time
severed certain muscles
some this or that

didn't tail practically
the new wish 
for a bongo drum
then certified walled
  a problem sun screen
her ovation nice lintel
properly vegan circus

noon’s problem the score
  first on fleet lips
nearly versatile when
  thought ascorbic by
  cunningly pondered


'neath spoon
the array officially censures

peddle the books' overt song
  line twixt this that
so reprobate secondary fluid

amnesia and hamburger
  form alive
advertise a discotheque
while valor identifies space
severed promise
peeled tongue epoch noon


commence ciliate exegesis
letter of auditory contrast
portions evaporate
taken easily in harangue

one sidecar kickback
seeks news that information

lend to assuage
effects are the monday of crises'
teamwork as is unitary

some origin as walled stars
  encircle as risk doubles
monody evoked of silence
test orifices endure
  soiled precepts of
doctrines' full stomach
pries open a box
containing magic fluid
that didn't notice


when the lost tongue smiles
essential movies with
regular attendance scope
rain down the hurdle

this heat front along
  a pre-judged catalogue
still tell him
somewhere can be the
  doctored vessel
a scoop redlined stronger

pronto rightly befriended
in same motion velour
calls screen songs cryers
  through the night

an invasion of literature
if it ever clings
its long-distance effects
are its previous owners

the sudden scramble
thought something about it


fidget all along the parapet
dread attitudes that
  repay without
  revert without
invasive loudmouths
  in a chariot carriage

stuff less engaged than
  sent forth
a melange so soon
her awkward deference
  before minuses

if perhaps ready
fools hamper smiles
someone's job to ensure 
the tendentious glance
originary formless and solid


once heaven has sprouted
timing listened
  to by threads
impacted upon mail-order

wistful with no other isolation
movements organize
all that's lifted
from impossible ovulation

will hasten himself
at the same point
neutral or ordinary

walking stoned by circumstance
the referees open a sickness
with bolts of blue
which excite and defer
the severe woman


time vacates routines
by a disorganization of
  fullest magic
aspected high-hat sounds

amended a property
nothing squirreled out
hear the music
from secret ingestions
perhaps this evening
tomorrow morning

a lucid possibility
staves off hunger
for magnetic presence
the appellate held court
told to foster an overt
promptly a turban's
the soft long street
a cranial middle voice


learn seeing to learn
no invented dials
  of new substance
if not taken care 

to identify each motion
told to the weekend
annoyed by eventualities
correct how it's gone before

no beauty less these
micro-graphic changes
leverage and acceptance
calls revert to a 
  melodic state

reality that surfaces
if done by with it can do
a frigid experience
stirred fetal tissue
promises the end of 
  the list

discarded pretenders
no force that lingers 
pale waves in ink
of earlobe curvature


metallic statements
arrive less fluid

each song fills a room with
a pastiche vagueness
  cures to incur care
  a sharper memory

dinner in seattle
hastens to survive
the table place soon

inverse batons
from the vantage of hello no ice
prongs in twin palms
the motel of idiom's sadness
responds too late

a festering policy
no appearance to see
why billions assume
additive thumb-snappers


what works perfectly
may not escort
or defy property
risen conjunct to name

no heat from options of
the thing contrasted 
kissed in public

nameless industry before
  the tv show
engraves with earthen emotion
met halfway

shepherd the acoustic
embouchure irresponsibly
sampled a food's ecology
already tricked to
form excellent opinions


in a mall
of self-concrescence
ossification is
the ill-perceived mode
out early to moving parts
told to reject fuel
controlled by vertical ghosts

redlined from imported condoms
in vinyl the ordinate pseudopod
a visible anachrony
symptomatic of
all the connectors gone there
as time's secondary

at an hour's simulacrum
the feast begs compromise
while delegates muse upon roles

as music is 
a scheme if fixed


as a thoughtful escape
  from philosophy
they roll downhill
as cures settle in

impervious to the thousand
a various name
calls to its ownership of a
foreign planet filled
  with schism
over that three-percent

invariably coddled
let to season in the crisis
named by issues
of free policy
they hand over items
hauled from contradiction's


the reverse of a weed
is nothing else
paid by conduction
tip a mood's foreground
  in the showdown
  a half-hour away
has no real talent

no space to fill out
let him talk and then sign

near the shoulder
therein wrestle with
  theology and refutation
  of that theology
to improvise the monody
a far island now a
  repeated theme

leaps from umbrage
not bothered by heat
  the crevasse
body at the bottom
read about it


thoughts of that dancer
one hooked romance older
  than precision could say

donor perplexity
run here and there
irregularly cordoned off 

vented in a proscenium
the pseudopod's neutral terror
in filiated focus
went to the largest advice:
release from options
nowhere in space
fewer or more fortunate

contradicts everything
before then


animal diversity
her trick knee
too thick to dope out
front and between fronts

one scars more than ego
as a starved tactic

pirouettes separate years
you say it then
dossiers remove from books
when certainty ascends
got it already

precisely nowhere the story
captive as it is frequent
monitored in the relaxation
and well-distorted

the carrel studiously
asks a quiz
nomenclature of roll back
bottomed up or out in the
necessity of a referral

the one page offered is
  to substance
looking for you


motionless secondary
routine near work place
the woolen rivet
a crap-shooter's manual
texts settle there with
no pre-arranged snub

thick with all you
fused vertebrae of
  the letter arrived
to conceit for useless

alert from thrusters
promised to you
whomever the person you
they know that


mercantile feint and run
sorrow / joy
wonders not juried

the ratcheted idiomatic
  of standard urlauf
properly nominal
versed and intoxicated
indicating no opposition

validation promised
  in thirty days
lost the fork
itself a memory a moving

one sheds toxicities
by timeless hours
sisters open and shut
not here or there
before thirst sinks
just like bach
the neighbor hosed down
in stretch tee-shirt


necessity shepherds what's
not there that is
   no sample
necromancy is
the worst part of a projectile
embrace and purloin

other spaces
what's behind
this page
rehearses itself

are kept (budded or played)
in no outward contract
no delicatessen
earth operatives claim
  testicular divisions
evasive as core plunge

rumored to reveal
the new prince 
at absurd verdict only a refusal
look, her instance grows
from her correction


shows lurking in corridors
validate impressions
that fakes
increase for pictures

the disgusted formulation
rinses text from 
prized openings

she rehearses deals
all scandal-ridden
for impervious decay

every month
many twenty dollars
no special crew with
a decoy of flirtatious

nerve newfoundland ogre 
pillow tentacle
an octopus mere similarity
  can overhear


of  oddest remorse
a fitful slicker's trail
teeth in the sample

adult contemporary
the young blade
echo impervious
all sectarian presence
talk at least they seek

a total of procedure-ridden
no unruly flame
answers with a machinetta

dramaturgy's neon pockets
  have broken straps

no heat from parnassus
or revisable curiosity
things out of hand
fax the facts

from iron deferred
could the proprietor of the glance
see the cornea

no sweat
a pillar of deceit

nowhere else the exergue
thought in front
  of creativity
his face and hair and both
  dimmed lights exactly

not an expression
tools of immaturity
  not taken along

formal distinctions
between the house
  and the fern
or the concept and
  the minus
one swept presence

a gone force now
  prized at if


wait for room with
a teller-crazy princess
conducted on-and-on
by the beck and call 
verbalizing one thought

then anon prince to scream
foreground click there

nothing more silent
  than part-time
affliction already early

an easy magazine
not a competition
without problematized

the friendship become
rolls through information
an alert crosspiece
a dim street
  without cloth


tuck with motion
sit down, crises fade
reassurance multiplies
leaving ten minds
a residue of feeling

then say something else
a sword infects poison
the cloned sunshine
as near as noticed
this regulated occasion
likely a crossed t

the vertigo results in
no calendar
returns from california
small shape for the weather


old bones ache through
  motivation to avoid

wronged features
somewhat over-played
spell correctly
inch by stamina the treat
not other, the body
attends the functions

sent downstairs
for a glass of water

this appeal
restricted by magic
metal shines through

with hair all over the seat
she commences undressing
none affable or more


determinate resuscitation
blunt and not received
as umbrage

odd ceilings held
sexual identity in one
when with
the ruled lines of
  planetary discourse

their good will
here and that there space
  right there

call it imprinted
stress and location

grate the chakra
as if you hadn't said it 
to jocular and
  frustrating powers


meditation on lack
targets a full rage

to oceans of scrapped
a nervous document's

certifiably truthful
the concept remains
a variety of privileging
what is now
affable and strong

who comes back
thereby the choice
for each palladium
almost deceased
tropical fruit drinks aside


blind fiction
so how can the line up
assert promise

at grievous and salacious
lists they
toil inside the body
crossed swords
on capable positivity

which attitude
totalizes nothingness
evidences purest

a soporific collector
avoids a role
chooses information
for conducted bus-tours

advertised mutants
impale paralyzed mouths

copied throughout this county
a choice theatre
  public dancer
enters labor
tool of a totality

that vast egg-skull limit
here can't participate
resurgent or


each patina so well-polished
a flame-broiled surface
knows what of consent
refrains from articulation
imposed from outside

a favorite toy
rolls up and down
the floor is wiped clear

one's attendance manacled
in twice-formed hotels
one space
reminds of oedipus

newly fantastic
jammed a navel organ
prejudged and desperate
effect of worlds
upon rivers plains mountains
nowhere else

they scramble focal lengths
eyes not words are
the closest ingredient
with conduction
between poles
of the on-time statuary


soon the smiles
wake into being
three times overstated

wrote a letter
held a list
trafficked in careers
ignored all signs
jammed uptown
wished a beauty
sought a walking

to score virtual reason
without control
she served china
porcelain's damage suit


under the street 
untitled poetry
emulates to authorization

web-footed sectarian
a millipede in time
   crosses the river
no untimely space
this this and this

the new coils
savvy to the plumbing
as when thought arrives

gaining introspection
from where
no orbit or chip
  relays artifacts

where sorted infinities
make for dissed projects

the conditori chocolatier
remains in sole function
a debt to conversions


the spiritual moment
never outgrown
captivates an infancy
  of possibility

no other stolen regulation
with other black and white
could have had timepieces
  organized to act

nodding increased
cross with limbs
at scattered heavy steps

then to react, your book
is now impassive
and calculating

uses words correctly
plotted against
  the dynastic memento
check arrivals
  against blunt turbos

news nice the fixation
noise near crowded property
choice melody
calls history what remains


just a gambler's treachery
to insist up and down
the roles reverse 
her prospective candy tooth

sought after in pain
the ego's pylon left to drift  

a person of substance
fortunately a sunny afternoon
the letter in receipt

avoided purse-snatching
slim teacher of followers
whose prize of bodily beauty
one form asks privacy

stark naked
stroll down the tubes
tight preoccupation

that kind of writer
songs and revulsions
no space less full


held in the holiday
no neighbor with dancing

a podium
standardized by now
agrees to formulaic

on quasi-porous fixtures
there sits no discourse
referees can't initialize

always strict, an etching
focuses immateriality on held
consequences of pressure

tap relays ovation to
the importance of attendance

label to historicize the following:
a dark line
in the vacant laboratory


hastens to arrive
because not sorted in
  fact or relation
wonders of the contrast
to think absent

at least one veteran there
the corpulent year-long
there arisen and spirited

no fostered imposition
  becomes more than 
  a reluctant element

a large mammal holds
soft choices for liaison

the glorious etymology
drowned in works
the total as cro-magnon


advice expresses
  lack of limit
a needy bellwether
carnival aptitude that
  salvation prepares

filtered water
even unconditionally 
cued into impossible
shows no face 
  that a heaven of silk
prospers the strangest

what she accords in presence
is not foiled by other-space

already a gazetteer's noon

the closest referral
stays in rumor because
a food-follicle
defines as sanity what
in another is perused as atelier


orbital other-edged
makes the ovals and 
  rectangles move
wherever preferred

to glance furthered by heat
almost stomached to divide
sizes of contraception
nothing in black
the bird a coiled sheep
budded to socialize

the solitary essence
of gradient surfeited
no palaver escorted
through walls over bridges

a free gift commemorates
what they see from 
as your only prevarication



skated the eclipse
the suited eye-lashes
named by accrual

noon appeals to stay
centered in page one

now notified
some brilliant colors
inhabit roost's contusions

the formal horizon
at whose prong
imbalance allows 
to starve 
the northern root
they apply


swords while crossed
necklaces and earthenware
the curiosity thrown away
a comet as reacted fully
no harbor toiled 

perhaps imagination
selects corners to weep in
a stolen artifice
a nameless and formless

nothing specified
the sped trellises
arrangements often industrious

then gazed at
mutually exclusive 
  of experience


a versatile haircut
until announcements
under ended irrelevances
feels the weight of apocalypse

heard hired and smothered
back and forth
entertainment in silence
as before
call nothing else
shouted at in a moving car

a tortuous landscape
blasts a hole in pavement
where she is subsumed
from augured news

three choices switch patterns
where no appointed echo
bothers to inquire


indifferent colors
the date they fall
insincere or punished
tell to rise 
now is nowhere
in a fine door case

firm solitary
inverted for a flip
the agoraphobic removal

sundried labels
any other collapsed irony
fades into grey-blue

the upper limit of 
only landed gentry call
mellifluous overstatement
from word's essence


it could be agreeable
how everything washes up
in fibrous elephants
set to hold grammar

intelligent small house
face fed to think about now
above relationship
copied body parts
one team foregrounded
servile anachrony
last seat from


star fodder kept full
  of increases
that melt hand workers'

no less feasible
than imagined
it was told 
was threatened
the packet sampled
  various entrances

widen samples from results
from a covenant unspoken
blind terror
name and what of it


shred a contradictory force
the element that surfaces
eluctable information

thought of, so possible
  to refuse
where goings-on inform lack

test-creation's infertility
gone here now there
today, less the pacing
an inverse reflection of tonight
  they scramble

feelings thought through
noise and aroma
cast another light on it

error of lineate screaming
neat tiraliraloo

must be a changed
a nameless person
  without convention
reacts more fully at
  inched lists no
  face to browse

tactics resume apparitions
form-telling discretion
this that the other

first impression
and candy
they let throwaway
react more fully
results in cans on total


think fully of change
how itself disguises
indoctrinates savants 
rescues deleted formats
wandering through lien tricks

nowhere to insert discourse
that gone-seduction
listened to one channel

no trial of concept
the already-being-there
a thickened brew of philosophy

nature's eyes look askance
someone else tooled for
notified: be professional

think perhaps of negation
surface smiles
eyes leap from psychology
a material fostered true

no list versatility comments
on real idioms the fortressed
ingredients: cans and depth


theatres of definition

topical gift motives
referred to 
not skipped over

a retrofit punctuation
carried in devious

they fielded congratulations

emotion lives for green
all varieties if another
tickets the four hundred

high style iffy teeth
hidden arcana from one
  line to next day
only the insecure across
  the strand


not advertised
this tactic slows down

negatives before positives
frenzied by nature ivory
her name to result in exercise
the gulf topped 

otherwise less thoughtful
telephone as diverse as potency
overflow floating flocks
show time genera are just that
perhaps in approval

  + + +
part two

when once
the venue chooses policies
a reasoned three oh two
starts the statements of
the frozen architect

of unschooled intelligence
the gnarled appetite
smiles and heightens aroma

sonic fuses
appear as ready for judgment
that nominal excision
reduces instances of
wondering where whomever
to which they cry for
early motivations
driven awry


though fertile
anarchic elements rein in
  sordid apocalypses
unwashed unwatched
uncreated unsure
  of attitudes' information

leap and throw a glance
for more flux
an intention
for the role unfilled
by now a smoother elegance

on site stargazer
milks it from worlds
the view tried as
which conifer already

the nature as descriptive
heard sound over presence
to induce elision


half twist
despondent in new locales
from resonant assistance

lipid tea dowsers
how many elite
  chill an aporia?

resulted in the addition
of consecutive embouchure
already remembered
the thirsty
a donor-fellow spit cones
at smooth-fisted organizations
of pervasive change
sat upon

her mind made up
to overflow accession
that relaxation
appears untamed
at the bellows
the fold of anatomy


contexts of number one
whom radiance blunts
into lesser titles
from collapsed echoes
out to print

one scheme for poseurs
that regulation
honed in on a trial prince
needier that anyone
whose feet grip climates
liking to go sorted
into depicted effects

the night time broken
by an odd telephone
leaving at night
a surreal response
clouded lessons in degrees


not until full-time bodyguards
sit through the commerce
can impossible return
(gastric and isolated)
be created by foreign corrections
where they toiled
resolved to keeping everything

make everything orange
with seditious impulses
way-laid or back-trained
only ions reduce response
time told of haiku baguettes

a better scene
that complexion renames
  as a fruit
of indigent water-bills
meant for man-hours being
something eluctable of
walking away to look


a beggar to the decoy
each rambler's chop
cries to delete informality
incurring dim promised totals
the regulation of
gastric sensation

listless afternoons not there
incredible consent not that
one hopping mad equilibrium
that featured and resonated
  with diffident coolers

the cooled lip-synch
gambles on thinking 
  something else
no incarnation can redo

the optimum politesse from
  hat to harbor 
natural sound takes away
frosted hair in an egoless return
teaches an identity


a raga robbed 
one pulse after another
laid down in the lawn
information's ghost there
abdominal presence
with a broken spine
the meritocracy of blotters

someday where signs
reduce equality
cut even knowledgeably

acumen for first choice
the image that was once
where largess nearly
  runs the list

commenced by compliance
news nicks out its long lips
a tool of enticement
in the vicinity of mind-readers

incurably constructed
to know weathers
whose portable chums
call the foolish appearance
naked from song-bird 


thought's sentinel
qualifies for experiences of
  defined appeal

the neutral sincerity of rigor
eyes down a limitless
patience foregrounded
to renounce visual recall

ornery whispers
trafficking in stunt-games
no fertile chorus
more accurate to watch over

aligned with presence
the jockey after favor
gets lots of mileage

rescind motion's waiver
a cold cut in the fugue of style
a wrong and a right
versatility pursued in victory
though not of earth

instances multiply
a youth's fascination
with decided experience
only after a while


seven conifers
work on a body
that nicks the spouse
  between scenes

a nervous indoctrination
ends the pastiche
taken care to wonder
a feature by its
indistinguishable options

form waiting
never fails in expansion

where it'll go and where
  to go
bemoan a fool's surface
saying they had no money


a service able to maximize
coolest tips on rotted 
soon on a hit list teased by
overflowing eyes

nothing is likelier than
  environmental causes
the riddle twice guessed
and guessed wrong

everyone agreed upon
it tempts a folly
a fancy face without shine
the tarmac of bad language
nursed to fruition


created toward the goal
a rim from volcanoes
  reasonably frisked
a garden's think tank
of singular openness

they played forest dwellers
in aspects of a work 
windows and cranium
nothing underbooked
from the wars' achievement
records near no face

each ingredient was
closely supervised
by professional

the romp through carnal
  ins and outs
work out those
of the letter, how stolen
by the unexpected intersection
with a cloud?

undisputed dactyls
check differences
when none repay school

the agenda of incoherence
often scanned
a resonance
high or dry
a wishful genuine princess
the hurdle without cap


artifact / artifice
her long tenacity induces
and introduces vapor
a cogent minus to vary
  the gene-pool

worried on the stakeout
an eagle insults
vacant colossi
degraded to formulaic icons

the notoriety of team's
verbless anachronists
her new alcohol when involved
tornados apply to everybody
the induction topologic and sure
they roam suddenly and
decide where to split ends


advertise to prize up
  the total scramble
tell the control panel
of up-down longing
an inchoate nausea
  to avoid

each epoch of vinyl chooses 
ochre getting a blast furnace
finally an aortic memory
hears who's the snapdragon
that is a poison
noise fully inhabited
must talk therefore
nothing equates
less than the fertile

orbit selected
by change


more modus operandi:
lecterns topple
agreeing with silence

the new task:
to bilk trashy epidemics
the large spot on a forehead
that is immodest labor
scrambles to pick it up

lantern of foregrounded
scrambled ogled and twirled
faded into commonalty
attended readings faithfully
prevaricated noon's dimension


radioactive trash
in precise books
nervous or beautiful

defraying all comers
to assay a random candy
the limitless arguably called
(no noun of picture)

at consequent form 
  of which read to
  bog down
attenuates appearance

noon scrambles for the
  outward venus
lists a sensate sponge

the tatters if sorrowful
create quasi-pseudo

whose carnival
throws the result
imparting distraction?
the moniker features


at the nearest pedestal
no fun no romance
tiled walls burn oceans
music sets 
tap-dance devotions soon

terrified off the form
ascending the night lionized
  and validated
whose indiscreet consciousness
finally listens
to echoes near the downtown
her ambivalence to new

these people
insert diastolic amnesias
alert to canvas bell-rounds

steel guitar
no hidden song forms
longing taking place


the grease, doctor
packs rotten slices of life
in commercial dogma
restricting dubious
as if truly aghast

tended bars on the course
a subject of contention
says split the hexagram

ocean / sky / wall / overcome
with teeth of reality
no shape

attend the epistrophy
the crew shared and outer
her prize pinochle binges

seeing the car through
one frivolous astrology
with patience for the young
an affluent gift sirocco for
the velour leader, anyone


ecstasy breaks through
a pattern of delight
names and the sudden
music on the porch
spring sunday morning
a commemoration of those
  sorrowful ideals

photons and grammar
operations of soft rocks
  called pillows
craved by kisses
the fundamental aperture
now open to the sky

tame corridors attributed
  to coreopsis
effaced and relayed

left downstairs light on
paper sun in caravan
certified limitlessly


the necessity
of more things
in this perfect valley

as a sedimentary icon
twists self-conscious arrays
to where joyfulness celebrates
otherwise noxious strays
go with them one hour

the epidermis of coral riffs
opus music-merge
staff-car-enforced meetings
all the same, it swarms
  of reality (plus version)
indulgent changeless or

soon or by ten p m
lost yardstick of correctness

a discourse of want
healing a negativity visited

name no astringent
to rescue for ransom
however worn down in motion
later these drink from
  the chorale

in finality, saying these
approaches to limitless

yes, topics of voiceless
topics needlessly trafficked
  to students
risk opts for silence
in the venue


which are
turned to thought
by irradiant nature?

neat accursed time
the correct
full-echo lipstick
college noise up / down

lances the school pal
a dim crucifix
thought without spirit
otherwise quiet

here it itches to know
no telling how unstable
conflicted by arched skin
a pundit's coup

life when it's not given back 
  before or after
dated insolence
masters the appearances


a parallel suction
drawing near
they arrive, no motion picture
  could see
  itself blinder to maybe

a faster commerce
ghost gone to the convenience
with its large stingers
eager to inflict pain

nascent umbrellas
hasten token wars
over young unstability 
  in conversation

the densest wire
of a neither / nor follicle
told by friday night
then fusion explores


it is a creative anachronism
that the spoken 
pours at conscient melody

if not that list
the other consequence
(time frames not alike)
the poem as captive
  of all

released to focus
adverse comptrollers like
they indicate work upstairs
as political gamble
run the ruin before

arrested foreign matter
surface alignment 
  not fast enough
thread's trek is at your


literally ugly
stood up for
a mega-moment, alive
and honed

a resultant engagement
dead by june one
everything gets going
form first framed 
  and collared

short colors blink arrows
poison the water
the opus now negligent
freed to the modicum


toss out one million acres
by tacky defense
omnivorous of kitsch
would you watch me?

echoing up and down
from extension
to predict one side
by its elicited hills

trample sing-song avoidance
trapdoor casters indistinctly
import eleven attractions
nervous distortions still odd

scared to use these
should begin afraid
an empty license
potentiates willing echoes

the fit of eternal lists
here sportive in isolation
a world's feasible risk
deprives animate forecasts


if regulated by animals
nothing else patted there
replayed with caffeine
another glass divan

renounced donors visibly
spots for a crisis labeled:
objects or terms?

lineate standpoint
divorced from pronouncing
echoes force inside
the in-fact world
of centrist animals

any ploddingly vast control
has impulses generated
  by sorrow

forget the roped-down
rheostats summon
fido and rin-tin-tin
many people spree


motion over a crossword
tapped as thousand-fold
to recline venus the label

risked capability
till thirsts satisfy
craving's melancholy

a large music often doubled
fits in with
impersonal horseshoe

docile threats, morning news
however is time spent
the recluse of twin days there

faced / phased impertinent
ardent sunshine unusual here
a prosthesis as spiral

then agreed-upon 
outside the house
no fireplay cosmonaut
arteries in city past


whose effect?
a reductive empiricist
with teeth on sugar
no one at the bordello

the face on a tee-shirt echoes
one's capable armistice
his scorned remarks
all this and no that

it makes a laughter
taken if they scramble
the computation clears up
thought of sinkers in the range

where spin-offs can accuse
nature in a fool as closed
we formulate for deprivation
necessarily reclassified terms

nervous distortion here to fling
the random passing there
a clause of derivation
first number three


endless reparation’s
careful choice while
traffic undoes extras'
storage capacity refilled

a national scurrilous orbit
needs to the limit of
ego-phobic llamas
keystone are you missing?
cat links features

somewhere in the nothingness
overcome by architecture
we merge extracts of lemon
till a possibility
hones in on smoothest earth

a cursor defies prolongation
by corrected intersection
with attention to pure limit
art without primal scream
now everybody changes 
  to flow


from the eyes of youth
talk if allowed by law

tricked the presence
into a presentiment of
curious dysfunction

perhaps a struggle
over causal insertions
a card trashed
the confluence remitted
  by class

often sanded by the wall
her conceptual side-kick
doing emotion
at this point rephrased:
wander the subcontinent

impartial book cronies
out of house pays rent
roped down true pattern
impassioned tentatively for 
a night of consequence
released insurrection for care


beneath inquiry now that
  a free space
is retained
by close friendship with
  adult impact

can say stalemate
  as crossed swords
release large sentiment
over what hastens the future
  beneath a night on
coral reefs

the transitory as egalitarian


the consecration of why
and deferred form
the closest imbecile neat
and pillaged

frontal ingenues 
sell the country roads
becoming agribusinesses

tidings thrown away
being anemic 
with an occultation 
a resin of nothing shot

where words are
not held by summary-lanes
that perceptual throat
on riven stamina
already the fewer to tackle


some focus upon 
corrected skittishness
one fell through glass

a wider possibility of things
than caveat of style
skill and blemish in
telephone book understanding

rescued savory politics
for consequents that distract

the mechanism of labor
and choiceless embraces
on total return
near attitudes 
follow a handy proscenium

a thimble
but not the mouth
arrives determined to probe
  certain arenas
  of skill and trash


alert by quasi-suctions
formed under supervision
the ten-toothed data
results in compression
gathered to annoy
following holy light
on time and ego-bound
by navies the ocean resumed

force-fed sanity to resume
delight worships a possibility
unchanged and riddled
by furze and mallow
the thought of a forest
decodes the attended
span of problematic nature

other schemes free
and otherwise compete
certified constancy
to attend is no more
that rude tomfoolery
scored by home teams


the latest confluence
honed for assurance
the best agenda

already the worst face
the scared dimmer-switch
spin-drop no more
foolishness that raids 
unattended unspoken

which label to say results
in conference: beg or
out-stoic situated elements
arrays that scorn tin drums
echoes for no orbit
to cause controversy


minus busy affects
the defined foregoing
from one sample told
arshile gorky the sample
suited for the shorts

weep that deceit sits
a rough tool
on porsches attend
but the face of fear
lurks cornered by light
in an easy transition

thickly taught
a spacious code’s result
the woman the business
that door this resemblance
unending light


unlimited consequences
fly into facetious tyrants
mollified for rapid
send lineage or
orbital tapped oceans
for dimensions contained

tenacious introspection
light on the mouth
another tri-partite
circular as a smile
bursts from evenings
clones to redactively
informs what is beauty

devoured farcical

eventually night finds
open tents seasoned  
of a too pure defense
at a twist overglazed
like a second-time heavy


the older paper-clutch
from knee to bridge
a new motionlessness
already attacked in 
  consecutive provocation

anyone else the porch
offer a prize motive
from one capability

feelers in the sea of holes
solvent process too fixed
to lose lunch
in overcoats parried by
sudden significance


indelible saturn
a preponderance of grades
undecidable for a while
sang fear tonight
up the casted icon

the entity of body
sanitized for next year's

a totalitarian air-brush
lingers along eye-to-eye
no frame without
red-listed portables
cost informal tensions
glazed eyes
immediacy fountain
  to the exchange


his new agency of vain polities
in the contentious breakthrough
knows its seeing
emotional points
thought intends somersaults

how dunes ridden from spaces
indicate a sorry surface

humor reports an idiom's
of carnivorous inner life
to expect instantization
clusters reining in
parry forth

what remains is a season of
exhibitionism becoming pure

a mind told to stay
now sits above the chimney
turning above the chimney
turning always outward
to the flow of situation
lodged in each penurious


precise captive of an eternity
as no lounger
teeth now radioactive
hover above one female irony

fell through the hole
a margin of reportage
gone sensibility
indicates at least
the most transferable

tuned upon a fork
possible art-fork

the neighborhood 
nominal when other
  people call
to blind a material

senses align incoming
the significant kiss
sampled to trivialize
further idiomatizations


belief motivation asks
to go together to the range

and if nothing relates
communicated fascists
venerable impossible oils
the corner not stung
by numbers of result

uncertain aspects go away
insects rage through copies
of confluence
that predicates
perfect occasions’
motivation to blunt echo

recent shards over there
the peopled the pearled
from once naive trousseaux
infecting scoundrels
a wide homebody


a theatric inventory
waved on races and claws
promised aspects
deleted by the core

time-sharing odd nouns
where legs of
  imitation's role become
the friendship of conceits
deranged by propulsion

through water-bodies
orbs of exaggeration
crushed under fingers

topical ornaments give
lame reasons
for benevolent spaces
(the spin-offs)
no hari om circulates


brought along
in fact merited
as assumptions
the caterer, idiolective
of a manacled infancy

rehearsal in a gold mine
reprieved or dissolved?

a prior insurgence
tapes dancers' acts
issues to inflect
conflated confluences

of monarchy
there is no mindless
a capillary entropy

refused contexts
a bird of conduction
whose marble ideality
  causal as the furniture
sporadic sophists agree


the space of activity
a list grown from arbors
took the total that
inscriptive break-dance

kitten across linear issues
populated with salmon
propensity without sugar

the adversity in and of situation
(smaller-larger) paper
cronies in flat culture
name only asks to recall
stickers in an album

threatened spot-check
sounded lotto out
for blemish-free installation


ochre fuses
abstract or concrete
aback to complicity

a dime on the dollar

the belt fractures
otherwise belle-letters
teams of schizoid vapor
taller than an adult
vertical humor time again
how insupportable of humans

scene of these bodies
faces breasts' bravura
twinges youth into
precisely discursive areas

the paraded tools
naive as stimuli
thought totters on
crosswind tracks


ungainly as an awkward
given resonance upon
voices of the advent of color

chose insectivorous music
trust in her beauty
the fell-shape shrapnel
a decrease the fetus
her imperial violence organized

align out fond a person's
which aspersion
projects immensity?

memorized for moments
as if refusing plurality
swat if held under


with back to the wall
more or less surprisable
her tension finesses the
appropriate melancholy

finder's fees well into
  the night
stay at the house of
mondo-cane visibility

mind's time awry in music
a versatile talent switches
before accumulated experience
retains model futures
a sharp icon at the store

doing correctably
transmitting love 
  of incurable density
consequent and predicted
naive comprehensions
tools and chopsticks
their artificial turf

assertive and overcast
to prize extensions
no other implement
than a string quartet
near the cafe


how experience expresses
time to crowd about
the ornamental denial

his smooth isolation
plagues tonic-dominant
no odder fractions
leap the top quark

the politic of duality
needily resonant by intent
a worth said not experient
but as a molecular resignation
to a spacious book 
attrition leaps forward
frees zeroes part burnt

it’s never the code's
that separates like appearance


which grim rodeo does
time create as epochs?

a magnetic surface
not by wrong notes
but rapacious sensuality
scrambles the busywork

no natural iota of
retained from predicates
their ludic overtures
smitten with creation
odd sadnesses
of the lion's share

nested trust in yearlong
for less than a year

impossibly true that
  to learn how to stay
to incrementally break
the coiled beauty of
  space between


microphone score
sick with and without
material immaturity

the control of singularities
predates her truest inquiry

portable orbits returned
qualities for sport
topped tendentious usages
with cromagnon knife-

expand / bliss / fever
as whose expertise
taste drives to a frill

carom and counsel thickness
as stomach to one's knees
secretariat by a chord
nerves plunge in today
the smothered intolerance


a vision of run-away
wisps that seek pride
open for a strength
upon creatures that loiter

smitten convenience
to limit trash-divers
that no prison with
karmic overtones
  reads of gourmets
a curable window

people with pain
willingly championed
  the booth collected
by arguable surveillance

news affected by short-
  sleeved shirts'
retaining an outlook


call it capucchino
that merits memory

the heroine theatricizes
an overcast motel-keeper
bartered by humanity
to top the syrinx

a visible punishment: 
who applies to freeze?

contour ossifies a visible
knowledge's reprehensible
tonight’s broken-in shoes
spare feelers through
  the cloth

their function as a
percentage of sincerity

needy ins-and-outs
replace willed procedural

tangles with nine parking lots
before curiosity
scraps the modicum


its pointillist overtones
by the seized envelope
devour ocean sky
  and terror

named by predictions
best to peruse
aspects delightfully
toned and organized around
honored oddities

an empty shoe
defers a total pastiche
and recurs to organize
consent viable for orbit


recant sowed icons
that restrict animosity
as in fierce espionage

the toady on parade
more of this 
still aborted by thickness

roman du clef even
if consigned instants
begin functions that digress

other temptations suffice
formalities described by
make light of listener's
long distance that sinks

versatile afternoons
around cliched entrances 
of the chorale

fitting experience to
  long tendons
one's consequence 
  of rhythm


alert to relation's morning
  congress of lines
the top crisis flays
  all tennis-elbow
fool for philters
  and tonics

added ominously
a broken clutter from
true expression
the montage less exact

all contrary allegiance
by the smile (inter-
of occasion's drift
the hedge incurs damage

tool-ovations scramble
  the front-runner


which long distance vision
can see smiles tell
opening the heart sooner
the night of concentric
ballyhoo above himself
the net as curio

motions and avoidance
the eight o'clock bus
commences aeons

natural syncopation
business-like margins
a study of smoke-free
reveals possibility cons
majestic accuracy

sit vertical from the
  floor up
no pastiche imagined
thin scrambled and open-
limits fall

song first in abbreviation
could skill avoid naming?
the refrain is sooner


conventional surfaces
in dark places
now obligates to stimulate
and clarify
what will not cling

honed by theatre
no face within the story
can survive what looks
so perfected screens
create copied smoothness

piled to remain
adverse operant signs

defrayed by melancholy
mediated by decisions
tools incur reclusive
scrambling risked promises
clear-cut designs
rip down the cloud


appalling laziness
called again and again
time and again

stalled conquests
nouns arouse visibility
ochre motives
skilled and blunt
want attention
waved which way

a gilted creature
stipend deferred through
stale fruit pleasing time
coronation of wasp-telly
tentative to clarification

the model sorted and
with nothing seen
  nowhere else

need implies function
and the relay promises


consent of different personnel
the diatom a crossed vintage
open-earth mounts force
to play, tosses the coin

when thought changes
total incoherence reigns
whistled to stop
dry imperialist hegemony
over-influenced in changes

the person not home
not touchdown nor golden
a resonant feasibility
starves color formed by
  endocrine mishigosh
their tattler inscribes


imagine a communication
a voice-over after the flood

rampant attribution seeks
waves to insist on
the tooled buy-out
as compatible search
faxes relationships

the chatterbox pendant
a grievous melancholy
sends down for reality
to insert delight

slice of management's error
to replace oceans
in a comparable houdini

set up the sticks
fold to remove alarm
nowhere invisible to 

same driveway
honest alive


appeals of talent scraps
ensconce within heroism
a lettered alarm
reminds the planet
of why emotion
chooses reason

other inventories
look uptown for treasure
for possible acrimony
totalitarian omnivores
see here another bag

the toll drives them away
to spin off crushed lists
rejoice near thought
not emotionally
the real items leap forth
  from inchoate consent


he has already learned
by the fountain
that greed purports to be
conscious of indicated

one closeted fable
artifacts' insufferable

a french horn's opalescent 
  retainer depicts
tone's closeness to fever
pileated and abandoned
experience serves tea

meticulous to the times'
open earth policy with
aversion to mute consequents
vaporized by aliens
told to scramble ears


the panatela slush fund
ruins defensible reactions

it's at least manageable
to think to compare or boost
flavors from ingestion

fertile receivers say thanks
begin with sunglasses
weep to scold tomorrow's
tools matter because
quantum-sized replacements
told of the pasture

a beast officially tamed
woman in front of a tv
concerned with optional

independence from 
  neighboring realities
one's well-being
hidden in blindness

these anterior to truth
put faces on bitter hoods
interruptions elate
trouble on reductive

nominal practices
develop weirdness before
  topics relate


a sincere dime-pile-peel
returned to silence
form-casted prizes
awards radiate in nighttime
by tv hoods

properly sorrowful
torn care from parks
the released family
and induced

the brigade's outburst
lifts worsens gets better
his telephone posted by door

nascent recall
formulated by tissue
dactyl noon
poison fed to alligators

nerve neck
the victory is entry
by send-offs there go
no appalling truisms


wish for quixotic amnesty
at a lived pace
no pittance refuels ideals
that fluted condors
cannot pay silk-saturn
to resume that policy now is
so unclear by its icons

by nineteen obstructions
the window screen
recognizes no patterns
that asking causes
a decrease of indifference

personal aporias
culminate in discrete papers
totally undiscovered
applies to nowhere-by-the-

large surly people
correct for displacement
the wall's mouth
hoarded or aspected

retention passes for touch
nearby sentences total
  the functions
where her motive's expression
flaunts its openness
to decry association with
something unsaid

here all is humorless
one step then escalation
by total rapture
induced at form's debate


the singularity of the
  coffee spot
oven-ready styles
never only one space
the scoffed-at thinking

wrap fuses with what was
and idiots proselytize
movements in heaven's eye

a potted oddness 
from nominal screams
chatted integrally begotten
to break outward indigo
a limitless progeny
everyone scampers

  + + +
part three

justly formless she can’t
seek to pirouette though
dossiers refer to
inclusion of haggard
  day-glow styles

words the occupation
held, holds no grist

far too long to tell
overt and thrice-belted
a scramble for ignorance
(mutate and redirect)
calls no standard its own

let them not fill or
teach policy this late hour
who names the reasons
assumes equivocation


foster mouth
appended the skies to pass

hills over mountain
a busy daughter resists
  arrest, they fled
through architecture
more strong than strange

the net size decreases
time’s fruition escaped

the free radio’s activity
of a (good) move
pins certain hollow icons

valorized by threads
needed a sumptuous
  over-doing it

the resurgence of commonsense
registered as indoctrinated
never knowing
nor facing relations
drummers are excepted
from circulation


omnipotent and voracious
they flew home from
with a comet violently
electrified palindromes with
  its core vision

the reader’s nose as violin
topically aghast the
impossible day that overturned
electric consequences
abstruse deck


eventual alignments
drop bodies
testaments of concern
weak world, strong tea

a collectivity of assignation
credit a card’s occasion
paved with greeting
lionized by consignment
reduced into agendas  
real hurdles can’t replace

they invert time
the moment is cured
engraved wired or held

tonight’s team
in assurance of hills and sky
equates a terpsichorean teleology
languid materialists
yuck under the table
overcome by treads


relaxed information
a forensic apparent
letters scrape
  tears down cheeks
validity prizes humanity

opalescent direction
a decision about

elementary rules about fear
a tom-tom clique
formed for nothing
returns fringe glee to
the horror predates
ironic sayers of 

as entertainment
of established agendas
purposive in entropy
you scramble beneficent
  motives as momentum

scribed experiment
on a form’s reiterative

nothing causes more nothing
the trajectory refuses
  certain loose words
that magic plys much
the overring of earth


written by hungry force-fed
  and open-door  
open to which hat names
increasingly small portions
on guided tour parties

a precinct whose dilettantes
became sagacious because
it happened by
  the riddance
of compared noses
in festival moods

practically worn through
a term casts picador
nature indebted to
stage a metal syrinx

overtones of ruthless hands
call a cell’s ptomaine part
rather hot


contrast a nice space
with organic window-openers
as time’s appeal stole
rules of spacious and
  elegant living

art talking the microns
her lesson terminates
topics resonate in
something different
that motivates documents
a small person
put together

cameo to conclusive negotiation
a salad of already-faxed parts
wired to cover
too much plastic


elementary tools
in a done determination
as influx a confluence
  of bigamists
when defined tells to say:
a chorus appallingly fused
totaling fifteen motives

an expression of room for
what lies on couches, fast
and far-along the treasure
reduces hundreds to glass

revolution at the school
taught to fly over
risen in altitude so savory
as fluent as coherence
then emotion of largest tiles

the premises of if-it-gets-going
before attire despondent
as the music


words imply reasons
causes that which
can’t be closed
not by conditions nor
reabsorbed cells
(outward binary or affluent)
the true apology
for options shared badly

trap a scheme indubitably
if changeless armistices
fail to engrave entities
the summed arpeggio
noiseless before creation

large or small
prized when words take care
  of sepia-gels
whose prime torpor
issues the closest venom
  dirt can swerve


care to wait
above the arctic circle
shirking melodies
that start insisting
what begins to compensate?

alert so alert that
sequences find blonde
  a planetary sacrilege

the assiduous husband
valid orator of otherness
toiled by list changing
articles of fabric
before appearance
introduces the wind

resolve to take away 
front and back simulacra
the notated representation
curious and spiraled

the hurdle relays
machine-talk of abstract
benign choral tyrants
privately operate
easy holiday expressions
deflated or regaled
poisonous pompadours

all words once before
the bird’s escape
  no flutist


liquids of all sorts
peeve mallet-bearing
when results garrulously
tempt servants with which
visions of luxury
piled before centuries
  if caught would
tear down the chalice

stowaway journies
imitate a melody meditated
  upon earlier

no scraped eloquence
and waiving response
lying by the door
suffocating in hot walls
nerves rehashed with
  onsite attendance


distracted formulas
rims that aspirin
quarks slide through
  pools of grateful sorrow

to meddle with the lines
  on one’s face
separately the most
  common occurrence
varies with parity
for enigmas elude testing
  the waters
hollow strings of lemon

the topic drives away
on skilled freeways
breaks through


noon is time forgotten
whichever space
trick-shoes contact
the populous approves
  as concert of pools

cellars vary in love
  for independence
data resonates through labels 
  that enclose something
filing the big offer

incorporation into a cell
causes more deviation

a rope’s singularities
on good days feeling
amuck amounts to zero
capable of emotion
lights sent anywhere


more ecstasy than you
  ever existed
created in free mind
served by sanitation
by rescued bikes
with danger to go

one as firm
lists all morning
what you say to be 
a furtive expression
by correct diminutivity
exceeding skill in practice

by next weekend
truth unfolds its claws
tarnished sequins
ingenious if pardoned
too many
thirsted because doubt
goes unrecognized in fact
they turned faces there


commonsense worn thin
bylines cross streets
at least courteous victims
promise tonight’s aporias

treatment in portions
  too logarithmic
appear as virtuous
top score in 
  thousand-fold equillibria
a virtual mysticism
arrives does not die

the form of a day
a thin language already
  prompt to curse
phrases by the book
for the book in the

noises transfer front
due to stretch beyond
in motion


never tell everybody
they may rise over-burdened
almost unwritten

a sweat-shop 
  pull out
a simple photograph
of technology’s lack of fear
in consequence reviewed
and thrown aside

letters replace numbers
no one recalls virtue
possibly this time because
begins the roll call

it’s agreed upon:
pressure in the heap
how much time spent
with people problematizes
work garnered for
a torn-down reputation?


ever the scene of a menu
seeks consent and proves
that modeled inquiry
of sexuality or attraction
moves the corner
no one knows

wasn’t there an educated
versatile as mantra
that cornered an intersection
with hungry limits?
her edgy expansion late week

the carrier
garners another bike
topped service sector
rolling through fatigue
home-cast epochs
nervous distended

time fell to the agreement:
a purification of 
nevertheless pine cone
  atavists nearby
the sunken return
some call fidelity

precious coherence
deters insulated fibers
as delights sing terror
relating slyly slip-shod
till she got stray ovations
from inimical regionalism


averse to implicate
a vanishing species
the alarm sounds wet
by linguistic endurances
tones pile up

clapboards relay tone-arms
the other waving through

noise of precision
deferred to shampoo
  or whatever
the phase was bagged
by meddlesome lip-synchs
this front-row technique

elicits ennui
a sparse freedom
  called throatless


the name of chilled water
collapses around the tympanum
a noise profits the electorate

railed / sampled
in bitter conversation
talks overcast by
  gymnasts who
telephone home with lessons

nervous about glass ears
told to skeet-shoot a lot
blinded by ersatz elisions
no imperfect tool
downsized or
in fact the side of a balloon
to compensate for seeing

a build-up of power
large: blast furnace
small: thread invisibly
  through everything
slick donates a pint


precisely the theater
for your decision
to matter

stage-hand receipts
of conducted bag-lunches
four-ninety-nine asked
  and retained
almost one in punishment
with far-reaching attrition
coiled larger

twin oaks serve gamblers
the industrious secondary
a stimulus spoiled rotten

will talk umbrellas to
  sit-com visitors
the surplus stamina
creates night creates rescue
a promise and allegations


 one’s occasion avoids
  all that traffic

the concept of a ghosted

icarus removed 
life shared
with tenacious motives

shut down mid-stream
a heart else before eleven

the consequence of
  side effects
natural skidoos promised

tonic / dominant arcana
no skill disqualified
so renounced in a
  ridge recalled


the appellate range of lines
begins cooler to the
  deck of tarot
than surcharges on a toxin’s

small ingenue to bereft
  and woolly caterpillars
hardly writing / revising
a common preparation
for collected suits and

the raven-haired 
with venom
so pervasively


the island’s preparative embryo
sells tv role-players

while else mundane
fires top
as crowded houses
tell what goes on

instantization of memory
on eager days the next day’s
soporific smiles

a hierarchy of charismatics
  said to
enigmatize alimentation
to call it pure

the tolerant icon
often one to engage sentiment
closest to silence

last-worker medallions
for everyday things
are given to
the strong retinue 
from concept’s 
  reality on trial


what gets going
is not
what’s onto the force
one is used to begin apart
from the others

this wedlock
devoted to history
(one choice for plus / minus)

a quality of limitation
drove a car this far
a special trench-coat

on tonight for reality
calls their collusion

the rotten aspect nearby
nevertheless perfection
thrice-entered in a moment
pays for all the towing


leap trivial havens that
  deny aspects
one secondary usage
can instigate without
pervasively linear sands
that prize action

taken care of what is
mysteries become just
(no motive less circular)

the person who looks
  over her shoulder
imagines the reason for
  a thought-out rescue


generate an exact replica
of thought not too
a severe and ripe pistol

as a channel caller
envisions at least
the precise moment
thinking for a likelihood
not once

to endure teams spiraling
through special effect
one life this way once

new agendas incur scope
that holds a fashion of reality
for aggrandizement
nothing less than smallness
  of imbalance
total redundancy of

cranes are worth
any impartial sophist
cooler than discovered
they roll ego across 
impressed in books


the tallest of mountains
already sized for
  incomplete attention
alters the alarm
that didn’t forge
an appeal of suggestion

a few pages foregone
in part three 
line the product

as written
the fence of glowing eyes
already risked or harried
in additive what-you-get

the terror of infinity
resolved in mystic
within intellect’s grasp

the project abortive of entity
no face wetter no
  pool deeper
no high land without memory


no problem here
a close and real picture
replaces the emptiness
auditoriums hold
when clearly attracted

by name, ink and patterns
unclouded nowhere
to call your
  dreamtime world
sedated and concerted
ingredients of motion
sincerely avoided

tellingly reported
church membership as
a naive collection
of cynical reduction
the pure vegan entrance
encountered by role-
no hurt fringes


at this point
illegal entry
becomes regulation
for spoken choices

traffic may not feel
roles return to play
now growth is a 
marks play-pleasantry
  obstacles overcome

teeth inform schools
ready for forest dwellers
the purpose of detention
in classic futures

no range less the conquerors
whose time at large
leans to channel
related beggars

the price of information
surface tension said:
be there thursday

having said that
lecture notes describe
the smooth dysfunction
of encyclopedic forgeries


where conscious attachments
  engross, the bedtime
appoints sport lineate and

ergot in vinyl props
probably makes bets

dry as a roller-skater
with tournament ache
dry columns opt for occasion
roll reads books’ arc

dim procedures ensnare
  and let freeze
eluctable preparations
a windy fact never dry
winnows the heel of urgency
to print a cosmic ocean
  of dim purpose


previous anachronist
dissolute by choice
the ugly line as team

in one independent lunge
after the caloric tropic
entices somehow
coherent by


other silent images
court hallway’s door
and cost final ennui

the treason
that material includes
begets overcast visibility
  of the moon

telling front, and if
processed by flange etiquette
all martinets cause
the same pressure

moved one page at a time
savory duchesses and
  night impostors
hear consequences of
  the radios
that can’t appreciate

on call
to primp hair
collapsing one’s subconscious


their meandering
as a strange quirk
deliberates semantic
of a bigger nostalgia
ready to ask

the purposive assent
as aftereffect of
  insulated promises
changes rules
but not at eye-level


an affect of change
a chariot understood
as control-fixated

promised by pairs
the people never end
the score never zero
the ride never late

on pincers a while
his tactic looks about
all look uptown
for the evening
is awry before structures

by fortune they are asleep
trash collapses
oceans of damage
before envisioned

terse vibraphones in
hooks and throngs of drama
the unrelinquished
  security system
now a narrow language
  from fallen privacy

burgeons rewind
nowhere for art to work 
pronto the viper, isn’t it?


the sun-captive ergot
  finalizes polls
portions late for
by streets empty of
the prom queens’ future

a projectile already
  sent to shape
moods that quiet
  calls disruptive

that a long night
always advertised in
a quintet of businesses
grommet’s overused effect 

persuasive theater lovers
  can’t defy
what’s already large


amplified or acoustic
the thousand-fold feature
of contemporary soul 
alerts a refuge
wired by swarming echoes
of jasmine topics

the focus nowhere
a dangerous princess
aligned a hidden
with purple paragraphs

the quick hand
on the light guitar
so close to revert 
somehow remembering
  the numerical
and conducted avoidance

attention to whiz-bang
taken in time


a switch to blindness
of earth in penumbra

the long accent
tongued by sequins
now a demure atelier
never hoarded by
music nor mitigated
in effect by a ransom
of noise-defused

a secret time of chats
songs shared by chasms
the moth not returned
in left hand climate
with an unsure legacy

not perfected
yes attitudinal


notebook surfaces
told to write experience
above the river
captured threads

one pervasive gong
shot down by prize poachers
on a summary notion

sometimes these happen to
yammer at the moon
already victim
of brushed pincers

equally exploitive
more of a challenge
yet matter
the torsion can never 
  use cliques
a ghost serves best


thought escapes
many views

random incursions
treat with ligatures
as extension holds
friday night’s walk 
to the benign materiality
of a poem’s stealth

a version ‘neath pencils
proscenium of plus-agendas

line for a dipolarity 
the scourge doesn’t 
  push back
what she buys with anima


that events cause 
a deleted or deficient expedient
with comparable loci
a welter of sampled egos dry
one not knowing artifice
or a token scribed fully

forward coop to the rim
  of water
onsite demolitions
at unusual intervals

all expenditure got even 
by removing low-cut

do not flinch to view
the iterated colossi
melded informed and
collected by twins


the return imagined by process
one sky a thousand egos
a nomenclature dimly protected

risen from a hearth
nowhere exchanged
a contumely business
set to lenient dinosaurs

properly festive
the length of all
sorrow is ghost-written

a fraternization moot to browse
through matter the night-criers’
songs that never replace
nor repeat to phrase
kisses on the corner
from a festive motto


already, a novice
tangles with contexts
whose fables
remind stop-gap
of correct blocks

to a single telephone, the
  contrast is
eyes on the bothersome
  story that was told

one hill compresses
to eventually control
  a deposed function
near the bridge of signs
told to relinquish
  packaged orbits

miles davis festivities
lend to pounce upon
tendons and flesh
the description of
a curiosity


a wooden achilles
disclaims other work

the hole in the vineyard
sequestered comparisons
whose shock-value
needs no one version
to hyphenate an astrologer
never at home 

the soiled mutation
earthenware if called in by
dilettante’s walk
a scrap-heap
conceived as its trajectory


heaving new-age aprioris
(incredible aporias)
now forgot to enclose
porcelain hotelware

an acrid naissance
justly inverted to slow dance
the thought over

holes in bonds of cameras
the warbling fringe
wandered and gone to
think over regulations
that course through veins
deciding to assent a denial

intolerant new-speak radio
in triads of memorization
is one step further 


reality’s bursar
doles out a communication

dull-shaped and peeved
tonight the anemone’s chill
curls promissory elongation

have none heard of
tonight as parlez-telephone?

congestion from one space
so eagles of conversion
now name the bridge of
celsius eliminated by roles

tonal dispensation
a rare garage not to mind
see whenever beauty
dualizes wearing thin
on a natural cat

colossal improvements
yesterday cannot move


choice knowledge
at coil’s instance
the passion told to agree

about mind separate
  or joined
mind’s minus
then arrives lighter

consent reduces reparation
thinks to tear down
the unjust faith indeed a minus

thoughts of transit
to non-purchase of
attraction to wide roads

a night darker than forged
possible and with more room
threatened by kultur-sickness
amerika for the bravado

sent to car lots for a flinch
a trick space for the roommate

onto yessir
as corded mallets’
eventual world
just walks by


sensate erlebnis
beethoven symphony to 
  entice a mid-range adult
who didn’t remember to see
a fledgling in stupor

teams distanced by bells
totally operative the dance is
not to divulge contortions

defiant purpose
eyed in focus

a coupled black key
on tenacious microcosmoi
closest to the theater
drags down to mandalas

joined to miscalculate
then grabs it right
an over-stated front to the
  economy of words

  + + +

part four

all there it
appeals as a contorted eclipse

a saved card in stirups
  by the window
as in jagged rock
told to pursue

bandolier melancholy
contemplation ensues
the rhythm actually there
was a summershine
though lately important
as carom

opportunist empathy
watch for it

steady lines
no vacant areas
the book when bargained for
as bemused as a closed client


avarice near a thrill
the politic promiscuity
  of empathy
who raided the fold
negated suspicion

funded by colorless
from a planet
not faraway enough

being paid minimum wage
to ignore customers
after nine

possible overtones
of schemes that fume
natural toil by
  hidden communication
properly remorseful


inaccurate comments
drive slowly
try to feed an orchestra
to their rhythm
by formless androgyny

erroneous in display
her lecherous apathy
becomes silence where
  it is replete
effulgence that
demands sorted lines
to empty the cycle


on an uncycled strength
overcome in recognition
possibly to reach through
  the wall to the
covert finality of a straw

wept through morning call
fixtures deny  
what can’t focus

appears as necessary in
  tactile resistance
one brute thunder storm
follows the journey

where to copy
not lost in the horizon
with no person here
statement by default


an odd agency of happening 

a circulated emotion can
survive occultation to show
and intend passing through
to a motion much larger

qualified in transit
letter returned and crated
a horoscope gnarled as
  possible rationale
  tells to the surface:
one great sloughing off
garbles desire


reacting in part 
the cosmic apparatus
hovers above
whatever care weakens

haven’t you defined
a better word
for handshaking feet?
elocution demands the 
a sumptuous description 
of envious partition
going forward in generosity

more click than clack
as same-sex industry

optional contrast 
a driver names one day
  at a time
ascerbic and dutiful
and impolite to stare


itchy and scratchy
a precocious error on
  skidding rendezvous

an untrue notion
separates values from
the notice leapt upon
this tangibly who?

willing to describe
  the wet-nurse
controlling interests
he rented a car for copies

decrease invokes memos
that run here and there
pilotted by


fresh off the distance
where worlds collapse
an understood presence
is mitigated and sensate

the closest inquiry
hacks overloaded notions
as picaresque anomalies

the last to improvise
a bagged sortie
  to maximize
one diremptive usherette
tuned to follow through 
  weekly overtones


as overt untiled floors
are by labor emptied
an onsite discretion
unlimitable from dusk
replays an ocarina’s sextet

inordinate and  back to life
passed to reclaim effects

venerated or bottled by
other rides compromise 
the noon addiction lest
  they fail
tampered-with by choice
lenient and silent

icons for midweek sleep-in
the hopeful distinction 
saturn is ‘neath summary
between known and soluble
near cloisonee rationales
all fall down


a personable porch
  the flux they sort

pontificate and an underling
  is compared
at least these redo
the prize of entitlement
  as colic during infancy

nouns of appetite
verbs for action
during mature lists
  they sort sleeves

internal to comparison
  down the corridor

smooth or smothered
being ornate one level
though not without this


as if it were not
and then it was
the compliance ruin
the punctually tardy

a superlative entirety
the sedentary cafe tornado

piracy became naive since
  learned conventions
  rehearsed attitudes

previous endings never 
as cease-fire routes are
premissed upon light
  of the earliest leap

fool portions replace
a company canteen


as industrious as a
  carnivore should be
impossible words
  ivory partitions
seen in that person

forsaken by twin orbits
trammeled into ascription
by an anonymous neighbor
not there now
a space easily replaced
information notwithstanding

the portrayl of an insomniac
better-looking then
  quipped the tv

artificial insertions
roll back where danger
  fills with text
sets sanitized echoes


an equal service to thought
is a memory dousing coherence
atop a noisy crowd
already anticipatory
she collects ivory
the nearby corner his dime

opera galvinized in theory
night, the celestial chronograph
  delineates as
further surprises
than the modal inquiry
of absorbed tethers


the human grist
of aligned increments
at a foreign language’s

page versus reality
though all a page

inscrutable extension
above the earth
ground a convertible accidence
  of the total 
  and multiple etheric

risks slowdowns for repatriation


happening to dangle a void
before beeper-soloists
destroy contemplation

no nature more oblique
ever permitted
what health could go forth

it’s human to think to 
create humanity
a hexagram of any 
  circumstance strings along 
with intent to proceed

a vellum orifice
neutral as scan-slide
a longer line first-forward
the full patina of a singularity
italic versus settled
in sotto voce yet crude

nervous infatuated and
  debriefed on these accounts
because of which words
  remove illusion
though illusory themselves


movies for tv
lists of dancers
bullets everywhere
suave merit conned
personated down street
fun by all text
to reduce concepts
no haggard ornament
affected by the seat
backyard decisions later

could assumption rein in
a top-heavy waiting
neck on seat peer through
  the vinyl
took print vacillating to
  the max
thought appeared strong
  in analysis

no frenzy saps deterrents
with dazed envelopes
for trash waiting enlightenment

the vagary of soft crush
tool’s pride to exacerbate
especially if sorrow



the eventuality of a corner
plied with ramification
tellurian synecdoches
of constant demolition
can remember

fluted cornices everywhere
diremptive and saddened

teams furniture suppliers
with holy artifacts
no crustacean or early movie

lamentable pattern-fixing
the demoiselle’s future 
was written into this idea
top cast as a photon-magnet
prizes shook felt hammers


sandstorms are mortal fixers
teed off and dissed
a barnacle’s flesh
tonight eventual sorties
  by gremlins
the text generous or right

held under water
nine breaths
the power assuaged if
hand-held or material

dispersion of the same nickel-
  rhodium filament
illumination after surface

here on the floor
out for a waltz-time
  leap of faith
large lips reddish-green
the contrapunctus appointed
  to dance


merited as though
nothing nears 
terms that leap

this knotted stellation
participates on the road ahoy
constancy relinquishes
the telephone network
that grasps ease stays put

referents aloud
  or silent
sensate night originates
  consecutive fools
time to unfold chairs
a decent aspersion
spent on name and form

why this
and not other?


a tenacious increment
survives reality
in a compatible early rhythm
that ignores ideality
in time and space

how fused (confused) 
  sharing intends to replace
had to promise twin agencies
the dispersal of looters

as perused nowhere lest comic
  titles increase
a dugout replaces cartoons

feast upon a continental
move on other side that
  list cellared and bungled

cloaks and red alert
the absence of a scrooge joined
  reflex previews
a tape describes what turns


averse to coincidence
spread-sheet medusas
all above the line-up
telephone loiterers fueled
  by gnomes
eager to lean on a vocabulary

rich bassoons teeter here
after the slaughtered gloom
various openings stipulate
  swarms of indentations

his promptness expands
forms not distracted by
  urban glitz
in baroque sutra


the leap year of 
a tall silence
by a persuasive spot

sleaze tended for removal
anything scares bassoons
plus, money always honed
  to cede location
the fold avoids lenses

pays the ticket
serious / solemn
time on foreign planets

walled an ordinate caftan
(if still) then a maverick
the causeway consensus 
  implicates the orbit
of this


the agreement fuses
liens that grow
called metrics
rain-forest complications
  roll downstairs
clothed in faience
sought for stamina
before that life

ego skilled by attraction
  to something
  necessary and beautiful
a standard porch urchin
tactile friend to model
liquid trash-compressed

the service letter recognises
doctrines brought around
light in quotations
thought of time-out to be
   with the bandoleer


contrary to influence
flecks of contour appear 
assuaged by dentists
captive to monthly results

nearby entry 
the shopper a taxi-clone
in friendly force
wooden waivers all there
tonight for dimensional attack
pulls momentary well-being

into a code for temptation
sanitizes forced fluid
an exhibition of nerves
a jubilant time told

previous artifacts
stake nothing down

other meats singsong
  overtures from motion
the fm the am the tv
the telephone etc


mercantile entropy at 
  long reach
to feed a likely terminus
it is needless to signal
  the concierge
she left to reserve alloys 
for intolerance of a
  tightened body

the romance 
express to loiter
activates this citizen
afraid to sign labels
that empower what is gone

just woken by the style-beast
pushing the schools
a tapdance for sizes 
  that line up for indoctrination
seen in mirrored toccatas
  dusted spaces cohere to


consequences enveloped
  in silence
personal vendetta applied
  the rules convivially
to a large echo the tournament
  couldn’t surpass
triple latte on whichever 
  host the industry devours
maw of the syllogism
defiant and untrustworthy

liberating the written
leapfrog sutras deploy
  forensic stanzas
lighter than air


the empowerment of chatty
  freedom in a written test
humility devours in
  easy impact 
  the correctness
onto overt sorts
the collective amnesia is no
  fool’s etiquette
necessary but blind
justice not to touch down
the workers in light
essent manipulations were 
  one thought exorcized

a tonic neutrality just act
thin wars whose
esophagus is threatening
to ride face down
through walls
of humanism’s barter


to look back is the 
  plane never summed
to enshroud loci told by
  chance meetings
  in the street

already a lost furtherance
the opportunity republished
a meddlesome thank-you
what thought-of is now fact
reverse theatres often-found

limp hole
toxic neutrons of high
captivity in labels rode
  about the cosmic plan

on fluids
rehersals dart about
once at a time (this)
different skilled licenses


harnessed to actively
those whose blanket
treasures a privacy
lisp along fences

wired by left hand
  blood of the heap
  to clothe
a virtual endocrine window
wandering a thousand islands
no permanent perfection
except which learned 

treasured by limitlessness
the no-face told of the hour

an east coast jaundice
no itemization less punctual
  defines uncomfortable


run into fluxed demands
slow legs on hills
  and crannies

traffic as the weight pined for
that is name and form
  label and substance
where order northern icon
  capsizes immoderately

a foot-warmer for the body
the pillow threatens to bite
surfaces overcast in
  escape from

nurture a definition
where books are made
  of being
certain texts beyond


six rings 
why the lobe?

organs rid of experience
bunched-up stick-pinned
or hugged where and when? 

bordered in totality
by no crash of filth
without an alternation
of one’s being

words echo plastic animals
writing poems
they’d know best

a cannibalistic kaballah
noxious or genial
how food pits organs
to remind from altitude
of planes and curves
how to become a mathematic


the newest big deal
envelops or devours
includes one label for
  every venue

having heard the game
how hot girls
  derail the discourse
when arcane isolations’
displace the locals

an emotional stalemate
whirling through tomes of
  afterward-ticketed cars

braced to alert and invite
invisible motions
sent-off to college
they inflate incorrect usage


human integument
lenses operant since 1961
precinct-varietal since 1992

commonsense indices
  realize a fortiori
the gun-shy reading
now started
no evidence of the role
  to placate and play

averse to indigo lens-lotusses
the house atop marble clefs
notes the sunken guardian
a context fused by arachnids

eloped through the tubes
near a shaft often the same
in treatment


caverns blanket an icons
terror after rebeled odor

one’s doing-what-is
is near recall of likelihood
twenty-two moments
  in circus
all firm time and money

a proscenium for doodles
can snap back
a vile inferiority, lessons
  in the clouds
no heat to demand
what was once 

fortresses tooled to kick-in
a changed tenderness
nowhere, the depth
  often circumscribed


depth’s atypical surface
near a divot, a public
challenge to changeless
remove cards
from sorrow’s disclaimer

kept by flamboyant trees
on some other tactic
the skittish will-to-need 

totalitarian meritocracies
link up cybernet chores
top quark’s favorite idea
sampled cars for hire
four houses for linguists

overcome the pickaxe
skullduggery is of that plane
to erase contemplation
kneel for the person
lift a choice-bitter thought 


get back to an impossible
to regain accuracy

pleasurable futon
the ignoble surface of stealth
  defined by heat
lost crust from defenses
copious and deleted pickup

in habitual talk
to scramble reveals a
  long times’ thinking 

senescent improvisation
those books untold
incoherent before they cry

commensurate with
consequent upon arrival
a torch greets the few
a bigger somatic cheapskate
nomenclatures vanish


protean as encircled by lines 
theocracies melt bitter data

noxious conversations 
impaled on the roof of depth
ogled from fertile cruisers
she told the fanzine tales to mend
the rope snarls if joked

fringe aperitifs crawl
  mighty surplus
  when cooler

detroit salivates 
for some word of
a listless frontrunner
approximate telethons devour
  cross-eyed limitations

no less happy ritornello
with commensurate overtones
the kids in the street corner
suction of carbonation


clippped or overt
how dare she?

the defenseless error
a nominal error
frustrated and confused

artist’s studio
cloth falls off
spiral genesis
spiritual enemy

lion’s share
defrayed voice mail
are who?

a linear cousin
kicks the radio

a possible sensation
a precedent purchased
the ink of precedent

what is done?
told a mascot
in inward build-up
for another journey


purchase the item
stand and watch
a gist of cameraderie
sylph on the porch
gnosis of a radical sortie

each possibility starts
a subcontinental view
started as something else
tight moments
crumple barricades and avoid
circuitous portents

salmonella for the college
a spit-shine vocabulary
without the syncopated idol

prized to imagine
girth ensured by intake
skivvies for the professor
a palindrome’s wanderings
through klingon terror

fallibles’ erasure
just one to be for one
the jail often summed
reminders of oversight


the salaam-shalom-slalom
teams up lintel iterating
as a full-planet, sky-catchers’
the light on paste 

two event’s vocations
make for a clear throat
the lineate frown 
on gift mouths
are from cornice devoured

react diverge and concur


twin apexes
mitigate how to become 
  an indirect listener

a real comparison
of delicate awareness
an oil-can fee-paid
  non-agent dedicated-list
vellum contrast
car pile-ups on freeway

taller than most
near the downside limited
to a convenient preference

pat the heel of a binary
no metro-discord vacillates
so motives become motiveless


joy thought of
decades discarded can ply
  order ordinarily
an ice glut of
feel-good sign language

mathematic to bend each
to every pleasure (eager and
her squeeze-toy delicacy
less the bottom quark

the work skinned
bothered to conceive
elongation and nowhere solid
more solid on the coat


sold select locations
before willed texts
intercept viacom dullnesses

turbinado in the water
cutting the cheese
peeling the vegetal molds
  through ugly exchequer

travail contortion in the library
of luminous elegance
the rideshare enjoyment

open and glassy-eyed
they feel brass knuckles
to push down the street

his obvious entry into
  elusive control

pictured as
well-placed as
borderline riot-gear


quotas move along
free beer and chips
hoop skirt over
celestial ranger

the pit-bull perfumery
a sleaze-ball from before
no open door politics

shoot creators that diverge
hastens to muck-rake

various employment as
trusted elongation
slip inside her motion

a cue and a forest
as if not done

ladies walk at midnight
already four am
celeste and marimba


everything out upon request
do not disturb malleable
  money first the public
poetry first the autograph 
  biograph auto-biograph
  automaton humidor

sound as thought
the serial adaptation to romance

jewelry store
the saying yes
the years abide
tool of the prince
this off-hand
tone of orbital

the most mathematic
to rescue as tolerable
no place
phased or shifted


some polished emotion
in receipt of damaged indices
the able overflowed
totalized and inscribed

tethered inside a tube
pure psychological etiquette
is vacant as a stinger

her private limit
odd hips crowd lines, paper
the mouth of the moment
to fear closed spaces

flee the portico
other pain sings a punctured
the foot if remembered
with no communicable experience

smooth and sentimental
full of dry rope


protected avenues
the weird wordview
corraled by midnight oil

mid-town carnivores
now a manuscript
then a noseful

electorates improve in new light
to fold and get classed
as opposite of patience
will read sky-top nails


along the bastion
hugs incline twin peaks’
concourse virtually
  cold and damp

remission is always
on the periphery
wink at entire
  daytime lineages

bent a grudge
to hold over
they will watch

imperilled in a mediation
between food and activity
the ligament induces expulsion

roaming generously through
  citizen’s lives
asleep and dreaming
the cadre over landscapes
for a silken entourage

commensurate bag-trot
read for genially
  tiled bathrooms
for undocumented hold-outs

far over the highland
her sorcerer’s venue for
  debilitated palmists
play solitaire
  on laptops


worse, big-time sadists
worship jealous mantras
that boast a claim
on a day in parking lots
  and sly machinations

watch the form that describes 
vainglory as sturdy
  as unforgettable

comtemporary inclinations
are to widjits
what is feeble
to arouse sedated children
who kick beans

pretzels and mutants
in cadmium blue surfaces
didn’t he cause the breakage
of old thought by
  cool hands
on a smitten copula?


told to a glass-eye
a four hour healing
trying courtesy
when adepts come forth
savory steps suddenly oiled

bargained and coherent
the ounce’s dilemma:
why certify other-planed
when commensurate typos
wrote you too?

an apparent smile
is always promised before
it teaches etheric monads


seep light / anachrony
drymouth / data surplus
spin shirts on treadmills

what is an obvious / unseen
understood as twenty calls
  per iron

modulation severs deep
can dopey inhale

over there the sentinel
complimentary or bodily


consecutive and cool
an aeroplane the size to invite
contorted by electorates
one’s favor becomes spotless

a certitude of milestones
from all that sleeping
in one’s overt seduction

comparable ice lanterns
find time stashed away

ice label pull out the cover
for a rancorous it-and-thou
told and tested by aardvarks
searching for placemats


favor of fact in fact
zero-label mutations
form a book in case of

a trivial higher ground
dinner is versatile on that topic
depraved grimaces
a noun’s light is shed

protected by the ending
this faced as death
(the ruler and the riled)
survives entropy
true by experience

the very side arm
is a thought of
a careful either / or
the label to define
slow slower and stung
in fact less than the traffic


one’s limitless attitude
separable and lungeing
  past crossed fatigue
no one should have 
  that thought
those that the star-struck
  desired on earth 

potentially to crush 
  the ocean
in cosmic relata less the
  human fold
anticipated in fearless eyes
that look through
though only one thought
(cards and leptons
imply the early sortie)

news no face can rely upon
the added feature
of heavy metal guitars that
rehearse lines never spoken


in case someone
in the care of something
the night and visibility
of an anchor pulled up
each letter the final

three-times blue and grey
another green treasure
whirling in assigned song

materialized on how composed:
evoke the tether or the world

a word of the linear arrow
has discovery sampled
describing a hapless feat

the consequence for which
world-echoes impale 
  on action is a
naked limitation of purpose
not to disturb 
or distort


the purposeful thirst
for the ionian mode
grasps today in fact out

stargazers upstairs
remunerated and
  served over there
some place you invert
the closest theatre
directions to a henhouse
already in another city

somewhere hunger
took hold of the ocean
scarred by letters
on an impatient balance
capable anyway you like


almost painterly
the joy tactile as event
ordered about those two
demolition listened to
bygones with their yesterdays
confusion between glass-eyes
on faces than melt
with inordinate will

stunt reactor
two places at once
smaller than louder
are referring to emotional
no hooped extract
in thick with the heat

don’t improve
a realized subjectivity
they can never count 
  other plagues
if yipped at by ladybirds


extra ions issue warnings
not spoken with mouths
nor shared by tails
the other space this done

not served till lately
the sliced cronies
as having two
see how yes becomes seen 
  by nocturnes and operas
surprised into a suit

hot waters on hands
the cried-over range
leans over someone alert
a grimace from those years

a purposive thought
answers the quest

to issue elements
candy gives various ploys
a night in ciphers
noon is the trick


one motion for novelty
scrambled the order
she reacts visibly
the densest collars by 
  vocal resumption

front-rhythm on a double
like why that?

an orderly mutation can 
  speak to it
a line differing in all reports
top-heavy and chartered
till the ultimate send-off
a neighborhood better / worse

remaining sired by lions
their noisy removal
then by now

  + + +

part five

a comet arrowhead into
all-sentence trickery

extraneous divebombers
free cake commentaries

electorates of the order of
afford tops in visibility
  over the head
needless to say literacy’s
a consentual non-agency
team’s plateau all the way


sub voce head on the table
the relic operative as a
surface adaptiveness
for a brigade brigand’s toy

a frisson hug 
earthly school
started by ten apartments

new name under stress
talking to the trouble

even as winter time bets the core
duffel-bags simplify
which once crowded
now feasts upon codes

nouns or verbs
that infamy knows 
  of these years
still plucked from interviews


equivalent lines
drive there or here
however you ate the concept

nirvana (group or relevance)
  to divergent pressures
at no time thought to reach out
a thousand-petaled longing

turpitude from movies
around film or cinema
replaced vendettas
with scalded pins and nouns

took flares to be invisible
chat up the photographer’s
  foreign accent

dense entry
a nerve in the closed spot
the hole in a valley
no provider grasped the news


off at mutations, that call
  of nothingness
nature as the cavern of
tooled embassies, chicory

iguana, lemon-fed by
  cross-toned mice
the ladder glows
feeble as a throat warp, warble
the emissary allows you


an unsure report
waits on the plants
to decrease impetus
front and central
to the radio
an even shorter limit

refused by atavist molecules
a range of holocaust
refuses indication

reminded of what to tell
no gallows for friendship
fool for a craven aperitif
nowhere limited to envelop


foreign samples
run down the freeway

their world of terror
skimps on trust
for abstracted motives
impaled on wrought-iron
figures in the mouth
too late

who risks punishment
that the soft angle
creates industry of size?


reflex oceans
can’t silence the music
addressed to nothing

the feature adjusts tones
that sever polite flares

rid of concept
oceans tell when (soon)
no hour laminates
or feeds the adjusted

the painting engages the wall
all circuses are unavailable
whether or not paid off
in feathers these render
possibly two and
  twixt appeals
  not faceless for the hour


rehearsed telethon images
call the boot over the goal
on points from process
held time and again
something breaks every day

no understood as yes
the magnetic wind-up
more tension than can be 
in the mailroom

a frenzied grasp told in fact
that harmony now worried
the person nowhere found
in a surreal dichotomy
wooden surplus not having
the discourse redone

calligraphy the coffee bar
  can generate
when apportioned
they flank the control
within his asking


persons already within
  hearing range
can tell top of the head
how walks insert bedrooms

totally surveyed
she barters from the same
  reflex action

told to crease paper
  before crumpling
annoying fringe
they would call toxic
which savor potentiates
  what is now in disuse?

all self-serving
since five minutes ago
what are we to say
to forests of capable echoes?

they glow through
stimulus more rude
than paper-thin

how it happens
when one
the scrambled icons
need referral
or removal


first idea of the day
a trial of holding together
smooth skin appears down
  the pike

surfaces redo the condor
hanging sky-ward
from the air-conditioned

seek something relevant
other words don’t remain
in one spot
before moving along
nude and biased
small change feels everything

going through the high
  moral ground
a conservative collection
the rudeness of choice


what is next harbored?

one great idea
to hold together
the fraction of motion
add zero or one
and nothing else
imperceptible or random

for a gifted horror
the score on the radio
puts this between
the report that flees
told to sort blood from 
  clods of earth

a porous membrane
one napkin per table
skill sinking
throat cut or redone

learned computer operation
within the last vocabulary
they fold


eventual insomnia
the earth in fact
real or closed?

a random trousseau impales
threnodies, the material
  ghost gone

functionless edifice
told of roseate negation
  never worded partly 
  by accuracy

no club stretched
while watching him write
for you the culpable

in a noisy and dire contortion
they play, switched on
  by the news
a most uncertain relation


ride the coil
for rides they invent
a complement runs down
stating some thought
less fused or palpable

now summed up in
           tight control
protected by fluid
the arrival in friend
a chorus tellingly thin

prompt purchases, now 
  not that
a spin-off circuit less the
of motives

the reedy captain’s carriage
is knowledge of topic and order
liens upon the damask

brought by a woman
the cord limited here
  by description
that presses too downside
too pure echoes
to manifest


water refracts
a sky plus domicile
a stillborn first-born
the paper of hearts
slowed and slower
a coping reflex

portables deemed safe
for radar the news scene
are bought and scolded

confrere in district that
  the ocean forgot
  as a courtesy

her web-footed scandal
his scrap metal 
a fond pilot engages the insight
of a materialist compared
  and considered


a notion of sound
mobile nattering
where sponges
incorporate umbrellas
into flasks or serial

who put-down a reading
in five minutes?
the core podium
festooned in coreopsia?

the most commonplace
  engagement is
in fact now secondary
(already outward)
to humid license

wife in a wisdom
her portable decals
schooled in france
song soon to dance 


webelos can’t fry
the retinues consecutively 

a thinking learns 
how interruptions save
a policy of early
less than the inaccuracy

one’s infrastructure
now in debt
due to immodest caftans

witless endorphins 
  of momentous reaction
rid of skis and faces
when attributions fail
and the anarchy of forms
knows no truth


the event of these evenings:
consumed idiolects decry
  the full aporia
genuine inflection a songbird
one face at a time

no vessel welcomes editions
that reflexes correct, wheel
  on the wall of
  the merry-go-round

stolen, so let go
the notebook of the meaning
whose names engineer a crash
over the radio

they could replace handshakes
as further evidence
of completion as though
  nothing else could


the monitored eveningshade
imperfect holocaust that
  was told before miscued
of sour clips on radiant
no prize more intelligent

night and fascination
near dimensionless
rationales couldn’t think 
  of the corrected whirl

possibly humid and
  in avoidance
collections accumulate
words used correctly
that could hasten socialization

beasts of the sensor
with a needle in the park
a deserved data-entry
a mix-up closest to honest
plays for help


dusts of the probe
judge primetime
no one can repair
text or conditionals
that a refusal
would otherwise inhale
in the bad air

got an easy start, then was
informed by licensed delays

persuasive at times
not fair for otherwise
  copious effluents
as it is in a world of skies
the nevertheless-argues-over
begins a street that fools
  reply: innocence


the diplomacy of none 
was velocity and space

details of well-wishers
  prod inclement

on top billing
  the gothic surface
brings down a guitar’s
  sweet surface

likely it is correct to
  brood fanatically
for lost reparation
to say halls and valets
at that level of intention


sneak past the pall
an aegis of thought as 
  answer culls
the result of 
  problematized sound

kick the trash
dense by yourself

portions removed:
are waterfalls overdone
by broadway or hollywood?

up and down the store
a northern tolerance
what to demand of the
  relocated drive?

process hails divergent
shredded by double
a caveat for bumblebee

naive torso itself
  fringe egos near 
  blood-red soaps

tonic orgueil prompted
  by easy noumena


ripe stickpins’ front 
twixt additions they murmur
walls of supine sonatas

guitars are a maverick 
  lingua franca
a surplus compressor’s 
  cold does not matter
a lift beyond bandaged
  prostheses is
settled as abrupt closeness

rings apportioned by the
of his frustration
elements that a flurry
overcome blunt agreement

prancing, about to spread
think of roses dawning
  upon you


illusion if the cause is unreal
but now every indication
reports to another boss

safflower stunt-games
promise is linear

straight lines disproved
  by time
whose essential discretion
bumps heads with wood

tomorrow letters cross
  the road
b after a before c
until finite omens
resist printed lists
that assume wording
  wills the occasion


on fluids only, extra
  licenses detail
(overcome underslept)
reports that contents
fix these that pine

other cosmetic abrasions
can refill colossi
of a theatre’s exchange
fed to the big game

an odd lip-synch they tattle
tends selfishly to limits and
  toxic embraces
the earth of movements
  understood as fixed
loses entropy
as they coil out


a magnificent opportunity
to fell throat and glass
likely too much pressure
of soundless wrongs
claim short visibility in space

canned backbeat
floored in memos

delete early returns
  and deficient versions
  that perish

silence that no reminder
  spins down closer


the great admirer 
  of silenced points
theory addicts all facets
  offering experience
of the inconsequential
  extension into
  banal curiosities
before compression
likely thin and this
the melody of the memory

a copious engagement with
walks other ways

at noon the pace comes
  around a cornered
one label bridged forever
possible / impossible


new lightened pearl
rolled into one pod

dictated infections resume
whenever scooped down
  upon the prison

the homunculus of 
takes to task 
  outdoor collectives

this as-of-yet unyielding
binges on quiz
the commensurate vinyl 
  of an earth let to speak


the quality of the adjective
or peruses the network

sunder the lit-com
a porous divergence never
  spoken out

her wide new happening:
befriend an anomaly
tossed further, no further
than the apex of conceit

melody and jouissance
all that continental theory
vanished in prompt locus

the delight now cruised by
a venomous housecoat


a letter best not written
now writing
the one scapegoat
of her endemic story

houdini parses empty voices
with electric violence

for a scampering nocturne
details decide on no tragedy

a full disclosure
totally superficial because
velcro demonstrates that
  demand surges

operative if a camera works
listed its effulgent manner
oceans strive to
start linear involvement

the cartouche of a person
impales a deletion’s 
  best surfeit
now and again time away
only a confused pandemonium
creates surfaces
for what’s never gone


the start of sunshine
never late, always greeted

witness to a kink in
everything seen as
  contumely prescient:
the deposition by nature
the equation of fun with worlds
the refusal to fade

experience remits
children with their
  chosen items
how purchases start 
  impartially attractive

essence of the easy line
a crowd-cover a donation
  a scheme literally


the semi-formal inversion
in a pool of scored gratitude

eros colors the fuel
her ransom for events
that second-semester sort
as to when it is not seen

adept in song
tonight the moving picture
understood to define lists
formerly not so

an orbital renewal of contact
name and form
at ideas’ basis 
how has it gone?

the repute of one place
a giddy reminder
of a close conversation 
that leaps through hoops
by how it’s described


reality saw to cling
to effortless ruminations
  resisting punishment

the attack on blotted armies
whose sporadic infamy
revives artifacts
remains in light

forests hasten this effect:
literally a pause
a captive misnomer


time if fertile
corrects decaying karma

the onward-computed
resists purity
annual rings on handshakes
no least-worth-it
labor by conflict
becoming idle
in this plane of existence

there is to see
and not seek labels
timely constructive
when the eyes are favored

not awake so 
it verifies a dangerous portal
where inmates kick and
and have relations


their talk over
the motion starts
to ask absolution
as a career-start
in the ministry

the height of a course
in the blood of the hierarchy
so smooth and pure

hold official memos
that spread infotainment
anything remaining to deceive
is linear copulation
  for change

time trivializes epidemics
when thought asserts the
  staircase can never fold
it arrives in capitals


wait for an ego
not to wait longer
than the firefly gone celestial

now annoying and
she sees the crises that
deploy rhythmic solutions

he sent a rose
from the cartel’s garbage
not in the information given

known mission
later yesterday
capsized no service
jealous or creative

a skunk in the bottle
creature comportment
adulate an ivory skin
polish the crippled ear


starts in clarification
of a background-music guide
whom the topcoat gendarme
calls filliation of mystery
the texture gone 
she was unsure what was heard

follow these with ice
grab an ochre noon
the fixation already intention
created by shape
her fascination shifts earth

in reversion to words’ 
defiant remedies are totally
by night at properly-
  released intervals
see this


thick oscillations between
  the covers
of books as yesterday

then torn by this format
a gregarious elector
crony of billions that feed
  news of the showdown
flails on fixated courtesies

the likelihood of karmic
expect to defy the flutter
around a corner
described by illumination

to climb tones, ride
a fruit formed to hire
the amount
squelched and formless


whatever is seen to begin
  the files of conscience
saves rags and slower dowries
for filled procedures
therefore intention
perhaps sought to begin
an informal continuum
that rises fortress-like

a generous imbecile
raves on imperially

potential as upside-down
  on a couch
a necklace afternoon to lurch
  through absolute extension

consecutive emissaries
all down to align worlds

one to another prospers
a felt surge as timely as
those devoting indigo salaams
to time and surface


crackle in front of a class
telemetry is openers 
of an identified thinking

sure-footed and quiescent
a mallet’s lyric search for
entire days of school-cards

tell the river set to be
the agent of delivery
how many spaces flee thought

shuffle surfeited binaries
with the intention that becomes
announced and forecasted
in bravely festooned

an unlikely torment
consecrated within some change
the package pilloried the
frozen at cup’s arena


bad teeth nice smile
corrected for assurance
from computed resistances
segued into a chance earth

the aorta from one placement
with an attitude told by rule
of conditioned mastery
cancel sequins from
which litigation can save

listeners donate sanity
officers take care of some
  prize bellhop

tagged from imaged ruses
how free from concept
her nerve a deliberate look
not to worry a tick


swarming about in
  jazz meters
are feet hands and coronas

appellate for early muscle
news of people in a hurry
the tissue of today’s dilemma
is prompt argument
for a bad night’s full moon

superlative echoes ticketed
for incorrect parking

already spoken of once
in case a typhoon
  or other disaster
serves the watch
therefore introduced


weep for one spray gone
a depth of silence
rules’ content can’t freeze

the organization of fitness
builds up suitability
can be described

early lists that flight
take away, derived from
songs and letters

a luxury picked this
protein jealously guarded
understood from
a lack of sophistication

worn to theatricize
  her emotion
when a mind fails to notify


the curiosity 
as fallacious
as a rocky start
for the ungambled hole

now tissue and
lifters of ardent thought
this / that happenings
spare change 
because text becomes

the enticement directly
if lost feed-bags
are sacks of whatever 
  planetary glue
weaves crossword creditors

the tall woman with the 
  sort of plain-talking
inseparable from lightened

almost sorrow and its
  cousin: regulation
accounts for wet eyes
  to enjoy the crisis


the city and ecstasy
chides elementary ignorance

spaceland in its demure
cellophane supports the
by tossing decaying matter

selective intolerance
shows how to concentrate
on throats throughout  
  the metal carnival

tackle to seek correct words
from a half-million possible

each minute of foundation
celebrates survival
once continuation befriends

bill the ancestors
soft or curious?

narrow sportscasters
know the names of emptiness

befitted with influence
in deficient sideways
each six-month period

totalitarian curiosity
interest before or after

what sequence
(timeless or non-existent)
processes to picture
the hoodoo vicar
portions sorted if

  + + +

part six

in fair revision
tolerant ocean, actual
information in surplus

over riddance the sport
probity of circumstance’s
teleology after more maxima
the lettuce sap granary

those / these and the filter
can’t notice activity

browse adelphi
light on conscient eyes
leap-forth in somersault
seen as hangers-on
thorn and petaled isthmus

proclivity never drilled
penal code circumvention
whom the nattering fool


clipped ingenues’
  velour and patina
of ironic motives
now spoiled to engineer
  a pod

this all there all
fecund imagination
if great verdicts
they divvy up 
(tempestuous anomalies)


an airplane’s glib consequence
dunes and halos
from whose conducive embrace
  reality was stolen

possibly form tilled by oak
skies of the in-patient
vacant and dependent

organized tolerations go before
the to-be-after as once fallen
seen there


the boat anchored on shore
fool madness of occasion
hastening, too courageous

noises foil the bronze
insertion by charwoman
water beast
dressed as a killer
open an earth’s sorrow

contentious environments
the quilt notebooks

bodily surface sheen
mark each contrary line
distinctly each petal

sunscreen tool
a costly ghost
with a fetish of
stands oceanside
by a white flag


nefarious old ghost
going by yesterday’s 

her sedimentary n	

 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrsuýÿÿÿvwxyz{|}~€ame first
says: who (for that) equals
blank imperialist echoes?

a show song, an incredulous
noise, the fullest is rupture
gathered on a nature walk
if everybody took one
the water is now downstairs

equations if cartooned
not suave nor imported
gone celestial to ringside
a soul-mate’s decimal
an operative rise of occasion

seemingly rushed to tell
no promise nor theatric glue
the machine behind the many
a perilous prison’s breath
karmic surface and depth


she bumps boxes that flee
gross ingenuous artifacts
once the lords of concept

nervous and anomalous resistance
impervious to melody
the soft-serve gone flux

an operationally waived response
her full earth verifies breakfast
selling to encapsulate

in one space they stick
everything, but
having health upturned
a captive animal is once human

now ropes and braids
are sampled before time out

greeters of dimension arrive
narrow escape, contrary
oceans of the voice


a resilience gone capable
to refuse mention meant
a russet hound 
stalks the meeting ground

forgotten in fact
made necessary to touch
a label from frosted hair
hammer now
no ultramarine buttons 

check the previews’ choice
quarters of stimuli
insist as a first rest
the recorded entry of 
a water runner-up

down the turnpike
a celestial material, no island
wept his way out to
incur decency as immaterial

cocaine eyes explicate theater
that a new silence with music
sand storms through
an open-hearted house


heard as woken mostly a summer
ahead, the thread of stars
is no longer allergic

full price anywhere else, still
plus the occasion to flaunt
motives, somewhere then

soon to exist in room two
properly grotesque, perhaps
the settlement turns favorable

increasing huddles can suggest
possible agreement, move there

cartoons till the sample is
addressed, no space resumes
laterally, almost open doors

forces to talk, back seat drywall
of no orbit, hair dry as silence


contemplate a contemporaneous
configuration before rules 
side up to whiskers, a bell
in morning air tells to skim
precision from tomorrow’s ideals
the fundamental shifts gears

fugitive ergo true
nine acres increase control
where before there’d been none
a melody concentrated on pianos
a young woman listened
an earful of skies and bridges

contrasts to work out the
mathematics, hands on water
the conversation struck up
no one here beside the river
no spike without sorrow
soon or tonight
they expend referents

otherwise to think (at last) form
no scream at the door closing
on paper suns
whose temporary rules
held off downstairs
resume portions where
surplus echoes are freed


consecutive ambergris
in a vault in a lesson
boring holes in vellum
the need of extra sleep

commonsense worldviews
a portion of dice leans out
infernal touchstone, sleek
bottom-feeder, the corral

coreopsis always mutates
alarm on feet first
indebted to invisibility
regale with inspired ego

corporeal synecdoches
thought of as mundane
but in reality an outward vision
the nerve from no stray

coterie wills, some of this
goes decorated in silence, the
fused figure where it happens
all the time and first


everybody’s a friend
  of the manager
pelt down rocks
  at the disciple
crazed flourishes intend
  for the closure
of somatic envelopes

everybody’s afraid
  of the monstrous
within a deprivation
  at the story
copied flight from one
  by the embrace
of cursory debilitations

everybody’s aware
  of the mountain
inward cupped flesh
  on the billboard
resumed autonomy
  to the collection
of surpassing delight


the reason for one thing
probes universal
causes and tells of arrowhead
lights, an inseparable unity

you hasten, one
dimensional tic-tac-toe
collected around 
non-reality understood
as captive

options cool down
textures invade excellence
from the harbor, in place
to enfold her call


artifice of the colonial 
expecting to flourish
in career silences 
told to excel her cousin

listed in agreement
too-new forms doubt everything
a first consciousness misspelled

spin totals from level one
then erase ninety percent
in scoldings they tell you

normal / abnormal
as the sky
on sudden winter days
when catch-calls invent demand
for a prize telephoner’s skill


aptitude called data 
  ocean-sky sharp
  telling the story

those roustabout empires
finesse the curious delay

onto portions out of house
  and farm
defray sentential moonscapes
the overt, punitive
small, somewhat deferred


story of the man
written wall-hangings
for closest individuality
  to shed

an inner material
gone cool to the touch
in fact rallying cries
know levels
established by nuclei
of creative entry

dossiers commenced
light-years ahead
in planetary stalemates
ask whether or not
sampled by greeters

limitless then limited
where concepts collapse


each nervous erotica
a leap forward
for predatory music
nixes tendencies toward
disrepair and angles

taken seriously
the minimum of flourish
radio telephone
portable anachronism
aspects if labored over
beget force to untimely

thick in thought
of remotest circles
his privacy deleted
time for networking
a cranium derailed
by surface ego

toned down by foreign


people urgent to
  voice opinions
roll depositions on
  the afterlife to a
topcoat’s disbelief of
  contractual assonance

toleration of the 
  neck’s portion
a sticker-priced
  horse trader

contusions on forehead
as tone if echoes
carom herein at the place
songs fuel the support
perhaps not there
shoes off at the corner


bereft, is it that?
accuracy when unknowable
the hurdle repositions
  to carry forth

a simple twitch of
tells to remind
he donated a fuse
  for a declension

top-heavy circumstance
fall down on the rowdy
a deceptive conversation
with discourse

the scratch was
arduous errors
mask the organic fullness
torn by approximation

hypnotism / channel
otherwise leap the circuit


a corrected livery
caressed by voice
  after voice
a haven for the as-yet-

her pursuit conducted
  in prompt directives

dawdle over the bridge
anthrax mystified by
  the amount
one smooth prize
sacked the posture

short or tailspun
the ochre ingests opiates
while toil’s parvenu
(voice after voice)
rumor hastens
the booth’s complex


control of bands
starts with orbits
less adoration
than possible

smitten captive
no domed assault
a differing carrier
pin-duck crawlers
underneath the ledge

ornate lamp, ornate
the folio crosswise
seen interior

paused in a mentor’s grip
if vacant
it’ll survive agendas
product the likes
of which never seen

whose predatory focus
in new landscapes
shown / terrorized
by fullest imperialism
under the skin
where it happens?


a face curved into insult
the verisimilitude exact

noun on a grecian urn
porta-flex roped down
those are equated
with sporadic hills
  and valleys

a great story
next to the world

noiseless when it happens
perhaps a long drive
probed the planetary
her element oppressed
  by limitation

both songs increase
checks top the
  situated commission


the morass of feeling
  and necessity
composes her radical
toward a future

sanitized elbows
in rooms sat up straight
to hand over the radio

problematized muzak
whenever overuse
  deploys random
ghosts spit upon garbled

a vessel for his beginning
to endure so pitted
  against usage
rope a skittish downtown


time accrued
as if it didn’t play out
  in novellas

waiting for scenery
that time distorts
(ironed flat)

in stark italic
perhaps compunction
  reverses the equals

healing tomorrow
the blind-sided ape

a telephone crucial
  for annoyance
the largest paranoia
learned of pervasive


there in another space
jam to hold outward:
second to religion

felt as faded as rolled
through handiwork
spotting frames to bother

overcast texture
in fabric (call textile)

the role of condiments
credits the bursar’s
wish to attic-stairs
the melody of memory

achieve serial divergence
the talked-over 
cast next to orange swirl
to carom further


might self be the rumor
of conditioned service

gas-tv up the road
encircles remains
two thinkings removed
a pre-dated soul power

the alarm far too often
sits at table, her ice-
green and formulaic destiny

a procedure of words not
some stagnant items
fall through the mesh
  of sparks’ telling
overflows not sequenced
  with remotest silence
nor gone organic


see whimsy as trapdoor
leading to alice in film
cinema is recaptured
hover there
buy a list of teams 
as focus is retained

tellingly sporadic if found
venerable computer
on a schedule

everybody gets arrested
(indigo saliva)
at form’s popsicle course

total as this footman
may already have
imprecise memory
shod in plastic armament


as restitution of best maps
a break silenced gamelans
once to impress museum

limited to the other
ecology pleads with
persons that aren’t ready

scholar, a presentation
less the fundamentals

privacy’s lesson learned
odors from the corridor
leapt into the salient package
near squalorous

festooned with muscle
  grasping throats
an overt singularity hastens
to appear with blood


story of an old man
onto patinas, the rules
in global summers
as light and heat
results in fascination
with stories of
  material concern

pious enticement
went to reduce no mark
from potency redefined
here and there fueled
  in karmic result

one entry brooded over
morals entice lists
face former blindnesses
the reflex upon items
to conjure up song
for ameliorated bands


spoke to a major pod
influence upon introductions

green sky
no diremptive gathering
insists dolls cling
to metal relics

for the blind attached
  to light
no source bent to limit
one capacious chakra
a murmur of accompaniment


the decent touch
imparted to piano keys
induces reversion
to a firmness more solid

grasping straws
as precisions that
noxious or not
sum up
the rodent’s view

thought in a parcel:
schematics xeroxed as
a panel of expectorants
rid price from
the melted song-form

a closed and worried footfall
nears toxic binaries
yet refuses to owe more
to prime attachment

tried to forget tickets
leased for a history
no point acts lest
pride excoriates
a crown of thirst

previous mentors
near silent aloneness


with time, sincerity
devours oceans the sky
  cranes to see

at dinner a politically 
  narrow fuse
discourses to talent
  on a tailspin

sequential redolence
parts the sort of purse
with closed hinges
that slip away concerned
that each vessel looks 
  through a bond
contrasts books
  with touch on keys

sentential other
how phrases die succinctly
worth an exposition

valor identity
can’t soak


who expects to cross
  the street
when features divert
  heroes into tiles?

the mantra-magician
and the reductive
wet with the orbit
of close fools
roaming in solicitude

wordless anticipation
of the insane matrix
become absolute as a norm
fixated upon

architect of song-forms
precise tigers
another’s naive intelligence


section c of daily orbits
consecrates appetites
with three generations
now attached, though
  before there was
attachment, the roles
  were similar

tangential to the surface
the dirt on scholastic icons
noise-proof or foolhardy

the text insight couldn’t find
narrow, relinquishes
  the force

almost retained
answering tomorrow’s
  wide brim

storage rooms for
cleats and figurines


the backyard soiled
as an empty quotient, other
fixations when agreed upon

a transited element
cools treachery
linear as the mischief
not truly a leader

longest to cordon off
active schematics not time

the velocity of remote stays
  coincides with echoes
a pickaxe’s industrious 
the swimmers shimmy
their full dowry


the concept of dalliance
sheds potency to insist

a devoured expectation of
skidoo lost and flamboyant

the immediate or experienced
as something embossed in
  future halls

wondering about 
a twittering action
that seizes attachment

wrong irascible food
the condoned epistle
never settled to set
patterns of collusion

fan out from time held
ocean’s wall’s visitor’s


never taught to guess
in fact oppositely achieve
the extra in memory
a presence waiting
to write directly

air casts no deficit
  label appliqué
  to enlarge
coddles generosity

the full treatment, an
  impossible place to reach
nervous hero labels
return these visitors
once unsounded


is where they that fly
the next orbit masked
  and comfortable
should hasten to think:
  agree / differ
the filtration shuffles

second picture
a hasty reason for

curling about inert chases
the large, quantified
and not-for-profit

sequenced to go placed in
  front of the solicitation
(donated structured
  and befriended)
one pause, incoherence
  of the magician
abundant advisory, truck 
  with there


breath’s underside
waived the optional
sunk a relationship

found the plot
then contacted police
in a naive pay-off
hero at danger
the send-off in white

by now later
the consensus flexes lips
scenery mutilates
cold to spree

condones imperceptible
  reasons for
whatever happiness
  defends as pleasant
  expressions of affect

nearby key stroke loses
  seasons that
whatever fits a tool’s
relates to truth


naive lest sturdy fellows
the merit
of trounced fixations
start to teach return
tarpaulins excel

tactile strength
practical escorts
alive from house
the melancholy dustbin

famed essences reduce
  conceptual drag
  as it happens once more


the daughter’s sleeve
pops down the tube
over-stressed, thinks of
  persuasive entrancement

then compression defines
  other lights
name and form at bottom

circulating with the finale
a ticket’s putrescent anomaly
(delicate constitution)
organizes to want to sit

then head down home
to restrict conscription
walking forward less, tackling
a conduction of care
that prejudges entry
no outer arrow


it’s a quiet of context
tending to go there
at repudiated intervals

she knows how
to continue the contexts
  that get notated:
report on friction’s

down-load the brood
visible manifolds
told as other’s disguise


a ruthless engagement
the liquid keys
constrict a blossom’s
totality, she runs about
black on white

her contract’s distant irony
imputes a disgorging
‘neath scorn
enter a frozen house

crazed entropy starts
for lucid reactions
in unending rhythm, so
correct a broth of corn

peeved, incorporate
stick pin coding


radiation as in
what kind? that
an illicit empathy
can’t serve duets
from extended patterns
tells the element
(token garbage) wading
through the forest

different, though not so
  processed as to
  lose one’s filter

diamonds wilt through
  an agency of chemicals
the person inscribes
notched with a skit
  of word’s inclusion

through / in
consciousness, their chat
rode namaste


conduct there
to resonate this book
arrival promised to
a sexton tipped in
  lost catastrophe

ruse cared to show down
  the freeway
told to coast, imagined
  imperative ratios

sotto voce
then flux
  pardons aptitudes freed
  by partisans
through forgotten differences
space yells to chide


on number two
thinks of liquids

coffee-tea-climate change
beer-ocean-stout manner

reclusive empathy
now calibrated
docile ardent and faced

completes arrangements
becomes a different adjuster
complexion as virtue
acts out rehearsals of
a cumbersome trick knee

an influx of ten, various
overage for the purchase
whose is not poem?

literally organic feed
mimics the page where 
overlays in mosaic tile
fuse document teams


which startles as an
of coincided melody

now a nozzle featured 
  in vogue with them
taps down tobacco
(feed-lot varicose
stellar, can’t read signs)

issued in pleasure
named to balance
  sighted sources

a lounge chair
on floor one, the tactile
  sight overt to crowd
they don’t drown


restricted by appeal,
can figures ovulate
       on top of
a scourge? the epoch
erased and fertile

dramas close inward
telescope sight sorts
  through concentric

      the world’s
grey matter
contained in affable and
  later decisions
thinking that a mind
            (run on)
tolerates negligence
fortresses improvements

less the deposition
of one’s dice, lame 
feet in front
of crowded decisions

it’s now affordable to list
said of emotion
to remove organs
less the teeth

nervous anchors
gone, screamers pack
gaining dysfunction


cap a backyard
nothing straight 
an intervention where
  columbines sight
  a marvel

tools for telling stories
songs festoon the radio
for only seventy-five cents

pillars of the crew
life hurtles files
  down the corridor
least aligned to
  arms crossed
  by treaty

adept in cookery
returning often
compared cadillacs
to wisdom and fools


obtuse / professorial
limbs sprout, face first
closer to the organism

the scaled foot
tandem appointments
captivity donated
by circus fools

seek and separate
muscle / channel 
  risotto a flavor
wept sky, the forceps
  of meager influx

with registers gone
the rough edge searches time
to fold a cartoon
when now
space (so previous)
free and captive

a name for motionless 
you roll every word


sectarian look-alikes
couldn’t make the reach

some youth world
scarred information
delivered to demand

sedimentary aplomb
an uncertain crosspiece
in fact user-friendly

the collectable differences
make sacrifice

pleading the sentence
no one less aware

telephones risk announcers
that, seen, are
told to impress

nowhere less baited
that look-alike

the text of imparted


yonder flight removes
  citizens before
  the carnage is
said to depend upon

giving some tow
increasing the classicist
indexing a book as
  large as thought

roles collapse when some
  freeloader identifies
  and strikes back
over the hotel

night and day, police
  serve pizza
no remorse to want
  this for engagement
  in a policy of tears


pleasing therefore
nowhere and yore

spotted by referral
unsatisfied wisdom
then the contradictions of
  corgi settlements

with correct stunts
performed the secret
  of change
novel futures arrive
the gods celebrate

fearless engines of
  luck, however placed

an iron dreamer
of neat martinets
serves the excuse
not to listen

harvest of anticipatory
once referred
twice coiled


common ties down 
  the rope
tarpaulin grommets
  on hand

the wreckage of beauty
starts a gain, deliberate
icarus (spoiled) in the
reasoned surface
literally scored

texaco shillings use
a black iconography
  on white paper
surface glut, practical
  hands on same shoe

just so, nothing releases
harpsichords for audient
delete fantasy
should be morning


so garish
to tell the next piece
on an elliptical board

talker’s ignorance
fell trying a mavens’

certain details study 
the new locale
toxic praxis, genially
meditation in hearing

a velocity reductive of
on a world now ready

sign of risked agents
tool the primates
out of their lemons
gangrene tourniquets
could you reapportion 
  motions to clear-cut?

when segued through
  false green
go up the country line


we are therefore later
a slow moment, these
  tackled by greed
leap forth on sunday
listening to herd 

decoys run down attention
  to the hand
a precision monitor
left to dry on the rug


trade names
the bargain food


the connection between
  outer and inner
processes, arrows of
says the i ching

when flooded with light
the nameless entity
surrounded by its blood
names a creation
by its roads dedicated

in no attempt
to loiter, pays selection
thanking thousands
for impressionable
the nomenclature
  driven home


spin a document
through its language

tell how all ways
lean on language and
  its derivatives
when pursed influence
  relaxes in patina

jealous improvisers
exercise on pools of heat

deferred from hideous
shared with early
  years forgotten
torsion filaments faster
  than ever
a world beset with harmony
is a tactic settled through


ankles below her knees
the scene shifts
to one o’clock
as in another viewpoint
to consider

she imperils sky, all comets
delighted by the oasis
then at her quizzical
a brouhaha of fondled touch
the merit of ivory

one layer shredded by
a package of oh oh fives

deterrents strike out nothing
necessity (says gurdjieff)
forgotten college neon
torn pages of books

hidden by contract
policing the creator
skilled fixers’
abnormal message
what it looks for


secondary pendant
nowhere itemized on vinyl

separately returned
  to the story
prime torpor, the compliant
starts an institution
around corners of form

to express wet colors
on canvas or sheets of
near a ritual synapse
word within agencies
  often misconstrued

a motive decreased
on mondays of deference

then a decree’s operation
by bonds often served
a negligent earth screams
fitting closehanded teams

the quick talk of
  certain data-entry
none patience couldn’t 


encircle and give way
to closed elements
of a female body

optional shards in
water, part because chat
induces delivery
as does dance
(a perhaps-greater aside
where teams happen)

wrote hills to participate
overcome by heat

samples of ocarinas
on display at the museum

corral a retainer through
self-estimated regions
the register of disuse


a smooth ego
characterized by
velocity, ruminated
on by the feet
after early control
when you were deferred

a tagsale’s promissory
called a dreamed 
an attractive perch
solidly related to objects

the asp in persons
that claim delusion
(from and to) vanquishes
looking forward

waved a gift
then pursues an ego
littlest monitor
  on the block


what happens is now
as now is special

agreement is assumed
in carpeted rooms
with horrifying assignments

the agora cropped caffeine
acts to be them as impossible
nothing wakens (literally)
  what is given
all as consequence one for

people remain silent
through the muzak

a trip through psychology
perhaps through this
what impressionist context
writing in restaurants
takes control beginning as
  an impersonal guise

the saving of prejudged
  corona’s half-wit

prompt to dig a hole 
in created limit
reason enough


literally a confluent voice
close and cloud 
  in victim preparation

the rapier thrust through
near heart twice
why kiss the offered mouth?

a greed to trip downstairs
the entire institution of
  which we see little
seditious resistance
talks forth us two

rise in risk
held a crown at bay

gather a policy
rein in upon added lift
the one capital in
  recorded music


beatle harangue
the inferred dimension
in absence of one letter
those run down visibility
a dining room in summer

how close are the effects
replicated by savants
to the messages of crisis?

who attaches a montage to
get rid of purple? the
unemotional package
imported as a person

the long visibility
graded prone
symphonic accumulations
necessarily refuted


part seven

a theatric mannerism
thick with accent
everything at once
hoarded into bins
one another

commensurate with
  the decoy
a switch-blade magnetizes
the regrouped alterations
only the scheme remains

as correct as the muscle
  of contrast
things alike to scare
previous impressions

the potion ‘neath swaps
undefined and underlined


achilles originates (uh oh)
some pitted event
precisely the romance
no face littered on cans
  of contrast

apprised in what’s sought
by an imagined thank-you

the person as zen control
possibly magic images
on tv screens

to drive a crown to deceit
a force-fed imagination, the
likelihood scrambled forever

no-risk atrium
telephone thinness should
the motion call ahead
lets overlord piracies
beneath visitations’ assertions


irascible and
now preparing thousands
for inevitable collusion

between tentative experiences
known and unknowable
in fact retention of
a lack balanced each

signals and
father and son tokens
somewhere odd respect

whose patterns
  defines the other?

lassitude and
dreadnaught impostors 
  now and then

when mind escapes
hurt fixations
reactions spiral through
  the stance

left clinging vines
for memory and research

hearts joined in fact
nearly ornate
mill town echoes on
  the box


features of a cloud
thin / narrow

likely to rivet
a hostility
directed to
the degree of control
saying why as why

properly caffeine
one stark pressure
this till then

word of mouth wired
  to the liars
told too often to spit

afternoon chills
protested as
a surgical strife
  eliminates options

frontage for time there
spread out, focus on laughter
at recondite obstructions
a too-horrific maternal
if collapsed forums
force the reclusive

pending a scratch
teeth of the arpeggio
name and let to happen


a stinger for latchkey
nose aligned to resurface

asks over-wrought for a
gutter-skirts time and
a role fixed to sound off
when life becomes 
  nowhere again

need for the older part
to list procedures
adopted in prana

the inset too final
walks back and forth

the basis of disuse
stories that figure extra
  in undulations
seen, suggests a target


ferret ‘em out
news of radical surfers
tact results in close-outs

time speeches that
  a bitter soul
target to sink angelic

mill props form angles
those distract

intent on masks
  and orbs
shifted errors
  supervise painters
lead and be led
in one’s interest


is covert
and not accompanied
a stretch of vats on fire
the constant impossibility
as socialized efforts
furnishes a mark 

as a tough identification
the rules speed through
in the battle with pistols

each index scared to reduce
  enmity, a face
  on a body
scrambles orgiastic letters

light of a mode 
  for resuscitation
startles those undone by
upon a rhythm yielding

his sour witness
the borders define


as a separate fluid
twists the radio dial
a new space 
  for fido’s bongos
  or minou’s 
captures the ocean

impersonable thickness
as a byline motto

thankless endeavors
  reduce flow
one place imposes up to
  ten rules a day
to bargain for impression
as a bungled improvement
  next day

contrast the weird name
found on a telephone database
impoverished from leniency


whomever carpools through
  a tunnel
imposes darkness, the reality
  of a surface client
no instant
  faced in marble
nor sandstone

results reach commitment
though nearby artifacts
  change the balance

eventually condoned
a retrofitted staghorn fern
decapitated by seduction
here and alive


the severity hails from
whatever planet
in the way of lions that
respect names in yellow

names the color
by which efforts accepted
as incongruous
are found by a bureaucrat
to be in contempt of loitering

holidays at more
  than one place
is ascension in escalation

mallets roll downhill
ski labels arriving from the
  southern hemisphere
never knew spelling


the result descriptively
  a right turn from here

enduring a space
to encourage a world
born with patina
felled in dishwater
no harvest from eastern
left hoops for later

or is necessity
the pace run to demolition?
no phase except
the room for all-purposes


the pleasing convergence
tatters for bouncers
bad nightclub for women
no respect nor rescue

strange fears
define a poster child
from islands
to the stray mind
though cool as ink

prodded by infertility
that a noose assuages
sentiment quicker than
velocity’s cross

a wise bather
controlled in fiction
litters a seat with nouns

the heart discount
thinking self: dualities
nearly done downtown
crowded hostility
in precision verified by
other lasting issues

save carousing for later
no safe fringe
charted or proved


certain commissions
infer without pre-causal
the reflex demystifies
thought, wears thinking
alike to the tournament

poetic, not philosophic
a venial ruse to prejudge
empowerment, glad to seek

a form increases its
the arrival becomes clouded
then releases information
for haphazard publicity
nerves in her navel


chain letter
approximate furnishing
  on third-floor
are realities, the best one
  can proceed
  with confirmation

waiting in presence
a natural issue
pools inferences with
  century’s end

potent conduct
iffy from scrapple
near donor inserts
reverse contextual surf
no ignored compulsion


her vaporous disgorgements
have increase
in dimensions that preclude
the summary deposition

residues now seeded
by the hook
in coronations or defeat

jesters fill cartoons
for waiting-room dissertations

world of a thousand pearls
country approximate
that results in grand opening
expects concepts hereafter
  the rope breaks


whosoever is a blossom
that the furnace shares
  with air?

nearly sampaku dilettantes
subscribe to effectuate
  the choice of motto
screwy affect, coriander
that the precinct calls 10-4

sorts crowds
that sip lenient schools
before a hiatus
always saying just what

ponds of lapis lazuli
in construction of phrases

mitigated flowerings
that courtship expects
name to ramp
token left


twist torment
self-as-reflex on a walk
the densest duality that
  waits on gifts

lachrymose music
the dolorous imprevu
literally ineffectual, but
making one’s own terms
indicates emotion in process

light hoards the cruel
community out-reach
for immature organizers
on senile repetitions

where urgency inflates
no song held court


already the hat overflows
vessels apt for construction
named to each game

the acrostic vessel
an apostle for bedraggled vets

the coronation impeccably
imperfect lion tonight
irks the food, importance
alike under the skin

when events surpass
idiolect’s vainglory
truth intelligibly roped in
  for a slash


the resonant art, fact
is not home nor bias
towards such endeavor

seen in correction
dream sky-writers convene
the tourmaline aspect
defying telling

the shape of itself
  if spoken
dry cities fed to furnaces
organizers curtailed
and wandering through this

the remotest archangel
that could correct


all the senses that work
celebrate vacant spaces
filling tonight with
  spare briefcases

the sole undulation
on a picaresque detail
through-composed see
  what and then

captive in cloth
somewhere off-putting
by noise by
  the thunder of throats
her identity now palpable

remember the line
under touch of control
tough identity thought deaf

then piled into a truck
by furniture-polishers
the pendant opened early
one less loss


explain to yourself
the fragmented overture
that cerebral information
accosts deeply lampooned
skull-duggery and

the hotel hammered
when spread that far
legs’ instance rolls down
  collective corridors
that no sign (were the
  planet other)
caps well-scorned

dry by hand, ready to fix
nails grown sleek
portions deleted, dancers
  could spy
spotted tunics on
  animal impostors
material options
  at list’s full


a moment from ice labeled
  scheme’s final irony

the detoxified servant
compares against all odds
the controlled rescue

details of ugly ice
anon the fixated gloss
pylons those release
on prize epicureans

hastens to a vision of 
  conceptual mimicry
that a procedure on a
  new planet
could sequence-through
the regrouped hill
  yard and condominium
fails that and begins rolling
  down trot conduct


eyes in glass protected
purchasing escorts for
compared with poor
telescoped trying scenery
as positive haste

still endemic then movement
tin proctored the exam
monitored telephone talk
heard less than the conduit
  could sleep

ontology’s style:
amnesty for a presence

pockets (suddenly noisy)
mask expectations
where jotted survivals
incapacitate optional


star mentors
the appellate talks to
  frozen comments
that a front and back
engages as driveway stunts

historical repair
to predate or get lost in
her inclusive beauty
as loss or absence
for terse disfavor
collectors never indulge

psychological grammar
what you see inward
  to expect
in crowded tension

are the beautiful possible?
the world the whole throat
neighbor in service
judgment repaired


tensional ochre portals
to whom the driver assents
deflects consummate
when through the door go
a clotted hill and valley

terminator explosive
gone a bit over the line
the other crosshatch

invisible violence
a word of hostility now
  regrouped into
  a favored oceanside
one standardized recruit

only outward tournaments
can crave the digestion
of no stones unturned


a coterie of worlds
cross that line
down the boulevard
jasmine reflections
all fitness empowered

one and the other
  personal quiz
leaps forward (star pile)
  fifteenth sortilege
more mantra a process
  to revert

a basis for thought
copasetic with vacuums
that purify the changes

when sundown is reflective
nearly a daytime aporia

legitimate constant
to remit control served
  by similarity
by hopped up defoliations
pedaled to the shop
chasms otherwise


a portion discovered
other wide hoops, she
  blinder than
what one would ordinarily
punish on same-day

practical literature
news of scars
sumptuous blood truer
to the chopped salute
nowhere from the belts

a store-front clinging vine
proud of teeth in orbit
forum for justice
pictures in the newspaper
tornado walks listed through
passive hesitation

no light nor copies
to prove
listened to in fact

version of core
  sensation, the
midweek aerobic when
  stable attitude
new exposure to
  absorption of
  the mutiny

not properly disposed
taught to thinkings’
any precious position
a degree of freedom’s


theory past attitude
appeal the midstream

backpack to heaven
startled by brahms
in serving muzak’s function
privacy and intensity
otherwise regurgitated
too soft for enculturation

things move to the past
heroism’s venial implant

a sundry wayfarer’s
  topmost desire
plastic fear, now cry out
nighttime’s new allotropic
overflows in conduct


once the (at last) favored
complex of terms
invites arrangement
forms front and rear
multiplies inflected

their special oval
near collusion to redo
  anarchic devotions
the melisma oedipal
  of coronation

one will for strafed
  patent leather
to need lip from that

ignored impassioned talk
vested by the hoi-polloi
burnt reactions and animals
otherwise decapitated
the issue still thorough


flux fender
the audacity
with shaped syllables
of the infra-racial surgeon

donor impetus
a quicker beat for rhythm
the background noise
fantasy and pirouette
accustomed to science
didn’t talk there
swarms of anonymity

before counting the chase
there is one forsaken echo
noise (a carousel) reports
dreck stiletto


within the freed-speech
go tyrants and melodies
that refuse meaning
(however not syntax)
an orb on a pedestal

venerable apprentices alike
to her unused appearance
one instance after another

told to find pear-shaped
to fidget with reprints
amnesia the old go-quick


a word around the core
talking throwaway redlines

vast echo from movies
allergy to rest
surrounded by harangues

seek what is sought
an agenda for motionless
harmless like that


ulterior in seating
around the hollow play

tilted and retrograde
september, ignoble
toss to alert platinum

other stooges
seen (not took) the candy

postal massacre
think (if thatched)
to remove the label

ingenuous middle altar
tones when winter coiled
fed blossoms much
  to being


whiplash to the rule
forecast impetus of input
questions that she veers
  around the fence
to aver collision

fax earthly engagements
smart shocks still replace
budding green datelines

northern heat
a prize economy
windows one-to-one
nor other standard
apprises a sour plot
noon from other


which distracted change
ecology of the mindstyle
an untimed token

appears the fullest card
exasperates steamrollers

this way vented and fringe
new labels frequent
  hollow corridors
more plastic than his agenda

fertility as cured from life
impervious to violation
now a dude to beat six
  weeks’ transit

thorough from both views
an accompaniment by dry
  states that flimsy


wanted a route and
  a survival
must not hoot down
  the strata
non-appearance too

greedy singers
how exposition focuses
upon dramatic icons
busy and bothered

tamped down for delivery
a lager on vocabulary’s
  tenacious ampersand
thrice begged to strike

ornate colossi
from budded smitten
  or harangued skills
pile-up for sugar
fed incorporate ovals
vented part severs


a procedure known
to precede insight
acting as collusion
with spoken language
acts of the offense
tear you there
one pyromania gone

trim incursions
into outlawed matter
cause parallaxes to roll
downstairs blasé

the city confers with
  feasible addendas
noisy bitter untold rakes
positive empires
terror by day or night

his naive brush with lawlessness
theatre captures nature
for informed sanity
placates that miasma


more than twice
a stone wall headed
  this way
never arrives

a lot promised to jangled
seen where you split

empty advocate for
  change / non-change
no straddling the duality
swim the current of
  symptomatic entry
one stagnant urge
  decodes trust and heat
prodded to refuse
nature inclines in the drift
  toward referral


tellurian test-pattern
night music orders
  for control and buttons
positive thoracic ink

the various capitalized
make more room / take
  more rumor
to demand blackened
  enigmas unless they
torpedo-in from
trouble’s dimension

a furnace a freezer
the likeness of same
on padded urbanity

no flower chokes
  private actors
terror inserts tears
on desiccated embryos

the trick vanishes
torn by sporadic

nowhere more


a unit of effect
tie-down incorporates
effects at change’s button

coronation if qualified
to escape detention
by collapsing eros
the naiveté’s impact
insists, docile helper

on a fibrous métier
the calligraphic out-shined
by costume severance
lest the bin of seeking

dutiful at each echo
later disproportionate
labeled hook for shreds
the positron accumulates
sleek pariah 
a metallic glue
is out of order


at large to illumine
best form (high boy)
let gamble
where familiar touch
recovers diversity

an impossible touchstone
natural bet dowsed
finicky wafers
from impolite centuries
of results that inflict
more the resistance
of consequence

at all in hearing lists
that supervision
(can-do procedures) reflects
a conceptual distance

priorities bargained a
  movie soundtrack


pure effect
as likelihood if compassed
in word’s usage
that always says

congruent with simulation
teak-podiatrist statuary
who predates the broadcast?
a bit less the cut-throat

ecological from a viaduct
roman centurions
meant other the hollow
  planet meant

crises of similarity
neologism’s afterword
punitive making-room-for
a captive of ego
lamented stalemate
purified music


gregarious neighbors
induce limits
to focus on glass

thought away
spenders’ insult front
  and center
the latter-day ontology
this the sediment nowhere

jealous of devotion
place one: no access
place two: access
  no drive nor total

these roll down formality
when rage insists
to redo possibilities for
constructive empathy

later at partisan fun
no haggling the reputed

lions and demons
now further away
from pointless extras


elliptic module
from an eight-hundred

religiosity: the people
  the energy
actuality: the individual
  the guilt
sad romance that a
  female dragon sings

inner pleasantries
force to get prime upadhi
slick at memento

the fashionable troll
epidemic forecasts thank
  roped down products
once a worth is stated

pliant as density forgotten
negotiated elfin work
possibly back down
what is years away

the hermetic apple
ghost rut, prime tear
starve frisky


a bottomless pit
the country the county

tamed to insecurity
plastic overtones reveal
songbird emulations

closest to desire
is theatric binaries
the call down the corridor
mature oil ponds
labels reduce worldliness
to encourage loyalty

purely saved insists
  that reflectors
  remove cargo
from wall hangings


what line of perfection
in topmost surveillance
gone to depletion
ask told and remained
a stake-out for generous

toenails riddance of sky
the disjunct incorporated
a skill-posed trial run
processed the drug talk

harm not burn
ticketed our false bodies

severe stack downtown
name aspected reflects
even therefore of last

there are no perfections
now as approach from
  wherever to whatever


comment on new car fever
caveats rule the floor
not aware of providers
  of awareness
pry into sound as moment
which least moron
sacrilege never puts
as boundary of music

least music to rule
fixates six speakers
  am / fm / cassette / cd
news from florida
piracy’s hardheaded lip
trashier relaxation
fixated eponymity of
definitions forgotten


sectarian beauty of mind
thought about things
 and ideas of things
as such
the mended fencepost

agrees parsimonious labor
glitzy bit down upon
held a light at the start

then shut down
never thought of that
no compliance as wit
  propositions the cure

one style glimmers in
partisan rottenness
glucose fed promptly


am here
why events distort
the pundit of no hours
won’t spit feasibility

bend the roles, refitting
apparent skies
with hollow appetites

they-don’t usually
  stiffs consequence

the rigorous article
deplores adaptation
distant for awhile
out here


stranger to insight
forces court waterfalls
the ideation out of control

start and didn’t continue
lenient pigment
failproof argent
mind a service of elegance
known as preference

discarded mats on from here
the soft periplum of luminosity

error feels the group
moving westward

no picture effect
lances feet for profits
let air go noisy


contrary to fact
the great distance
from one to you
(petals on the road)
becomes largest in
written limits
breathing naturally

the equation
becomes superfluous
choking on a sample

watching how it’s done
letters and numbers
sent flexible hours
soft voices
deep resonance

where one is
begins the favor of lotus
epidermis-thin pizza

predated by sequences
more about that


the appeal of the very

a timetable suffices
to rile the hangover
stomping crucibles
before adaptation
removes covert doings

variably well-behaved
the standard mark-up
complies functions
under contract
with obvious ego

a precision dance
surfeited on velcro
the entire figure
insight creates


pellets to eat
binary fuses to sleep
well-arranged for
shot granaries
the insulation
compresses e-bar sitcoms

only a favor
tells to replace
what is near statement

a youth’s contribution
air through the esophagus

mellow appeal of
tentative lounge-chairs
bemoans no further
  stretched disk


the accidence of taste
burgeons prudence
(victory planet)
to enshrine adjustments
that concerted evidence

arteries (simulated echoes)
the test of amnesia
whether organs insert
is provided

some near dilemma
prefers liquids that attach
gorged to being at a time
the novice rejuvenated
(tear down lopsided airs)
minds the store


worldly entrance
of severity, the plainsong
  as amulet
how it happens, life

a contrasted incubus on shelf
bitter mouth spread
peeled raisins, the
  surface label
emulated incoherence
the deep structure
so elusive


budding scalpels
by the bridge, signed
into coping tactics
thought by that person
to impersonate in evolution
a code to remain

world, a built-in disaster
tones down the sights

error capitulates order
faces define nutcrackers
the picture often near
a new set of deliveries

name and form
that remains august
a longstar service element
apportioned in anonymity
seen walking on the floor
a job well done


spread inducements
that inch up the scope

welded to metal
from and old surface
to rid with essence
  budding rooms

a paltry line in a
  starving notebook
the consequence of 

karmic overtones read
  the panegyric texts
a pervasive empathy
carted away
before your eyes see


appearances shred
a nucleus offers
pittances, to begin
and never start

operative baggage
(paused and circled)
a formulaic remembrance
in eyelash minorities
gone ceiling-to-floor
the face recognizable



the extract of influence
compares time’s decoys
to what becomes garish
by effort and polish

the incertitude regales
  possible fluids
as deletion from originals

some halo diverges
two weeks’ pardon
kids shuffle to 
  the new time

episodes frame horizons
by terminating stimuli

unit organs can’t decide
to shout down
the familiar
when sorted out


seasons, patterns
lips on particles
that an afterlife
imposes fatigue

leap-frog sultans
  reword no problem
now seen easily
as driven hackles

first fire
epitomized bargain songs
tight-rope sky-pardons

ear of earthly bounty
one news told twice
signed this afternoon
how sound / meaning /
  bridge continuity
before the apolitical


night seizes warnings
to bridge city-areas

finding entry leaping 
  about on all fours
curious to decode
  and arrange less pain

her element instigated
operative shifts

telephone sermons
count pennies
spend thousands
just a kick of throwaway
brought home for
  mom and dad


here by the plastic echo
given third plate’s offer
no harassment no ticket
insistence on new world’s
eager lion-heart paved

thirsted for by formulaic disks
boxes and boxes
now accepted
the first lane no longer
the sign compared in
new procedures going
enlightened, impossible
  to rush

whose demands alert
the perishing reach
for another ticket
to precede vapors
of communal discretion


no climate
taken along
certainly a spry
  mobility of resources

package inner transits
to erogenity’s mellow

one late house seeded
  by the oval time
  by hole deposits
hidden advice now stolen

how samples increase
and (not taken along)
deflect options

the same elegance
rouses everybody’s


does some being that
incurs etiquette and response
to fear of fame roll
fiduciary blotters
sitting adjunct when open?

airplane gender
surfeit the wide notion
each dowager impossible
as rattan-swat-cart

chat eons roll over noise
that reaches one’s change
that is not apparent
as dry now the loop
strolled and secularized


well-wishers hear
  the whisper
no digitized attachment
the contour of dice
lenders fold cards
priests intone of future bliss
neighbors ride the atlantis
mellow irony
nuthatch sandalwood

becalmed in riddle
one’s filters
(a range in numbers)
agree to no fill

prime targets result from
held aporia
in time on her face


a new apple
just figments impart
aleatoric sundays
sooner than one says:
suddenly, she
thinks over near prizes

if it aligns dinner
the placebo rides into town

curious elephant’s
  apparent silence
efforts of our ambergris
let to ride

achievers all regulate
energy through smiles’
  day-glow primer
a crossword nuthatch


  (narrow name)
that the corrected list
entices same day

cursory settler
up by five then shows
  the edge
  of night’s tyrant

risk appears certain
then meanness accrues
sit-com soap oreo cookies
limited litigants prize
  that territory
on a solved night


shuffle throwaway
let them acknowledge
the surface of all intensity
lives in opposition
to immediate correctives
let to blow over

sergeant in hostility
the java daughter
skill induces synapses
vested arbiters
seeing what goes
if not doing else

the ghost of engagement
not told to hear about
  outer lists
sepia corrections


hurt and thrown
  achievement curtails
  the empathy of silence:
what comes about?

the equivalent pittance
soon forgotten, smoothest
elected imprimatur
to solve as language
burgeons through its revolution

perhaps to choose later
some other reliquary
talks there, to you
the emotional survival


incoherent illusory
durable though of this
gets gloved in the sundown

a category of explication
contentious ambergris

ceilings depend on inching
so that the motive hassles
the paid-for entity
bidden to smile back

stagnant rattan
the either-you-or-them 
an impossible choosing
transferral to dimension


strangeness electrifies
  for once the once
  begotten savvy
if context spans truth
some orb toils motionlessly
on infinite lists that accrete
to the next language wheelchair

isolation sorts through
to predicate experience
(whatever) as valid response
when literature galls these
  empty faces
one world away
from distance


bid to a steep incline
names associate winds’
thoroughly leapt speed

one there, another in
  productive array
experience a challenge
  as will drowns in feet

hook prime-lifted incognito
indicated and survived
  earlier transitions

small geode
binary curlicues
stole lips to row
  the carnival tasty
no hundred-lined ice


conduction of sleep’s ghosts
reduce choice too large

interested, consecrated
maddening, rallying
to form cloisonn pendants
the list of contusions reign
the opening on command

lenient sunshine
that a dancer’s steeplechase
worn on prophetic amulet
describes (one finds)
evidence of prowess is
a favor done to resilience
found under chairs

  + + +

part eight

the many knew light
as possibility
till smooth-edged sabras
deleted watchful anarchists
with their own momentum

scars seize effect of
community value, local
ignorance of the waist’s
fallow irony, very involved
in a deep-seated memory
not facing sequins
with whodunits

precarious diamond, that
arrow of drive-by

tools reshape personality
by shredding anomaly-driven
word of the summary


alert to a consciousness
scratchy noontime fell
to bond with early signs
of flagrant responses

distant glass pirate
accomplices everywhere
and ugly

decent reminders
of apparent sharing
the comparative background
a similar night of advantage

on small courts
the ratio of presence 
  to assertion
becomes failingly obvious
and regularly otherwise

natural isolation
dissolute september
till adjustments, one after
another they perish
where no control applies


a strong affirmation
for reclusive slander

of god, the apparent
listless intersection
where time assumes 
dream slokas could
respond one-to-one

false labels:
the cursory lover’s
naive escape to relaxation
that a crushing residue
can always instruct
the apparent essence

no material concept
transcends limitless
  addresses to
the tamper-proof concubine

promotion of adrenalin
a picture intended
to realitize (effortlessly)
the prompt stalling through
people arriving for work

once in space, nothing else
weds spirals
the code newsworthy


why not?
a receipt for strangeness
too strong (driveway)
for feminine vocabulary
is a shoddy temperance
lifted unapproachable
the sudden decision

valued espadrille
dungeon triad leapt
toned down away from
  dominant members

the inoperative
expressed as
  the arguably secret
imperative issued proud

legislating monday
a trapped essence
the hungry eyelash drowns
correct insults 


a random approach
nears the curve
of silence, bet with contrasts
the code nevertheless

other planes of existence
why those not these
a candid thirst
removes patina
no health conducive to
  scope of alimentation

narrow diversionary content
once bodily now soured
the haggard health
nowhere else unbuttoned


the comparison to food
equals timely aspects
of effortless structure

details punish from
what harbor incursions
  depend upon
a light of aerobic nuance

deleted pressure
naively focused upon
archival mammals

the detained elephant
now commonplace would
shoplifted echoes
binary occlusions remake
  karmas suddenly


the relapse into material
appropriate in silence
money to (therefore) skilled
  limitations burst

open causeway
  of attention
outer / inner awakening
to a survival crowned by
  impossible overflow

aversion to melancholy
invisible new potency
life in one half-hour
becoming necessity to
  appellate soundtracks


friend of concept
time and space defied
boot ramps colored
  by stolen artifacts 

self-aware, overjoyed
  to emerge talking
  a tidy protein

navy breakdown of
  protean stargazers
licensed to kick bandstand
a remote laboratory
shouldn’t appearance

aware of codes telling
to run away tomorrow
(shapeless arachnid
terror inside the web)
codified, just learned


alacrity is the mode
that forgets last letters
then puts on a ripieno-style

ortega lists cigars
everything fresh and ripe

pretty close to some others
in orbit around money
to materialize a frenzy
whose disproportionate presence
policing the mantras

overly fluxed, ions of
  relative moment
see again, and against
  all world of flavor

worlds must you lean on
pirate the middle ground
(once or twice)
attention to local venue
resonant book, linear


open house
the better roughness
incoherent contractions
that regalia swerves
one likes to blend
wide marines in cadillac
called fanfare
to regulate lines’
  upstanding roughness

indiscreet machismo
has annulled faience
blotted semen
as rolling through
what double-vision
solves appreciable fun

wrong roll, the feasible
here the days off
told by radio
inert inept vacuum
foundation by story

ping pong or piano
lip-synch telephoto
restructured error to
both blindnesses

noon of sunday
twixt far-reaching knowledge
how ghosts roam, shortens


become radical
stay inferred ionian
  strapping tool
ponder prince to escape
compared inverted
  eliminated evoked
    construed combined
  corrected listed
what starts effects the land

operating scheme wih
  premises of detail
some others unusable
when the product is evasive
sepia trotters flee

pardon at noun’s
tom-tom shrapnel
  inverted peeled
    scraped scored


hail from here
something directed
to dutch chocolate

vinyl appallingly fragile
tow the diamond life

books imprecisely rest
active with typos
cost-phases delude coins
  and their operations

we have heard, all
six of us
‘neath the benches
over there
in fact alluded to sooner


compared road tests
violent reprisals for having
  to be there

a neutrality can’t
redo lip-synched emotions

name to follow the tip
  of ice landscapes
seventy-nine cents frame the
  color of ignorance
toiled by the happiness
  to relate viscerally

vitamin tendency, a
  rude soliloquy
not too eager to offer
  a second


to become foreign
in this planetary function
to pick off skits
that loiter about

mesmerized labels
for background checks
remind of the absence of
while language’s usage
  nears diplomacy

likely its cousin
swerves by disturbed echoes
should share what’s lost
naturally the score piles up

no uncertainty lest they
flee from precision
(literal) liberally enjoyed
  conversing tongue-tied
  to greet


when this
blasts through voice-overs
megaphones and speakers

time to challenge
experience spread out
  on a table
trying to sleep out
the phase rerouted
and impersonal

raised as a queen
air tipped by bridlepath
light remains in forest

odd either they fly
a previewed elegant length
  of phased echo
or night grows rain-proof
no time fades forever


of the sunshine
a terse pirouette
spit-less arrow

the actress vituperates
against those that hide
imprecise, when
conduction rides away
the hearty laugh
here awhile, then gone

street audiences
remove color from chins
to epidemics the light
  of agency goes
a night of pseudos reduces
understood topics
naturally got round

as penchants for limitation
environments open
they pile solitary decisions

nothing near the guide
feeling along a wall
to find a chair

toxic nature
principally known to dry
  out for walks
portions deleted
batteries not included


the dutiful imbroglio
uncognised by format
several fringe copiers
toll of wed wayfarers
narrow pedestals
though copious vessels
have political laughter
as rumor and innuendo

posited the side, as room
to ride, pellets
on floors some pavement
one hundred miles away

taken seriously
the fetish factored in

partners calculate the
howitzers and balloons


smitten by a parrot
that begs for precursors
of ultramarine and gold

stick to the horror of
(happened to notice,
  let go)
husserl vital as operative

compares light that
  overtakes form
notifies old crowds
woken in the evening


a season of unknown
taken photographs to
  prove direction
one long language
already bypasses august

random feed to sing
  or sink
telling form to accede
literally assured by
  throatless inquiry

the tactic of cardboard backing
spotted change in one
twoness of open eagles

her doppler radio
identifies distance
to scramble


has information opted out
of defensible identities?

does random architecture
spit out visibilities
that accrue dimensionless?

thinking on the arrival
held over another exile
the airplane circles needlessly
when ground-zero approaches

severe weather
never horoscope without fire

about time to result
in heard feelings’ sport
user of women and men
the cornerstone corrective 
  in all pretense


bitter response
a thousand-fold arcana
total litigated by llamas
near a new use

old faience tolls to row
prison context

swan-song oboists
naive fructose by age
worse the shot travels
appraisals often drift
to heart attack diners

protected scheme
indexed to ride
telethon proxy


a conscientious slouch

erroneous rumors loiters
slough off motionlessness
the noun madder issue
think that relation
time absolved informally
package attention in boxes

trick sheds, all the large
timepieces long for
serigraphs, the tool of
iron faces’ planetary
contours when ceded

indicate a moon
fixate summer rides
thensome burnt-out
more the thought


send lines that skim
probabilistic mentions

crow-down nouns
epitomize relationship
warrant the feasible
to raise a predatory choice

another department
switch-blade romeo
hidden fast movement
away and aware of prizes
team wanes the secession

deportment: perfect
listening: perfect
loud-eyed: trickery of
swim a muddy constancy


apparent burdensome
mixes a brutal muse
not held, in fact moved

spartan mutation
chakras all spine
to ride limp tons of care

where organization hurts
prompt crown, everybody
a taken-to-the-brim, the
porsche of literature
transition said it would


terminated by whiplash
automatic foreplay frozen
bistro name and address

certainly less the grasp
eye-to-eye contact

fringe episodes, carpal
tunnel stunt-stutterers
middle of the space
others cluster on walls

prominent virus
these and attention spans
  roles that endure

blind house that a
  definition makes
  arbitrary choices
venus to drown skyward

comment’s sadism
across the placard
admissive of emendation
conscious notice
taste, a bit fundamental
  of decree

slow demands when
rode thoroughly cover
just vandalized

brooded for conditions
leap-frog around houses

cellular adept
ride conceptual
textural inclemency
ratted budded held
stomached smothered
elements of language


the quintessence of light
the apotheosis of melancholy

rode through squeaks
to encircle listed managers

insipid relax protean
the hurt escapes oceans

lamented chances for rowdy

the new face towhead
  brain bribery
seditious empirical
  content is no context?


smooth iguanas leap or
erase bottom, loud
offers invade personal

no neck, talentless
rise to occurrence
a faded tipped and rolled

news sectional advertent
almost fancy

ligaments, oppositions the
feud, renown actively
sorted, industrial empti-
ness caps no hermetic
body weight

has not the average


books unread
litter the bursting name
her appearance joking
  about it
some small day
issued in convenience to
  brief the strut
apparent indigo java
is where commentary
a country bedridden
accumulation inside the
  listed comparison

open shirt gender
conducive computations
squeaky wheel has
  chained the discourse


nothing better for a squeal
aborted entry, how
agreement in critical theory
is dispersed, piles of
book wrappings, seated
on books everyone can read

vestigial appetite
relaxes down the homefront
of the pack leader
annoyingly fundamental

witnessed through severe
running here and there

has supplanted infatuation
with mallets’ beef taste
hurry on to get ready:
insomniac adults


the level of tassels
on the cupola, in
readiness to preach
momentary slavery

distance to restrict
lines fend
  for themselves
wide rape of possibility
that’s looking through
  a fence of cards

told to remit
productive second shift

third shift neat hello price
linear pistol

genuflect to fast expulsion
points ruined
for content shows
prime code talkers

marimbas tell to chip
tentacles averse to hounds


properly accurate
table inside, cluster
formulative of riddle

aspects renamed short of
collusion with

brother of sound in
predicated assurance
controlled sharp patterns
separate treatment 
instructive announcement

the fellow bather abbreviates
  etiquette’s breach
rouse a situation often
a pregnant hitch
band scurvy
prime apportionment
return of consent
the noon appalling
  roles to slip


odd nouns rise from acres
  of forest
that memory confronts

elements thought can’t
access in earthly emotion
around a song

fell atrophy
some bled to entice
vertical product
already cared-for

chewing sounds
variably true and false
in emotion there runs ideals
one’s copious reflection
dances inside a sphere


what changed
becoming adept
pecked at reverse order
to control indications
woken up that mind
the slow stare to ride
when insight tells to flee
consecutively announced
world after world
concubines roll through night

insertion in newspapers
that compulsion
ready or not
repetitious citizen
tv nation inside level
primetime aversion
away from the heard
inside total certainty
when aloud they move


even at the most difficult
the paper flung through night
  after night
hears chosen episodes
visible from the noun

wronged piano, secret amorous
down the mystery, back to
  normative echoes
why not? stammers the
  furtive embryo
leased from ecology
  as a sorry podium
  grasps differences

a mackinaw slogan
heedless of the favor
ensures dry hands


operations shorn up by
  described animals
tickets sold and fenced in
along the stadium
large firsts, people with
told the message would

vertical impresarios
line up to focus
eyeglasses’ overt carnival
collectors impugn motions
servants deign
to fidget with seminaries

prop trod
holed rambunctious

privations of mercantile
the book and immodesty
less consumed than
alive and alone


sold tickets and walked
up to five houses wide,
the sketch of nuance
a document on form

his advantage
now bar-coded illicit
and unmanageable

strong, the affiliation
for books read
thrashes through
nonets and quatrains
the humidity held there

promise of induction
(third part) now away
in orientation to that
going nowhere describes
animated elevators, night
rises through verse, tools
that sing variously
dependent upon nuclei

heroism captured in
those five, the meddled
  couldn’t swerve
name the house widely


imagine when
correctives don’t work

she answers a machine
flaunts a hierarchy
likely brand-name-talking

erased and tamed
though without freedom
one in dependence
dependent upon others
rehearses the options
variably assured and

stinger on primetime
validity assured
textures report to the boss
incoherence of mantra
sound of kitchens
three thousand dollars
stellar vinyl, a circus


rode there the harbor
finally renamed
a book of concerted envelopes

stays the corsair of
the one real word goes
now sole youth sympatico
likely a puzzle that defines

mode of address
a total fetched from specials

token charlatans have
that memory of incidents
having let all that go

at a wink
and a bluish crown of
nameless and talking it
  over does nothing


literally by the clock
torqued to stockpile

at lunchtime, blasts of
  weird pause
infect the skillet
could say anything
except pardon the 
herein untamed
heavenly triad of

a loved person
knows no limitation
anyone reveals

timeframe dilettantes
invoke impossibility
that bad news
around the corner
blames ironic multiplex

bends truth to endure
lingua franca of parity
largess unfolds
possibly use of name
puts it all here


as a chorus of entry
sky fascinated with inner
  and outer focus
various inner protections
  should suffice

lenient animals
i saved for you the
  coin of process

angel too synched
same thing operative
folly to those

almost cougar
less accidence
scrap metal


once on an easel
the dense unsuitability
retrograde off the floor
tolerant accord with vipers
the labeled adjustments
form no gratitude
the language of opening

status quo: fear and
  artificial mania
what nameless wash
ivory sadism told to
venial negatives implode
  on contact

each life a pattern
  of payment
for voluntary islands


because shared
against something
and fertile change

way to delay the armistice
thought incremental
to realizing truck parts
as beast’s agreements
a solo career needs

rope the critter
on its back
pressure-fit, crated
impartial assumptions
sped viable silence
threat of routine
capable, not too smart

poverty of the struggle
well-styled and gone
the portion cued to fit
angel of destined accord

pirouette through the
neutrality nor devoured


promise no sleaze
she accurately intends

thank to begin ignorance
nothing sped, nothing
  got there in the post
bitter value
to enfold delay, inner
  intolerable to delay

churl for a houseboat
a soft smile, you, conehead
the maladjusted distraction

labor at a table, different
time none spoiled, riders on
strange epidermis
name for the street
silent adjudication
likely an adventurist ego
to bleed batted

paranoia scolded and
a rider invents
pleasurable not indulgent

correlative of correctness
values begin kindness
kindergarten starstruck


worker bee solvent to
emotion’s driveway
roll out the pavement
each week of patio-sitters

if the possibility
skidoo strong and correct
pratyhara stored features

muscle through the distance
asked secondary master
  and slave dichotomy
about swerve both captured

increases focus
least in the bargain
what doing is you?

professionalism and contacts
the womb of streets


monthly offering too 
  processed, back down
the steamrolled fortunes
pendants and diamonds
rewinded to scream
foibles assured

some need needs
to prey upon the opinions
telephone work still in
the event of control

providers bite back
pincer’s odd inclusion
personal relationships
day often ten arrow risen

prominent in self-deceit
headstrong armor
bullet-proof tongue
shaped around
  the corner
when the stars fly


skilled blankets, rule
for time-frame decisions

whiplash a stutter
to empiricize perusal
owed the dander

incorporated as a
  tireless world
line down the expertise
big and impersonal
total difference indoctrinated
  to flag when once noticed
the reach beyond later
  or sooner
then plus-one

prompt now having water
middle-of coincides with


ride tunes, the music of today
empathy crazes a talk joke
now aware of surfaces
ordinary words lift endgame
on this fell contrast

twin orbits, comets, the arrival
each delicacy releases smiles
to the forum of replaced
instances, the talk forced

and shredded (pulped) as a
  text, housefree the corrosive
brigand nemesis, music for
  the closed cluster
in its assignment

not terribly well-organized
though sweet showers
imprison closest sleepers


like to like
one samples equivalents

false springboard, the
copious necessity for simulcasts
the almost the almost

closer the face the hand
 the bodyglove internal
  far-reaching handshake
to renege a hooligan’s day off
fondle appreciable organization

not inclement
inviting no disturbance
brainstorm, transfer of


no collision there
allowed by increment
(even if)

property arduous in
slothful accretion of
twice weeping the road
  gone over

heaven incipient, new sky

a chameleon prose
tonic tuned to read on
refrains from incident

hurry the boot
seat on corner sleaze
elemental origami 
to purchase undying
impassioned mutated


other data ruinous of
high position, elocutions
since shakespeare, industry
of spontaneity when
workers escape persons
tooled to start

now not captured but
music the agreements
pile around thimble-
  threaded news

amuck, they’ve muck
between their feet
nurse a mountain while
experience is a false
truest experience

the orbit before minds
escaping, pleasing time
incremental of essential
dichotomy, a token until


swim to protect visibility
in a face reunited
and fire-play insists to
demur the waterspout

events are sex and the
compulsion told in cruel
dimension as splintered
chances as inexhaustible
(?) world for a unitary
compression, never ‘neath
the blood-rimmed exhalation

first, the agreed-upon
then, saving the crew
a pirouette never found
new platelet icons
rope telling to sport

cheap shot
then with triadic spurs
how faces become altered
in fact better this 
that the freon in one’s
rolls downtown decapitated


to difference
there is space or time
no counting expects treat-
  ment unskilled and
spur of the moment
then because one is overt
they react formally

pried open, the suitcase
of a great moving-there, be-
calmed in surreal empathy
becomes indispensable when
talks assure the mutual
involution, high horse fools,
they never scheme without
appearance (shipwreck of
tomorrow today’s yesterday)
that for a disclaimer
there is no other

no vacant icons
expect the ovulated inch
to spiel the arrow

promise of contour
leptons define nouns
  and increments
arrive at house, both
replace the loss of flux

protected or imperious
the cordon aware
next is dealers who
promise indirect limits
once foliated


reason applies targets
foreign slides fathom
near negation

on time free-base con-
versation, full time optional
cervix labels of discarded
embryos, team skit fools
the presence

the suggestibility of ink
crowns presence that a
detail mystifies

how it starts
conditioning frames
the bottom for address
a scanned multiple


tell the directions
a time takes over

insincere labels abound
a toxic charisma
who the envelope arrives

seconds sponged from  
inquiry framed indexes
all pursue defoliation

by now
usable tenancies refresh
  cupped greens

light at tunnel’s end
nature respects ivory
though itemized 
will never see again
whose impact graces 


everybody in and out
conceptual humanity
where founded on sand
humid lessons twitch
functions around the navel

changeable incidence
of correct dinosaurs

already shuttled
through experience

limp badminton criers
inflate organisms
before collars
hear the weather report

tuned in front
ignored prosperity taken

rode the town fact
be friends with rioters


sold down the rowing
penchants for demands

incipient litigants for
books after which lines
cull left-right syncopes,
more happening that way

teletext haven the queue
for impossible oceans’
new existence, a migration,
a corrected impasse
though fertile reflects
fear of polarized effects,
the allowed as thought
never occurs

previous entropy screens
the faces cry
on protestations
inconvenient renovations
impossible turtles
the red houses on street

false appropriation
when it reads


nearness to information
makes differing views

elocution lessons take
away some vacancies

properly charged
conscious drift through
one plane space
  after another

names in the daily mail
expect dry tongues
  from pools of rest

holes in the shop
primetime furniture from
  classic outlets

near the truce
to be fills usage
in fact referred


relayed appeals to
  all interested parties
  up on the motives

capsize whomever
the plane of distances

survival incubates
wherever the whole
  system seeks
planes and light

journeys to once-lost  
all that one can expand

from piracy, the green
goes when accumulated
this time refuted


rolling through town after
town, the endemic paralysis
defines autocracy

how tired, show chow
elevated inner spring

the forest’s focus
a laboratory’s renewal
despite ornery acumen
not known from covers

zero for silent tools
the acid defined light

natural ingredients
from overt color: blue

totalized and left home
talk recuperates desert


truck with wipe-
  ‘em-down, the force
calling concentric appeal
that organ surfeited
generous forcefield
the nameless late quiz

elope surface science
talk abrupt echoes
jury too impressionist

journey to impressions
to force greetings’
  mathematical certainty
nowhere unsettled
made beautiful
seed forge etiquette


just to make 
works, a mirror
genuflects passing

holiday after life, hedonist
mostly moisture figures in,
enveloped in shade

starve expenditure
held spellbound
the one thinking season
prompt in no noise
mouth of career
non-agency elitists
faded encircled or fined


heavy line to crowd
the aphoristic commonality

do pilots suffer induction
in cartel separation?

a dancer’s overcast music
now apparent
as soul, muscle the
forested convenience

all to oneself
the concept reality does
a gratitude


itinerant melody
store empty data
in fruitful freezers, how
  remote organs
  infiltrate schools
never seen to disgrace

incipient familial
whose surface (bullet-red)
gathers distance
apparent love and love
  of thought
the memory the future

now spaces direct
relief, anyone told to flee
scrape down the rotors
nervous and unconscious

motion reflected in
pungent telephone conniptions
the resurgent tourist
neophyte anima
toil from jurisprudence
the handout invaluable 


ethereal doctrines’ espousal
fresh the removal
on latest or suddenly
from the harbor the fence

rejuvenated alcoholics
need svelte snobs
flagrant violent arguers
worsen the sure grip
events calibrate

detours and samples
downstairs they effect
surfaces and ingredients
no, had a thought from
  insoluble sources
packed galoshes for trust


big ghosts vomit everything
in a rush to be there
a cavernous entity

sold to the highest empire
let to bleat
assigns too organized
for elementary repair

battery off time outlive
inclement weather
the movie talked about
limits its organization
some edge to cut

smoke fills the augury
tossed to fill filters
the new apprisal

ptomaine poisoning just
  shredded a fact
evocation of the scar


on line, apparently
the ultra-svelte icon
removes her clothes before
mirrored surfaces

sensuous elision, the
attachment of conduction
between chemistries, the
attraction often surfaces
when rolled into one

wide self of the river
suspicious anomaly
money and form


some race rag
too in-front, no decoys
then settle set-back
remittances for sloppy
confrontation, loitering
there only faience

unable to hold converse
   or settle
no horrified insight
to equivocate, the rules
eventually get drafted
  to serve

oblivious to both styles:
the career, the evidence
nowhere else doctored
space needs instruments
conducive to empathy

rolls of patience and forms
letters in rows
(horizontal or vertical)
tell of an ignorance
rules haven’t changed
tottering at the bridge
fortunes ride nearby


looking through evidence
we notify partisans
too peasant-like to participate
inoculated for heroes

silent, alone
no space for distortion

tonic for roles
a damaged necessity
approaches the tablature
noisy strings
voice-over the rip cord

prize epistles for
  brief candles
noise from distant fires

the hooligan ready
  to supplant


allegro, they work for
the inside denies romances

small facetious extensions
rise unsteady on feet to
premonitions everybody

vandalism reports
to telephone home
possibilities increase
and one becomes unlivable

non-agency now property
incursively remote

pastiches of intellect
voices without foundation
though what isn’t
(in that case) replaces
experience with thought


vermin settle in for a
long epoch, nouns, forceps
the disgraced mode
of replay, given away
before death, a razor 
of angels’ hope

what is not saved
(not said, not fused)
now april returns
what looks better on paper

narrow lock-up
there is implanted a book
a face known from before
incorporated in one spool:
  the catapult


veteran sort of potency
a human cheer
the signature easy
down the road

let to define a part
of otherwise lifted
tailspins on a
talk attenuated by
what’s patterned

you precipitate agreement
for no one else completes
wide roped listeners

frozen ears in inner
attachment to her

  + + +