Wits Have Short Memories 1.1

This is the final act of computation, the first time I take it-

that as a matter of case. Foxglove motherboard-larger slots

plot stickers "The first time I have seen 'duende' translated as

goblin. That is a little alarming, given that a popular brand of

toilet paper in Mexico is Duende." Morgan's morning of

hunched into the Popocatipetl hood; its illusive backdrop & smiles

road's handy abyss. Prepared to desert there. Across its radial

mist. Vestibule removed-cactus played anonymous spray gun

stain. In vest in harachis. In a volcano its Taxco shelter implode.

As in the writer's duplicitous "I." Fact of chaos can become tiring when you do not choose it. Don't forget that the routine, tangled, is rupture. What hour emerges or emits suppressed. Blanket over possible breathings. Must lie quietly, as with the catheter, wait for what might be outside to rise to coagulations on surface. The example was that Rimbaud went not to Ethiopia but to Southern California as revealed on the Net. How they go to the "library" in oak counters, expecting to find me there. Hands cupped to mouth speaking quickly over beverages, Sounds missing in house. Tatum's harmonic imagination writing in fits. Eye direct through the entire con- versation and voice finally volleys nervously impossible to take serious. Hands under I-Ching verbs serious as exposure that must accommodate any form of surface style. Required that ancillary "voice" in the bibliography seen in patent prose.