I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, 1962-1987.
Edited by Kenneth Goldsmith.
Illustrated. 448 pp. Carroll & Graf. $17.

Warhol was fascinated by every aspect of celebrityhood, including the ubiquitous celebrity interview. For Warhol, interviews were performances, sly assaults on pretension and verisimilitude. So intrigued was he with the curious tension between the potential for revelation in interviews versus the predictable format, he started the magazine Interview. And, a celebrity himself, he often granted interviews and proved to be a challenging subject. Writer and radio host Goldsmith now presents the first collection of Warhol interviews, some never before published and all hilarious, arch, and indicative of Warhol's peculiarly prescient and pervasive genius. Over the course of three decades, Warhol toyed with his interlocutors, vamping and evading, and concealing shrewd social and aesthetic insights within seemingly insipid remarks. Warhol was, indeed, a mirror, a spinning disco ball reflecting the superficiality and pathos of human existence, and Goldsmith's meticulous and arresting collection, brilliantly introduced by Reva Wolf, is a key addition to the Warhol canon.

-- Donna Seaman
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