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Ted Greenwald

BIO NOTE: Born Dec. 19, 1942. Is from New York forever.


The Course, with Charles Bernstein (Roof, 2020)
The Age of Reasons
(Wesleyan, 2016)
Common Sense
(reprint; Wesleyan, 2016)
Own Chuch
(Spuyten Diven, 2016)
Later Lately (Cuneeform, 2015)
Con Dot (Cuneiform, 2014)
Mammal of Style
, with Kit Robinson (Roof, 2013)
Comma Fork / Moving Parts (BlazeVox, 2012)
(United Artists, 2011)
In Your Dreams (BlazeVox, 2008)
3 (Cuneiform Press, 2008)
Two Wrongs (Cuneiform Press, 2007) in collaboration with Hal Saulson
The Up and Up (Atelos, 2004)
Jumping the Line (Roof Books, 1999)
Something, She’s Dead (MEB/PNY, 1999)
More Than All (Tongue to Boot, 1999) in collaboration with Michael Gottlieb
Acme Down (1999) in collaboration with Abby Greenwald
You Go Through (Case Books, 1992)
Looks Like I’m Walking (Case Books, 1991)
Poker Blues (1991) video in collaboration with Les Levine
Word of Mouth (Sun and Moon, 1986)
Exit the Face (Museum of Modern Art, 1982) in collaboration with Richard Bosman
Young and Restless (Case Books, 1982) in collaboration with George Schneeman
Smile (Tuumba, 1981)
Use No Hooks (Asylum’s Press, 1980)
Common Sense (L Publications, 1979)
Licorice Chronicles (Kulchur Foundation, 1979)
You Bet! (This, 1978)
Native Land (Titanic Books, 1977)
The Life (Big Sky Books, 1975)
Miami (Doones Press, 1975)
Makes Sense (Angel Hair, 1975)
The New Money (Sand Project Press, 1973)
Making a Living (Adventures in Poetry, 1973)
Blink (Buffalo Press, 1972)
Somewhere in Ho (Buffalo Press, 1972) in collaboration with Ed. Baynard
No Eating (Blue Pig, 1971)
Short Sleeves (Buffalo Press, 1969)
Lapstrake (Lines, 1965)

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